Obama Disrespects the British National Anthem

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A national anthem is a generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history, traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation’s government as the official national song, or by convention through use by the people. As such, the national anthem is a symbol for the country.
“The Star Spangled Banner” is the national anthem of the United States. When our national anthem is played, to show our respect, we stop talking, stand up, remove our hat/cap, and place our right hand over our heart. As Wikipedia observes:

“Certain etiquette may be involved in the playing of a country’s anthem. These usually involve military honours, standing up, removing headwear etc. In diplomatic situations the rules may be very formal.”

God Save the Queen” is the de facto national anthem of the United Kingdom and some of its territories.
Last night, at the state banquet for the visiting Obamas, Obama raised a toast to Queen Elizabeth II. Before he finished his toast, the band began playing “God Save the Queen.” Protocol is that everyone stands in silence for “God Save the Queen.” But Obama broke protocol by continuing his toast.
The Queen observed protocol by remaining silent and waited until the band finished before she thanked Obama.

The person who uploaded this video onto Youtube bristled that this strict observance of protocol is slavish and that the Queen’s silence was “An insult to all Americans.”
What do you think?


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0 responses to “Obama Disrespects the British National Anthem

  1. what an ass! just when you think he can’t embarass the United States more than he already has,he does it again. I listened to his speech as long as I could stomach it this morning,he is such a fraud.

  2. Mad Angel is on FB

    I saw this yesterday and I think the timing of the playing of the anthem is suspect…. I mean they were already seated at the dinner table….. I think the look Michele was giving Obummer was amusing….she was seething…. but then she probably hated being so constrained by a bunch of uppity whiteys
    As for Obama…what an idiot…. you don’t offer a genuine “toast” reading from a piece of paper…. the man has NO class….I’m surprised she raised her glass at all to him…

  3. The timing was not at all suspect. It was in accordance with the end of the toast, which does end with the word, “Majesty.”
    In addition, Michelle did it again, because protocol requires certain dress for a formal state dinner with the Queen. One word of advice. Sleeves.
    Ms. Clinton ignored the dress/skirt rule when visiting the palace when the Queen is in residence. She arrived in shortened pants.
    As for the toast, once the music started, the polite cough, and just stand with hands at the side is enough. When standing, one keeps their hands at the side, or for ladies, hands at the waist, not lower. Ever. And, the orchestra started with their long understood cue, which is the word “Majesty.” I just couldn’t believe it when I saw the tape.
    I did admire the restraint of the Duchess of Cornwall. It was nearly all she could do to keep the laugh from bursting forth, but she didn’t look left or right, just stoically stood there and kept her composure.
    If one were inclined, one could recommend that the protocol personages could give certain people a lesson in the art of etiquette, which is the behavior designed to assure all will be treated with respect, dignity and proper honor. Good manners are but one means of society interacting in a smooth manner, without insult implied or expressly given.
    I remember a story where the Queen had a person for tea (an early, but informal dinner), who took quite a bit of fruit on his dessert plate. The Queen noticed that he would not possibly finish when she would be putting her fork down, which is a sign for all to stop eating. So, with great care, she peeled grapes, slowly –very slowly, using a knife and fork. She finished just as her guest had completed his meal, put her fork down, and adjourned the gathering. Now that’s grace and good manners.
    Check this out: https://www.theroyalarticles.com/articles/65/1/Protocol-and-Etiquette-a-Very-Royal-Perspective/Page1.html

  4. the brits are probably wondering how these peasants got themselves elected president of the USA.

  5. lowtechgrannie

    It just shows again what provincial clods they are on the international scene. Diplomatic protocol for dining with royalty on state occasions wasn’t covered in “Rules for Radicals.” He’s in his element yucking it up with the SEIU-ACORN crowd. Community organizing in Chicago may have been good prep for campaigning; but, it did not prepare him for diplomatic duties. He flubs his dub everytime.

