'Queering Your Campus' workshop calls pro-life movement 'clinic terrorists'

Campus Reform: Young feminists who recently attended the 11th annual National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (NYFLC) will return to their college campuses with a new rallying cry to combat pro-life “clinic terrorists.”
During the conference, hosted by the Feminist Majority Foundation, attendees could participate in a crash course on campus activism titled “Queering Your Campus.” According to NYFLC’s description of the workshop, students were taught how to organize on campus for gender-neutral restrooms and housing and foster “intersectional feminist activism.”

A flyer passed out during the workshop, and later obtained by Campus Reform, encouraged the young activists to “kick off [their] group meetings and amp up [their] next rally” using a variety of short chants including, but not limited to:

“Pro-life, that’s a lie/ You don’t care if women die!”
“Two, four, six, eight/ Separate church and state!”
“77 cents is not okay/We demand equal pay!”

One of the proposed chants described individuals who oppose abortion as “clinic terrorists” and urged young women facing unexpected pregnancies to let young feminists on their campus know:

“Hey, hey! Ho, ho!/ Clinic terrorists have got to go!
“Whatever we wear, Wherever we go, Yes means yes, no means no! Pro-life men have got to go. When you get pregnant, let me know!”

Hey ho, what do you know - a pregnant man!

Hey ho, what do you know – a pregnant man!

In addition to the list of chants, conference-goers could take home stickers proclaiming “I [love] my local abortion provider” and purchase miniature finger puppets of historical female figures including Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and Sojourner Truth.
Other workshops offered to attendees included “Reinventing Rosie: Reframing the Workforce for Women,” “Sex-positivity: Educate, Empower, Self-Define,” and “Keep Your Religion Off Our Bodies.” Climate change was also addressed with one breakout session titled “Ecofeminism: Activism to Create Climate Justice.”
The conference took place March 21-22 in Washington, D.C. On Monday, attendees took their activism to Capitol Hill for “Congressional Visit Day.”

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Who wrote those chants, Jesse ” the slogan massa ” Jackson ?
As far as ” prego-man ” goes , he’s not pregnant , just suffering from ” Dunlop” disease……..That’s when the belly dun-lopped over the belt line .


The women that attend these types of meetings are easy to pick out in a crowd. They are man haters who despise anything feminine so they usually have a butch, I hate being a girl look to them. I believe their hatred also extends to all things Christian. “Queening” their campuses sounds like a job straight from the Obama administration’s community disorganization playbook. I would bet with a little digging, it’s origins could be traced right back to the POS and his people.


Do they believe in “post-birth abortion?”


Anything the fanatics do not like are called “terrorist”, hahahaha !!!
The newest best name calling tactic, “terrorist”, hahahaha