Puzzle for Profilers – Mystery Person Revealed

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For anyone familiar with psychological profiling, here’s an interesting little backgrounder .  Can you guess who?   ~LTG

Who Am I?

1.  I was born  in 1874

2.  I was the youngest of four children, the only boy.

3.  I was named after my father.

4.  My mother was a school teacher.

5.  My father was often away, building a business in a new industry.

6.  I  was dressed in my sisters’ hand-me-down clothing until I was 8 years old.

7.  I had no early childhood playmates except for my sisters.

8.  I was raised in a strict Baptist home by my mother, two grandmothers and an aunt.

9.  I took the pledge to “abstain from tobacco, profanity and intoxicating beverages” when I was ten years old.

10.  My sisters taught me knitting and sewing.

11.  When I went away to college, the first thing I did was hem my new dishtowels.

12.  I married the daughter of a powerful politician.

13.  I had five sons and one daughter.


John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Bio hints above from “The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty




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0 responses to “Puzzle for Profilers – Mystery Person Revealed

  1. Rockafeller?

  2. John D. Rockefeller Jr.

  3. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

  4. Herbert Hoover

  5. Winston Churchill

  6. Grannie, what lesson are we to draw from this quiz? What are the implications of Rockefeller’s biographical sketch? Please explain! 🙂

    • I don’t know if there’s actually a lesson, precisely. It’s more of a psychological profile of a man with great power — creating foundations that influenced American and world history in ways that changed us forever. He was instrumental in the creating of:

      1. The Rockefeller Foundation
      2. Setting up the Federal Reserve Bank
      3. The Council on Foreign Relations
      4. The United Nations

      If he had been raised as a normal little boy instead of a faux- girl, I wonder how the world might be different today?


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