QAnon: John Podesta in ill health; Tony Podesta in custody

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John Podesta is a longtime Democratic Party operative who was White House chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s administration, White House counselor in the Obama administration and, most recently, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.
Tony Podesta, John’s brother, is a powerful DC-based Democrat lobbyist.

The mysterious Trump Administration insider, Q Anon, posted this about John and Tony Podesta on January 28, 2018:

“John Podesta is in ill health at the moment. Skippy was in a military medical facility till Monday, just left. Waiting to hear where he is right now. His brother is in the lower 48 in Military Custody.
GITMO journeys R 2 get the intel, they are not yet permanent residents. Again, for the record,we have never said they were there permanently.We said they had visits,some for much longer than others.There R so many moving parts that it changes not by day/week but by the minute….
No deals for the people at the very top.”

In early November 2017, it was rumored that Tony Podesta had been indicted and arrested. He had not tweeted (@realTonyPodesta) since June 16, 2017.
You already know about the Podesta brothers’ fondness for a cannibalism painting and their invitation to “artist” Marina Abramovic’s satanic spirit cooking dinner, as well as a hanging sculpture in Tony Podesta’s living room, “The Arch of Hysteria,” which is a homage to how cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer posed one of his victims.

Here are more “fun” facts about the Podesta brothers:
(1) John Podesta has an alter ego named “Skippy”: He told an interviewer that his hot temper “accounts for the occasional appearance of Skippy, his sarcastic and ill-humored alter ego.” (Politico)
(2) John Podesta likes to slaughter pigs: In that same fawning Politico article (July 10, 2009) by Marian Burros, John Podesta said that while attending law school at Georgetown, to earn money he spent two years working at Turkey Run Farm (now called Claude Moore Colonial Farm) in McLean, VA, where he learned how to butcher and roast a pig. Podesta said:

“It’s best to do the butchering at 4 a.m., because pigs should be slaughtered when it is cool, and it takes a long time to roast them. The pig is hauled on a front-end loader in order to split and gut it. It’s most important to slow the pig down by shooting it between the eyes so you can cut its throat. It makes the pig less ornery and a whole lot more cooperative than if you just stick a knife in its throat.”

Podesta used to have a picture of a pig on a spit as his computer screen saver, but his staffers made him get rid of it, because “They couldn’t stand looking into the pig’s eyes during meetings.”
(3) Tony Podesta once sent an email to John and wife Mary, with the subject “Last night was fun,” referencing a “torture chamber” (source: WikiLeaks):
Podesta torture chamber email
(4) In an appearance at Duke University on November 29, 2017, the charming John Podesta reacts to a question about Pizzagate from someone in the audience:

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0 responses to “QAnon: John Podesta in ill health; Tony Podesta in custody

  1. Did they mention what the charge was for Tony Podesta?
    These two creeps epitomize the Maoists. Sick and twisted to the bone. It’s like someone unlatched the gates of Hell and these demons came boiling to the surface.
    There is so much going on at the moment. There is no room for compromise, not that we would want to do that, it is just completely polarized.

    • It has been rumored that both Tony and John are associated with international human trafficking. It could be that, I suppose. Whatever it is, it would have to be a federal crime.

      • NBC News reported on Oct. 23, 2017 that Tony Podesta and the Podesta Group are now the subjects of a federal criminal investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller on whether the Group violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). NBC News confirmed on November 1, 2017, that the Podesta Group is the unnamed “Company B” listed in Mueller’s Manafort and Gates indictments:
        “The lobbying firms the Podesta Group and Mercury Public Affairs are the unnamed companies in the grand jury indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, according to three sources with knowledge of the investigation. The indictment, unsealed Monday, refers to “Company A” and “Company B” as the firms Manafort and Gates solicited in 2012 to lobby on behalf of the Ukranian government. Company A is Mercury Public Affairs and Company B is the Podesta Group, the sources said…. According to the indictment, the lobbying firms were paid $2 million from offshore accounts controlled by Manafort.”
        Since then, news reports said the Podesta Group shut down and its staff were laid off.

