QAnon. The QAnon Movement, Why?

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I’ve been asked many questions relating to QAnon and the QAnon movement. Who is QAnon?  Who are the people behind Q? What’s all about? My answer is usually along the lines of “research for yourself so that you can decide for yourself”. Then I point them in the best direction I can to help.
A person can expect many different opinions when it comes to defining QAnon and the QAnon movement. Naturally it depends on who you ask.  Like many places I go to when researching, I usually check Wikipedia. Unfortunately this is a topic that I think they did not handle properly.  Wikipedia does an obvious “hack job” on their QAnon page. Instead of taking a neutral point of view, the editors went with writing obvious bias against QAnon and the QAnon movement using “left wing sources”. Many of which are personal opinions, not factual. Here are some of the more palatable entries they have on QAnon.

“QAnon (/kjuːəˈnɒn/) is a right-wing conspiracy metatheory which began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous image board 4chan by someone using the handle Q, a presumably American individual that may have later grown to include multiple individuals claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States. The theory details a supposed secret conspiracy by an alleged “deep state” against U.S. President Donald Trump and his supporters”.

“There has been much speculation regarding the motive and the identity of the poster, with theories ranging from the poster being a military intelligence officer, to Donald Trump himself, to the posting campaign being an alternate reality game by Cicada 3301. Because 4chan is anonymous and does not allow registration by users, any number of individuals may post using the same handle. The poster uses a frequently changing tripcode to authentify himself on 8chan”.

“A person identifying as “Q Clearance Patriot” first appeared on the /pol/ board of 4chan on October 28, 2017, posting messages in a thread entitled “Calm Before the Storm”, which was a reference to Trump’s cryptic description during a gathering of himself and United States military leaders as “the calm before the storm”. Q later moved to 8chan, citing concerns that the 4chan board had been compromised by “bad actors”.

“The poster’s handle implied that the anonymous poster holds Q clearance, a United States Department of Energy security clearance required for access to Top Secret information about nuclear weapons and materials”.

With that being said I usually skip Wikipedia and give them one or more of the following places to research. v/the Awakening, one of the two subs that I had moderated. I resigned as a mod because I felt that I was not getting enough accomplished.  Turned out to be a good move. I have been able to get more involved which helped me discover several infiltrators and their removal. Threats in the movement.    v/QRV .  On 8 chan Patriots awoken, Patriots fight

Other options would be currently under control of Q research control and are endorsed by QAnon are the following,
Q Clearance Archive

8ch boards are now under /Q research control


There is a lot of information to be found on many topics at these locations.   For the average person I think the best place would be the QCA Discord . Clicking on QCA Discord will provide you a link, an Invitation to QCA Discord . Most answers to questions that are Q related can be found here.  You won’t get QAnons identity but you will learn what it’s all about.

Now the answer to what QAnon is all about. The following Is the answer I was provided.  It can be found at QCA Discord.
Ideological Warfare                                                                                  MEMETICS,   The Q movement’s main purpose is as a MEME ARMY.
Far too much  to cover and be accurate, so I have provided the PDF  I had received.   It explains all about MEMETICS.  This is the absolute reason why QAnon and the movement was created.  Everything else that comes with it is a plus.  Many have had this discussion  in the past.  I do not believe any solid proof has been provided linking QAnon and the information in the PDF.  Even if you do not care for QAnon.  The PDF is worthy of a click. Link is provided at bottom of page or click Here

I should point out that I’m not trying to make QAnon look less legit.  I’m only providing information that answers some questions.  I stand with the QAnon movement.  All the information is public knowledge. Who is QAnon? What’s it all about? Research.  Read the PDF.  You tell me. 

This is only my opinion.  Please share yours.

  Respectfully, Deplorable Patriot


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34 responses to “QAnon. The QAnon Movement, Why?

  1. I think in EU, they recently made the use of MEMEs illegal.
    They recognized, or got ahold of a leak, of the military use of MEME Warfare.

  2. Thank you, Deplorable Patriot, for this useful information.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Your welcome. Glad you found it useful. Not the best piece of work I’ve done. thanks for your responses.

  3. Thank you for addressing this topic, Deplorable Patriot, and to Eowyn for your intellectual integrity and moral courage to address so many of our most important topics to discern objective facts from .01% psychopathic spin.

    I have a relatively brief analysis of Q in the link below, which I have reported on since the number of sealed federal indictments was 5,000. My bottom line of what this means, with abundant documentation to professionally explain and prove factual claims:

    1) 55,677 sealed federal indictments since November 2017 is over 50 times the normal pace of ~1,000 per year. A sealed indictment means someone will be arrested for a felony, with related investigation and other indictments pending. This could mean .01% arrests for ongoing illegal rogue state empire annually killing millions, harming billions, and looting trillions. It could also mean Patriot arrests to end our “rebellion,” or just another psyop allowing empire to continue.
    2) Q Anon promises arrests (here and October 4 Q post 2343) which puts an endgame clock on this voice.
    3) Mid-term so-called “elections” are a stage that Patriots should view as a test for White Hat insiders to deliver a breakthrough, or for Patriots to consider Q as plausible deniability psyop.

