Question: Should kids play with toy guns?

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Answer: YES.

Unless you are a liberal and have a problem with kids being kids and don’t understand the opportunity to teach kids about responsibility and gun safety.


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13 responses to “Question: Should kids play with toy guns?

  1. Yes, kids should be able to play with toy guns. Even real guns are FAR less dangerous than leftist lunatics.

  2. Yes. No one ever learned anything by pretending that it didn’t exist. Rather than teach my kids to be terrified of guns, I taught them gun safety and to always leave if someone was playing with a real gun.

    We had age-appropriate discussions of death and dying and how dangerous guns could be. It has gotten so bad these days that kids are expelled for making “gun shapes” with their hands.

  3. What happened to cowboys and Indians, or does that sound racist?

  4. Kids will make guns out of cookies, Legos and sticks to play with, trust me.

  5. Yes, and if they don’t have anything else, they point with their index fingers to shoot! That convinced me in my younger years to let them play with guns.

  6. I sure liked my Roy Rogers cap gun when I was 6, 60 years ago. Wish I could find an cap gun now with real caps. That would be fun again!

  7. Yes, along with fake holsters. Open Carry!

  8. Brings back fond memories of the aromas of my discharged cap guns and the 22s, 30-30, and M-1 fired by myself.

    • Yeah, I used to get board and smash whole rolls with a hammer. Sometimes just two rocks.

      I don’t remember asking these social engineers to “improve” us. I think I’ll just ignore them until they go away.

  9. Hey-I played with toy guns for mu whole youth-until I was 10 or so,and now I have REAL guns,and they haven’t shot ANYBODY!

  10. I’m a girl. I wore “fru-fru” stuff. I was a prom Queen. But, I had cap guns. I smashed rolls of caps w/hammers/rocks to hear them “pop.” I built a reproduction black powder “Kentucky Rifle” from a kit. It works. It is mounted over my mantle. I got a replica “antique” 22 rifle for Christmas recently as a present. I grew up w/rural dairy farming family/community. We had guns (in a huge, glassed, locked, living room display case) to hunt for venison, geese, pheasant, doves, etc, for FOOD. We also raised beef cattle, pigs, chickens (meat/eggs) domestic geese & turkey for food. I grew up knowing what guns were for: we provided a livlihood, our food, our existence. I knew it every single day at the dinner table. We also, of course, provided our own milk, cream, butter, gardened & maintained ancient fruit trees (apple& pear) fr which we harvested/canned for a year’s supply of food. When we saw that someone had a cherry or plum tree…or current bush or grapevine going to waste….we’d ask for permission to take the harvest/use it for preserving. My grandmother & great-grandmother baked bread for the entire wk for a mulit-generational family, in the kitchen every Monday. I was near 5 b/f I found you could buy a loaf of SLICED bread in a store (!). I think I’m a pretty rare person to be still a vital, fairly young & modern (for my experiences) working adult in this day & age, & have had this sort of background harkening back to 1800’s or a little beyond. In explanation, my family has a history in the traditions of early Amish/Mennonite & Quaker sects in Pennsylvania, who, until many departed after the Civil War…after WWI, & then, after WWII (they HAD been pacifists/traditionalists, but many men left their religious upbringings at those times in order to serve). But, many of the “old” ways of those sects survived in my family of self-suffiiciency and simplicity. As a young mother in the 1980’s, I’d flirted w/non-violence thing w/my own boy youngsters, who were babies at the time. “No toy guns,” I told my parents at Christmas & birthdays …&then….ONE DAY, I heard my little ones, ages 2& 8 then, playing w/neighbor, & they were playing their own “made-up” game of “hostage.” They put the 2-year-old in a chair, told him to stay-put, while they came with make-believe “air guns” of a “hostage-taker.”

    I was totally stricken that kids as young as this —-MY KIDS—-could comprehend—even w/pacifist upbringing—the taking by one worldly “sect” over others, through the power of firearms. From thenceforth, I re-examined a “pacifist” non-gun existence in the real world of our PRESENT existence & resolved that my kids would NEVER EVER become pacifist/deliberate “hostages” to an armed/modern terrorist or terror organization. They have a sacred DUTY to survive the life given them by God against Godless humans. This occurs EVEN in the Bible stories time after time. I also realized that NONE of my pacifist ancestors had survived without guns: they learned to use them responsibly for their own existence and livlihoods. Would they have used them for protection in their own homes against evil? Against a raging bull…or a rampaging sow or rutting male of any species? A wolf? A rattlesnake? A sneaky hen house preditor? Yes. . For CERTAIN, they used them to provide for food/ survival and to defend their means of survival on their farms. I had an epiphany: Our boys are still compassionate/mild-mannered, polite, civil, responsible human beings….but they now know how to use a fire arm. They can protect themselves & families. They will NEVER go down without a fight against evil, gun for gun or gun against preditor–esp here in SoCal, the land of armed illegals and otherwise previously convicted criminals released to prey upon our communities….not to mention that one son has had to kill a HUGE, grand-daddy Pacific rattler that came right up to his urban patio door, where his toddler and two small pups routinely step out to play every single day….all day on and off…..many times with the patio door left open for that purpose, for hours for them to come and go…..and then, we here at our home have had a family of raccons break into our hen house to kill ALL–every single one of my beloved layer hens…at least one of them a retired layer, now “pet” of almost 10 years-old…. to wit: The 2nd ammendment ws NOT intended to allow people to kill other people with guns in peace time–when that happens, it is BREAKING OTHER LAWS that should be prosecuted accordingly (SO DO IT!!! INCLUDING the DEATH PENALTY!!!)….but the 2nd ammendment is for the super-ordinant goals of preserving the people’s sovereignty in choosing government/allowing a governing body to legislate/govern for them without molstation/tyranny……but ALSO to provide for self-protection against multiple sorts of evil that might visit their homes/properties/persons, AND…the ability to provide sustinance/livlihood on their day-to-day dining tables….no matter what…..and we, as a nation of commercial consumers and cell-phone addicts, have lost all sight of most of this, and also the fact that our commercial needs could be compromised in a matter of HOURS in a matter of our own day-to-day survival.