  2. By saying that John’s brother is in the lower 48 in military custody, is Q implying that John is not in the U.S.?

    • I think he means he’s in the continental US. That does not include Cuba. There are many military installations with stockades or brigs.

  3. Where did this police sketch re Madeleine McCann come from? Good Heavens! The resemblance is uncanny. Should be easy to find out if they were in Portugal at the time the girl vanished.

    • Everyone knows that the resemblance is too good to be true. That’s the problem. If its real, fine. I doubt it. People like the Podestas don’t do their own dirty work, they get others to do it for them.
      Still, if it proves to be true, I think its great that they caught them. There has been a whole thread out there claiming that the brothers were both in Portugal at the time. Again, I don’t know, but common sense tells me it is all a bit too pat.

    • I’m 99.99% positive it came out in the email blitz that they (the podesta bros.) were in fact visiting some famous guy, Freud, or something in Portugal at the same exact time. He, this Freud character, actually invited the McCann’s over for dinner after the kidnapping and or disappearence. There’s speculation he could’ve even fed their child to them! Knowing now how such sick minds work, it’s not too farfetched. Check out this vid, “investigator linked to podesta’s & maddie McCann found dead,” by random rants of Ryan on you tube. It’s recent, and very well done.

        • Thank you, Cara. You saved me from the time to find this information/video. 🙂

        • Thank you for sharing this. I’ve seen this information in different form over the last several months. While I wouldn’t put anything past the Podestas and their ilk, it all seems too convenient.
          The whole Madeline McCann affair is very strange without the Podestas. Either they should win some sort of bad parenting award for physicians, or this was arranged, somehow. Their behaviors after the disappearance are also strange as is explained by the book one of the investigators wrote. I tend to believe him.
          He thinks the father killed her and disposed of the body. The Portuguese authorities got positive hits from cadaver dogs on the rental care they were driving and in their rental flat.
          The other problematic issues are that they describe those “Ident-kit” sketches as one individual when, quite obviously, they are two separate people. They could have been drawn from pictures of the brothers.
          These allegedly appeared six years after the disappearance. The book that the Portuguese inspector wrote describes interviews with all of the known associates of the Mc Canns as well as other people in the town. Nothing is said about these sketches. It seems beyond strange that they would not be known to the writer.
          Clement Freud is indeed related to Sigmund. He is as weird as a wooden watch and known to be homosexual, possibly pedophilic. All of these characters suspiciously intersect in political circles.
          The British government has devoted enormous resources to this. We should note recently that they refused treatment to a dying boy wishing to come to the US. They have spared nothing for this missing girl. Why?
          There has been a tremendous amount of cooperation between the US government and the British over this. All of that would be commendable if it were normal. It’s not.
          There has been talk of Madeline’s coloboma condition. It is said that people with this condition possess an enzyme that assists with the acceptance of stem cell material.
          Even if one believes this, why would John and Tony Podesta become kidnappers? There is no shortage of filthy animals that do this for a living. Having said all that, the two of them are very strange. This could be another expression of that.
          In short, I simply don’t know. I can develop scenarios to explain all of this too, but I have no real evidence to substantiate it. I’m looking forward to whatever happens with this, if anything.

    • Pat Riot . . . . I was also blown away by the resemblance. That story has been floating around probably for about a year — when can they nail it down? The very idea that these two filthy devils would kidnap and do God Only Knows What to that beautiful little girl . . . just sickens me to no end.

    • They were, that has already been determined, in fact they were staying only 1.5 miles away from where Madelaine was abducted.