    This said about speculation, We the People can be absolutely clear about ongoing illegal and lying US rogue state empire that annually kills millions, harms billions, and loots trillions. Documentation:

    • Thank you, Carl, for your kind words.
      We really appreciate you!

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thank you Carl. I’ve read your analysis. After seeing your history, I don’t believe there is much more that I can say that you already don’t know. I appreciate the time you have taken to leave a comment. I’ll make it a point to read more of your work.

  4. Right off the bat the supporting pdf says memes are a tool for attacking ideologies. In fact, unless I’m mistaken the “meme” biological metaphor is generally understood as a thought-stopping, emotion-triggering tool for propagating not arresting harmful leftist ideologies—encapsulating the socially harmful genetic code in a palatable coating like ‘change’ and ‘hope’, as viruses do.

    It’s what’s behind most advertising—encapsulating harmful products and immediate gratification as the key to being relevant. I think it was Voltaire who said that people who no longer believe in private, spiritual salvation worry themselves to death over being seen as irrelevant non-players in life. This might explain the silliness of chasing relevance by successfully decoding Q-anon.

    On a more serious note, Fox News’ beating the drums of war for Israel comes to mind, mimetically encapsulating virus-like host lethality (bankrupting America) in flag-waving jingoism and Country Western hokum coming to us straight from New Yawk City. Now that’s mimetics powerful enough for families to feed their sons and daughters to a lethal parasite encapsulated as an ally and friend.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Thank you for your comment. Each comment I get is an educational experience. thank you for that.

  5. NeonRevolt is my go-to for Q decodes. He wrote a lengthy article to explain Q here:

    • Deplorable Patriot

      I read Neon Revolt also. I’ve had discussions with Neon. He does a good job at decodes and sells a pretty sharp T-shirt. Like everyone, he’s not always perfect. Does a good job at explaining QAnon. My information is not anything that requires decoding. It comes from top board member. Only person closer to QAnon would be QAnon. Plus they have it posted at QCA Discord for all to see. This is not a decode. It’s an actual provable fact. Not to take anything away from Neon. I like Neon. He has a lot to do with how I got involved with the whole QAnon thing. Thank you for your comment.

  6. The Kingdom is at hand. Which do you choose?

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Good question. Humanity can be thankful that my choice is meaningless. Thank you for giving me something to think about. Something I will spend a lot of time contemplating. Thank you for your comment.

  7. My humble suggestion would be to not get involved in “movements” and to use one’s’ own judgement when determining truth. I am highly suspicious of anonymous information and ANY movement.

    I am not waiting for a “savior” to rescue me. I think others would be wise to consider that. If there is a “Q” I see no reason why he/she couldn’t stop talking in riddles and simply say what the mean and mean what they say. Anytime we need an “interpreter” its a problem.

    I don’t trust any of this. If it happens that it all pans out and becomes something advantageous, I’ll say great, why didn’t we just start simply to begin with? Further, I don’t believe in “insider” information that somehow escapes the notice/ability of government authorities. If there is one, its one of theirs.

    This smacks too much of “Deep Throat” and other nonsense for my taste. Why would we need “Q”. I’ll make a public announcement; “They Don’t Work For Us”. There, I’ve said it. Is that a helicopter?

  8. Your choice is NOT meaningless. Therein lies the deception. 😇

  9. Deplorable Patriot

    Your comment is well taken, as always. I cannot see anything that I would disagree with. Support with the QAnon movement is not all about QAnon, like most others. My support is for the patriots involved. The combined effort to fight evil. Dramatic but I couldn’t think of another way to describe it. It’s also a platform where I have been able to reach more people than I could have on my own. There is a risk. The amount of people I have been able to help is well worth that risk. Even if I look like an idiot in the end. Not something I’m a stranger to. Thank you for your comment.

    • I tried to “like” your comment, (but it wouldn’t let me!). You are, of course free to do as you wish. I understand that many people like things like this. I don’t claim to be “normal”. I’m not sure I’d want to be.

      Discussion is always good. I’ve always been unwilling or unable to follow others. I don’t expect them to follow me. I would rather they agree to walk together toward the light.

      My comments are not directed at “you” personally. To me there is a danger in having people debating and waiting breathlessly for Trump (or fill in the blank) to pounce on the evil-doers, etc.. I think they’ll be waiting a long time.

      If I had my way, Trump (and “Q”) would quit telling people what they planned to do and simply do it. For me, I cringe every time I see Trump tell “the press” what he is going to do. All that does is give them a leg up on developing damaging spins to use against him.

