Question: Why Are You Searching for the Eye Diagram?

I check the stats for the Fellowship of the Minds blog on a daily basis and I’ve noticed something that has me puzzled.  I see a considerable number of Searches for “Eye Diagram that was the graphic of a post I did a month or so ago called  People’s Pharmacy- Eye Care and Pickle Juice

The Eye Care and Pickle Juice post includes a link to the downloadable pdf transcript of the People’s Pharmacy Radio interview with an opthalmologist who discusses eye health and nutrition.  It’s a very informative transcript.  I know because I typed it myself! 

My question is, why search for the “Eye Diagram” but not click on the “transcript”.  The diagram is just a picture.  The transcript gives information that could prevent or slow serious vision deterioration.   

 So, tell me, what’s so fascinating about the darn Eye Diagram?   ~LTG

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8 years ago

I am wondering if the “eye diagram” isn’t just a picture that is used to illustrate your article and lots of people are searching for an “eye diagram” for whatever reason. When I check my blog stats there are people that have come from everywhere and may see one of my images on Bing or Google and the image is labeled “happy snowman”…they are not on my blog necessarily to see my artwork, but may actually be looking for info on how to make an actual happy snowman, not see my watercolor of one. However, they end up on my… Read more »

8 years ago

Artist’s explanation makes as much sense as anything. But it is cute. 🙂

8 years ago

I know.

They are trying to figure out if the carpet matches the drapes on the Brit girl on the naked biking thread, and their glasses are out of prescription.

LOL – Like mine are.

Okay, I’m going back to Flight Simulator now, as I am currently wrestling a Baron through a really nasty thunderstorm in an effort to reach my destination.


8 years ago


LOL, and I made it, too.

It wasn’t the smoothest landing, but I at least got it down in one piece.