  4. If this is true, this is great news, on a number of counts. First, I recall the NYPD had a big argument with the Feds re.: the release of the contents of Anthony Weiner’s laptop; For some reason, the NYPD stayed quiet, after threatening to just release their report. This seems to be the case now.
    This is extremely important: Sean of SGT Report has reported—at least twice—that Weiner’s laptop contains a sex tape or film of wife Huma and Hillary Clinton engaged in sexual activity with at least one minor.
    At any rate, the idea is to get Hillary; The Feds seem to have hit a motherlode with Weiner’s laptop. If the Feds actually have at least one of the Podesta Brothers in custody, they have a large and important tool of leverage here. (In the meantime, I would like to know if Hillary still has that “brace” on her poor little foot!)
    The real war is on, Folks. The Deep State has been none too coy about its intentions of removing Trump from office “extra-judicially.” Ex-CIA mole Phil Mudd has announced, on CNN, that “they’re going to kill the President.” No arrests on this, so far—but that doesn’t mean the Secret Service didn’t hear it. President Trump has made good on his word to go after pedophile rings. Maybe this is why A.G. Sessions has been as quiet as a churchmouse. Time will tell. So it seems Hillary Clinton was factually correct (for once!) when she said, during the campaign, “If that fucking bastard wins, we’re all going to be hanging by nooses.”
    This punishment is something I would gladly pay good money to see.
    The war is real and the war is ON.

    • Yeah, I have no doubt that there is much about them that would get them a stay in in the grey bar hotel. That said, I don’t know what specific charges are alleged.
      We know that Weiner, (no pun intended), liked to, ah, show his “Weiner” and got into trouble. We know some of the associates of these two bottom feeders.
      Generally speaking, in order for a civilian to become the “guest” of the military justice system something very unusual must occur. If they went straight to GITMO, (for example), that would not necessarily mean they were subject to military justice.
      But the post said “continental US”. Cuba is close, but not part of the US.

    • Steven . . . . thank you for bringing up such pertinent points. I for one, was unaware that Weiner’s laptop contained a sex tape of Huma, Killary and a child. Just contemplating that is enough to send one to the porcelain thrown to hurl their cookies.
      I certainly do agree . . . “The war is real and the war is ON” I for one want to go full stream ahead. I watched a You Tube video last evening, I can’t name the moderator, but he stated, “this whole thing is so convoluted, that Trump and his agents are just releasing pieces bit by bit in order that the American people can absorb it before being given more. He likened it to a military action in its precision. Now today, we have more and more coming out.

      • That’s right: Dr. Jerome Corsi said on Infowars that the news will be so disturbing that the American Public will not be able to deal with it, if it is released in one shot.
        I can also imagine that Team Trump wants to check and double-check everything to be sure they’re in the clear, also.
        As Alex Jones said, 2017 was the year of Salvage; 2018 is to be the year of SAVAGE.
        You can bet the lamestream media will do everything they can to distract and interrupt the flow of info to throw us off the scent.

      • Let us not forget one of Clinton’s friends was arrested trying to sneak 30-40 kids out of Haiti. Clinton bailed her out. Where were those children to go and why? With the money raised they could have built a wonderful orphanage in Haiti and they would remain close to friends and maybe some family.
        This whole group needs to burn in the hell they worship.

  5. They’re both in GITMO.
    “John Podesta is in ill health at the moment. Skippy was in a military medical facility till Monday, just left. Waiting to hear where he is right now. His brother is in the lower 48 in Military Custody.
    GITMO journeys R 2 get the intel, they are not yet permanent residents. Again, for the record,we have never said they were there permanently.We said they had visits,some for much longer than others.There R so many moving parts that it changes not by day/week but by the minute….
    No deals for the people at the very top.” Hear that Cankles and Barky!

    • So is he “tweeting” from GITMO? The scenery doesn’t look like GITMO. He looks as healthy as he ever looks (which isn’t good). I know that this “Q” has developed quite a following but I’ve never been a follower.
      Anyone can write anything. I hope he’s right but I’m not convinced, yet.

      • lophatt . . . . I certainly do agree with you . . . he does not look good; but then people who perpetrate the horrific evil that this man has, it’s going to read in his countenance. It is not possible to serve the devil. and still have a countenance of lightness. He is signed, sealed, and delivered to his master–who is Satan!

    • Tennyson . . . . I want to make it extremely clear . . . I do not care HOW ILL John Podesta is. I want him pursued for all the criminality that he has been involved in — even if it kills the b*stard! Don’t give him any breaks, strike him with the full impact of the US Justice System. It is unconscionable that this devil would be putting up the “I’m really ill” routine. I can’t care.