      If it were up to me (and it isn’t), he’d act, THEN he’d tell them what he just did. If we’re serious about getting our control back, we need to arrest the insurrectionists, repeal the ability for liars to lie professionally on TV, and start telling the truth in plain, simple terms.

      But, that’s as fanciful as “Q” really. I think we’ll continue to observe what they do to us and some will understand what’s happening and others won’t.

      • Deplorable Patriot

        Strange I was not able to “Like” your comment also. “They are trying to divide us”. JK. I’m with you . Walk together to the light. I’m not much of a follower also. I support the movement and the patriots involved because of many reasons I have already mentioned. Not follow. Not trying to sound like a smart ass. Just important that I point out the differences. I do not take things personally . To me, the feedback I get is more important then the actual article. Each time I learn something new, weather in agreement or not. Keeping this sort of attitude has made me a better person. This has not always been the case. When it comes to a history of bad attitude, poor decisions, etc. There is plenty of there there. thank God I was able find the path of the light. If my responses seem to be “sharp” or overly defensive. It’s not out of disrespect. Just a character flaw. Work in progress. Keep in mind that I’m not disagreeing with you. In fact I cannot recall a time that I disagreed with anything you have said here on FOTM. I’ll have to check because I find it hard to believe that I agree with anyone %100 of the time. The Parkland shooting was around the time I started making any comments as a reader. Most of what you mentioned in your recent comment, I agree with. I’m not a very good example of the QAnon movement. I don’t try to be nor do I want to be. I just feel it’s important to be noticed. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s like this for me. I handle it like I do every thing else. ” I try to stay focused on what is positive, useful and keep that. I leave the rest”. That includes the QAnon movement. It has the same problems any other group would have in the world. Political and social I should point out is that here we are able to have discussions without the the disrespect and drama that has infested so many places on the internet. Hat Tip to you and everyone else here on FOTM for that. The whole not being able to “like” each other’s comment is strange. I’m going to go through and “like” everything I see. Hopefully it’s just a “glitch”.

      • Deplorable Patriot

        Now it’s ƃuᴉʞɹoʍ. 🙂

  10. I scanned through the pdf. Very interesting.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      @Traildust. I thought so. I never really put much thought into it until I read the Pdf. I was aware but I had never seen anything in writing. Thanks for your comment.

  11. This world is full of symbolism, as is the Catholic Church.
    Let’s ‘pretend’ that Q is a messenger from God and Anon are a group of mortals that know something but not everything. They look to Q for answers and he gives them to some degree, and says to trust the plan. Does that help anyone? Remember, Q says to follow the breadcrumbs.

    • Yes, it’s easier to follow with an interpreter. I still feel like the “style” is like somebody “chumming fish”. I don’t feature myself a fish, so I won’t be jumping at the “clues”.

      I like this approach better, but I still fine the whole thing unnecessary. Speaking in improvised code doesn’t make it safer to relay information and only increases the probability of error.

      Anyway, good stuff, overall. I have to say, however, that most of us here could write any of that from what we already know. I don’t know about speculation, I suppose that is subject to odds.

  12. Qanon mentioned something, then Arkancide was translated. Okay!

    Let’s do

    So funny!

    • That’s a great site. I can see the Vince Foster thing either way. One other theory that “works” is that he actually killed himself in the office and they took him out there to avoid the scandal.

      It has a certain allure to it as this seems to be been rushed. If they’d planned it they would have done a better job. After all, it isn’t like they don’t have practice.

  13. Oh sorry, it is

    The fun part, is scoring Hillary on the Psychopath Test, but do it before checking links, then score Hillary again after.

  14. I wanted so badly for Q to be truth. What I cannot understand is how, last Dec. when I was following closely, he said that arrests were imminent, people like Podesta, HC, Huma….He said it is happening NOW, and that flights were carrying DS insiders to Gitmo.

    When none of it happened, I still followed, but then came news such as the IG report that would solve everything. The IG report did not come out until much later and it did not say much except “no intent.” There followed more “just wait for this one last thing, and it will happen” (arrests, disclosure, etc.) … several times….but it kept being pushed off — “just wait a few weeks longer for THIS to happen”…

    That was about it, although I was unhappy to say it. If only there were an explanation for those periods, esp Dec., saying some faker was posting or something. But when I read “It is happening right now” and it didn’t…I could not understand.

    • Well, this one forces me to do something I seldom do and say “I told you so”. I was suspicious of this from the outset. Of course I always am. Anything that is cloaked some way or professes to be based on “insider information” is something to avoid, in my opinion.

      I say, if you want to tell people something, just say it. The more mumbo-jumbo the less I like it.

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  16. Warren Fentress

    Qanon was started by Defango. A LARP.


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