Quiz for Hobbit fans: What’s your Middle-earth title?

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Middle-earth quiz

Are you a Hobbit fan?

Warner Bros., the studio producing Sir Peter Jackson’s JRR Tolkien Hobbit movies, has a fun quick quiz on what your Middle-earth title might be:

  • Riddlemaker?
  • Key Holder?
  • Firestarter?
  • Barrel Rider?
  • The Bowman?
  • Skin Changer?
  • Rebel Rouser?
  • The Wizard?
  • Or something else?

Take Warner Bros. fun little quiz, and discover what your Middle-earth title might be!

To take the quiz, click here!

P.S. I’m told that my Middle-earth™ title is “Fire Starter” — that “You heat things up, throw the first punch, and bring the drama.” LOL


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0 responses to “Quiz for Hobbit fans: What’s your Middle-earth title?

  1. This was fun. My name ended up “Firestarter,”also. I was very surprised with the answer. I’d love to know the psychology behind this. Anyway, it was fun. Thank you and have a great weekend.

    • I was surprised by my result too, esp. given the fact that I answered the question about someone challenging me to a fight by eschewing violence.

  2. I watched the first Hobbit last weekend with my 17 year old grandson. I didn’t see or maybe missed the character this is. It says I am “skin changer”? I am stoic, defensive, compassionate, and honorable.

  3. The Wizard

  4. Firestarter here too.

  5. Son of the Rabbit People

    Rebel Rouser, which is kind of appropriate. I don’t know how they got that from my answers though.

  6. NaturalBoredCitizen


    You are rowdy, disorderly, rebellious, and influential.

  7. Skin Changer

  8. Another REBEL ROUSER here… who would have thunk… Waiting on you Steve…

  9. sorry… this makes me think of Ghostbusters… when she was looking for the key master…. giggle… I would be Thorin’s gatekeeper ANY day.


    You are brilliant, thoughtful, unpredictable, and magical.

    my daughter!!!

  11. Thanks for posting-that was actually kind of fun. My result was “Skin Changer” –stoic, defensive, compassionate, and honorable.

  12. Read The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings long before it was “cool” to, (as well as the silmarillion) I’ve gotta say I’m too disgusted with jackson’s flagrant and disrespectful “dramatizations” to bother seeing any more of his movies, if he can’t stick to what Tolkien actually wrote (and needs to insert propaganda for racism etc.) then he needs to seek other employment. Goodness knows how many people he’s scarred for life for over-emphasis of the blasted spiders.ry.


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