  6. I suppose this guy could be weirder, but I’m at a loss as to how. What’s he talking about?

  7. His tweet said: “Recommend getting to Bears Ears like we did
    That doesn’t mean he’s actually in Bears Ears now.

  8. Thank you! I was thinking I should find the Skippy “shower” video.

  9. And the market crashes as if on cue, as Russiagate evaporates and more memos loom.

    • I’m trying to remain positive yet know that vile investor Soros is somewhat behind this. He’s a master at manipulating his way with markets. And he’s got the money, as well influence, to make things happen (see Bank of London). Just my humble opinion.

      • Not sure exactly what is driving it, but Bitcoin getting annihilated (and rightly so, it’s pure Ponzi) has probably forced some who gambled on it to liquidate stocks to cover losses.
        Or it could be the usual Wall St. scam of pumping up prices, dumping everything and buying again after the little.guys are cleaned out. Again.

        • Bitcoin, btw is nuts.
          You want to see insane real-time volatility?

          Click on the 3 month view:
          Went from high of $19187 in December to $6000 just now.
          At the height of the frenzy, people were taking out 2nd mortgages, loans, maxing credit cards to buy Bitcoin, amidst talk it would go to $50000. Now they’re not only broke, they’re massively in the hole. Bet a lot are selling everything amidst the bloodbath.
          The trading is also nonstop, as it’s global. Now banned in some countries.
          Backed by nothing, except a hope that some sucker will buy in at a higher price. Tulips.

          • Many years ago, a financial advisor counseled not to invest in anything that one doesn’t understand. Bitcoin is one. Does anyone actually really understand how Bitcoin works?

            • The explanations I’ve read is it is a distributed currency, created by an anonymous financial currency/programming expert. It is limited to 21 million Bitcoins, which are based on some complex mathematical formula. Apparently it was used early on as a currency for illegal stuff on the darkweb, but went aboveboard as legit businesses started to accept it.
              Probably used at least partially for money laundering, I’d guess.
              There are much better explanations out there.

            • I should also mention there are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies
              Supposedly “better” but invariably created with such dubious claims for the sole purpose of enriching the inventors. The inventors ALWAYS reserve a handsome percentage of their “new improved” cryptocurrency for themselves.
              All backed by nothing. Pure speculative frenzy. At least when the dotcom bubble burst, stockholders might have gotten pennies on the dollar.

        • Yeah, Bitcoin is rotten.

    • The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 500 points at the opening of the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday, a day after it plunged a record 1,175 points, but the index quickly recouped its losses and entered positive territory.

  10. Bear Ears is a National Monument created by Obama in 2016. Trump just decreased the size of it and opened it to oil and gas exploration and the left is going nutzo. Of course they are going to find something, anything to fight Trump on. Is all of this a deflection from the real crimes. Possibly.
    I did read several times where a close friend of the Podesta’s lives very close to where the McCanns were staying with their friends and children. People in the area claimed to have seen two men carrying a child down the street in a blanket. Did it happen or wishful thinking. I have no idea, but it might give much needed answers.
    Is Skippy really ill. Who knows, but he deserves it. If he hiked into Bear Ears, that kind of makes one wonder. He deserves every bad thing that could happen to a guy like him. His participation in strange and sick artwork kind of makes him an obvious suspect.
    Anyone in Gitmo, is so, why is this so quiet? Who is still protecting all of them?
    Is all this why we have seen so little of Sessions? Is he getting a bum rap? I know he despises men acting weird around children. Maybe that is his goal, to evaporate all these groups. I pray so.
    Right now we have more speculation than answers, but I sure am happy Dr. E is keeping this active. Something is wrong for sure. Too many people know way too much. Hopefully soon.

    • In theory, they could send him to GITMO. But he wouldn’t be doing any hiking or protesting. If he’s sick, he wouldn’t be tweeting all of his “friends”.
      If they were going to move on these specimens they would simply do so. I have always disliked those on the internet that claimed “insider knowledge”. Frankly, most of the time I don’t believe it.
      I also dislike those who talk in code. It isn’t “exciting” nor does it prove some sort of inside connections. It is mostly silly hocus-pocus.
      At the moment we have a deeply corrupt government that is trying to defend their fellow travelers from harm. If Trump were strong enough (which I don’t think he is), he’d march on this and we’d know where they ended up after the smoke cleared. We wouldn’t talk it to death either.
      I have never been more disgusted with these creatures and that is saying something. It’s a sewer.