    Aside, when we went back as a family in September to memorialize the passing of my mother, and bury her in one of the family graveyards… boys and I went to my grandparents’ home, now owned and farmed by a 1st cousin once-removed….and I took their photos holding my great-grandmother’s 1900, or before, Winchester (one of two), that she bought used for $6 with her OWN egg money, and with which she hunted deer and other game to help feed her family in the early 1900’s and, of course, later through the Great Depression (her husband, my great-grandfather, was a “truck farmer (produce)” and egg farmer….which he vended to local hotels and restaurants by wagon…..he did not hunt. She was Quaker. He was Mennonite). ALL of us should be prepared to not only defend our lives and the lives of our families….if it takes even a gun….AND, furthermore, be able to feed ourselves without dependency upon others, as we did not so long ago! You CAN do this, even today! A garden and a hunting rifle can keep you out of the local grocery store for most of the year! Do YOU want to depend upon the developing (Dimocrat) “global” economy for your FOOD?????? Do YOU want to depend upon Mexican or California or Arkansas/whatever cheese or tomatoes or peppers, etc…..all of which have brought deadly botulism and whatnot into this country….or how about cardboard canned “meat” from China…or plastic-beaded cat and dog food from China to kill your pets? I once had reaction (to the ER) to contaminated water-packed Tuna from Thailand marketed under a brand-name in a local chain grocery.

    Lest we forget….our 2nd ammendment means more to us than “just” self-defense. And, it should mean more to our children by example and by education: It means self-sufficiency and survival at the drop of a hat. I finally saw that I wanted my boys to know and be able to exercise that from their history. YOU need to eat every day, no matter the world economy or “global thought” of the day and no matter whom “controls” the Congress or White House. You can NOT depend upon your local or state or Federal governments to save you from a large-scale or global disaster—or even a disasterous global economy caused by these clowns ….You can’t call “911” so far as food goes…..For God’s sake, there are enough jackrabbits in my neighborhood to sustain me and my family for years…..even wild hogs within maybe 20 miles…..even here in SoCal…..Lest we succomb to the “Costco” learned helplessness forever…..let your kids play with guns, and subsequently teach them how to use them responsibly…teach them to NEVER accept victimhood at the muzzle of someone else’s gun….and teach them that, if and when needed, they do NOT have to depend upon the local chain grocery store for daily survival in the incresingly “global” food and monetary culture.

    EMP (electromagnetic pulse) ability is owned right NOW by every major offending government and able to be used against us—-it can take out every modern car, plane, etc….in this country if made in modern (after 1968) with an electronic brain. No cell phones. No iPads. No TV. MAYBE short wave and CB radios will survive…..but for sure— citizen-owned gun with legal ammuntions residing in private homes might be a primary defense (OK, OK…unless Congressman Eric Swalwell, Dimocrat of CA has a say, in which case he and his like promise to “bring out the government NUKES” against American citizens who dare to stand up against his and other Dimocrat efforts to cancel out the 2nd ammendment—-so, be prepared to be vaporized—along with innocents– by nuclear weapons from your own government if you DARE defend the 2nd ammendment when/if the Dimocrats legislate it out of practical existence. Yes. They have come THAT far.

  11. My children always had water pistols, super soakers and nerf guns etc.. I have always been against the real looking replica toy guns. When all my kids got about age 9 or 10 they learned to shoot and hunt with real guns. I am against the muscle memory developed and the lack of muzzle awareness when playing with real looking toy guns. Especially if they handle and have a real one in thier hands regularly. I told them you can have the toys or the real ones but not both. It’s never been an issue in my house. By the time they all reached high school, they were all accomplished shooters and marksman. My daughter and youngest son can tear up shooting clays at the skeet range. I mean with jaw dropping accuray. Every one of them has harvested game at a young age, it was important for them to understand, how final and lethal thier actions are when using a gun. I dont force them to hunt, I know its not for everybody. I have one that loves to go hunting and two that go once in awhile just to get out. My daughter carries a camera with her as often as a gun. Many people that meet my kids at the gun range or skeet range don’t forget them. How well they handle themselves and the joy they have at doing something so well.

  12. I have some other questions…
    Should kids play with kiddy kitchen and household tools? (Knives, forks, ovens, electrical appliances)
    Should kids play with kiddy hand tools? (Axes, hammers, saws)
    All of these things could be deadly, if misused. I’m sure you all can think of other examples. All of this play by children teaches them important things about life.
    Toy guns are no different.
    Answer: Yes


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