  6. Yo Yo my brotha! He done did makes a foo outta his sef if you ax me! What a total embarrasment! OMG! Even via a video I could feel the tension and discomfort in the room! Even he had to feel like a total ass when he turned around to toast the Queen and everyone is looking forward and ignoring him! And Michele looked so bored, or maybe that was her pissed look since she is usually pissed off about something. Maybe because they weren’t serving the diet food she is trying to shove down our throats. Who knows? But this error takes the cake…..so far. He should go hide under a rock. This a two-fer ya know. First BiBi and now the Queen, back to back! You gotta love it.

  7. what does he do for an encore – light his farts?

  8. By the look on his face, he feels that he was the one insulted

  9. I think the President is a bore and lacks cultural and etiquette that is needed in dealing with non-muslim representatives of foreign countries. Perhaps he should read an etiquette book and he wouldn’t make any more gaffs.

  10. What a buffoon, him and his no-class bitch go to Britain and completely ignore all British protocols and traditions and make total fools of themselves.
    Too bad this isn’t medieval times, if it was both of them would have been thrown in the Tower of London to rot for insulting the Royal Family and the British people.

  11. lowtechgrannie

    Remember, Skippy is the guy who gave back the bust of Winston Churchill and gave the Queen an Ipod of his speeches.
    This is not being clueless, this is “in-your-face colonial racists—the long-legged mack daddy strutting his stuff!”

  12. I didn’t vote for him, but come on…that anthem sounds a lot like “God Bless America”!! He has had speeches in the US where they played that song while he was talking-it adds a bit of drama to the speech. It’s not his fault; I’m sure he didn’t intend to ‘disrespect’ Her Majasty. He intended to finish his toast before the band started playing. However, with that said, someone who was supposed to brief the president on the anthem and protocol should be looking for a new job!

    • Then you, dogma, and Obama are both tone deaf.
      “God save the Queen” does NOT sound like “God bless America.”

      And here’s the great Kate Smith singing “God Bless America”:

    • The melody of ‘God Save The Queen’ is the same as ‘My Country ’tis of Thee’. But he is an ass. The Director of Protocol’s butt should have been on the next plane outta Dodge, ’cause you know, even if he was briefed, and given the correct information, the rules don’t apply to the jackass and his wife, and that person would be blamed.

  13. Steve, there is no protocol staff. Who would counsel Obama to offend the British by returning Winston Churchill’s bust; buying Ipod and out of zone DVDs? If Hillary Clinton is ultimately in charge of protocol, what kind of example does she set in her department?

  14. What would Pastor Manning have to say about this embarrassing episode?

  15. dogma-
    he has given her nothing but disrespect,every chance he gets.

  16. truthisfreedom

    Obama is a thin skinned tyrant who disdains all who do not bow his polluted vision. He is bringing this on himself by mocking God and liberty. As its written “do not be deceived, God is not mocked, a man reaps what he sows” pride before a fall. Obama is digging a pit for himself…

  17. I can understand an honest mistake. However, he is the President of the United States. His “handlers” should be fired for not letting him know the protocol. His intelligence as touted prior to election seems to be slipping…He owes the Queen a formal apology.

  18. Toots:
    Intelligence and social skills are not always connected.
    Where was Obama when these were handed out?
    He has no recognizable skills, except community organizing and teleprompter reading.

  19. Actually, President Obama did not make the mistake. Protocol is that the host (The Queen) in this case, offers a toast to her guest (President Obama) and after the toast and a sip of champagne, the playing of the US Anthem (optional). Everyone then sits. After a few moments, the guest (President Obama) stands and offers a toast to the host (The Queen) with and after the toast and a sip of Champagne, the playing of God Save The Queen. That is proper protocol. In this case, the band leader, made the mistake of playing over The President. He should have realized the band leaders mistake and stopped talking and let The Queen deal with it after dinner. The Queen’s staff had copies of both toasts and should have prepared the band leader accordingly.

  20. I apologize Britain, Obama is a disgrace to our own national anthem as well.


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