  11. Bob . . . . That film clip was just horrifying.

  12. Pingback: QAnon: John Podesta in ill health; Tony Podesta in custody – 1AFSYM

  13. Picture certainly not recent.
    Likely last summer. Look what he’s wearing vs. weather averages:
    Skippy is the founder of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress
    He’s also a runner, but looks bad

  14. Whether “Q” is legit or not, he’s certainly got a lot of people interested & digging. That’s good.

  15. Q seems like a quack. Why would they be sent to GITMO for questioning then moved out? Somehow I seriously doubt PDJT is not going to use due process even for traitors

  16. “No deals for the people at the very top”
    That is great news.

  17. It isn’t about “Q”! Here we go with the “hero” nonsense. We don’t need “heroes”, we need action.
    From what is above, the “tweet” is false or he most certainly isn’t in GITMO. He always looks like that so I can’t tell if he’s sick or not. He is part of Obongo and Hillary’s inner circle. That whole smarmy pack of demons includes him, his brother, Valery Jarret, Loretta Lynch, David Brock, George Soros, et al..
    To date it appears to me (a simple observer), that we can’t even stope the roar of lies coming through the Jewish-owned propaganda machine. Trump issues EO’s and the military ignores them? We could help fill GITMO from that alone.
    He is openly insulted and threatened constantly, day in and day out. His staff can’t be trusted. His Attorney General praises the guy who conspired against him.
    Those are just a few of the things I see. I don’t like any of that, but it IS the reality. The real QUESTION is what are they going to do about it? There should be no lull post-memo. There should be a “night of the long knives” and those traitors should be in custody.
    I don’t see that happening. Apparently they are going to “wait” until they “admit” their wrong-doing. Good luck with that.

    • “It isn’t about “Q”! Here we go with the “hero” nonsense.”
      I don’t understand why you equate citing Q Anon as hero worship.

      • Well, I’m in the “minority”, apparently. I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, I’m not a follower. I don’t get excited over people who claim special knowledge. I may look at what they say, think about it, and go from there.
        If they “riddle” everything they lose me pretty quick. That’s because that sort of thing is a game. It isn’t about passing useful information.
        So, again, it isn’t aimed at you, personally or this site, I see it virtually everywhere. Apparently that doesn’t bother people. It bothers me and, I have a right to be bothered.
        It’s just a little personal insight. I’m not asking anyone to subscribe. I abhor being manipulated. If someone, anyone, starts some serial service whereby they basically say, “I’m going to feed you little bits of mysterious information” my usual reaction is, “good luck with that”.
        So, I’m not insulting anyone, including “Mr. Q”. I’m just commenting on my personal reaction to this approach. I realize that most people do have “heroes”. I don’t. I don’t make any apology for that nor do I ask for any.
        I’m just much more likely to pay attention to someone who comes right out and says “Skippy has been in GITMO since last Wednesday”, than “the purple dove flies at midnight, but not T and F (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). It’s just my personal preference.

  18. It just popped into my little brain that perhaps Comey’s “illness” has to do with his penchant for cannibalism. Maybe he got Kuru.
    I’m also guessing that they may be mind controlled or at least
    John may have MPD (multiple personality disorder), which results from extreme torture, the mind fragments and can be ‘programmed’ without the “main” personality knowing about it. Even adults can be subjected to this, which it was rumored that Oswald was programmed by Dr. Delgado to be a spy.
    Read “Thanks for the Memories, the Truth Has Set Me Free” by Brice Taylor.

  19. Joseph E Fasciani

    Having dealt w/thousands of people in my businesses, I grew to identify them by their voice, esp. tonality, inflections, and accents or patois. I’m very good at this as I came from an immigrant family, and was raised in a Chicago mixed immigrant neighbourhood for 15 years. I thought the voices sounded as if they were all from him; these graphs demonstrate they surely are. What a world class creep. Please put him in a room w/me and lock the door till I come out.


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