Putting Blizzardmagedon Into Perspective

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A Canadian friend helps us to understand the weather


God Bless Canada


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0 responses to “Putting Blizzardmagedon Into Perspective

  1. Loved this one!! How true! Being as close as I am to the Canadian border I can relate to the hardiness of people around here. I remember a trip to Florida where we were all out in the pool because it was 70 degrees and the natives looked at us like we were crazy. LOL!! 😜 How do you explain what -40 below is like to someone that has never experienced it??

  2. Funny! Say what you will about the U.S.—no one retires down South and moves up North!
    Good One.

  3. Well, I’m about 2/3 of the way thru removing 2-3 feet of snow from our deck. Next will be to cut thru to a car.

  4. Great post! By the way, Nets and Mets fans ducked this bullet for Patriots fans. Can you guess how much Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers, and Minnesota Vikings fans are laughing? Lucky the next game is in Phoenix.

  5. In this corner of the Boston suburbs we have an honest 36-40″ undrifted with some drifts over 6 feet. According to WBZ (storm center drama) 6 to 12 more inches tonight, and 3-5″ more in Thursday into Friday
    Where I am half crippled walk with cane and brace, I have not been able to shovel snow for close to 8 years, considering I was a triathlete most of my life

  6. I am truly sorry about your condition, Art, and pray for help for you. I am fortunate in that I have family members who shovel. Now for a joke side-I tell myself that it is because of kindness I have shown them rather than their efforts to obtain a greater inheritance, but lack of memories of my great kindness as well as lack of any great wealth makes both ideas unrealistic. Any criticism of my comment should be given to trailers for his posting.

  7. Snowmageddon? In Cleveland, it’s just called “Winter.”

  8. I was in a diner around the corner from my apartment having lunch yesterday there were also a group of plow truck drivers and cops in the diner discussing the next mega storm headed our way next Monday-Tuesday.
    I had the radio on this morning and the weather report indirectly alluded to it but stated they did not want to scare the masses yet since we have not fully recovered from monster storm 1

    • Art, I don’t know if you were in the Boston area in 1978. What I remember is that the blizzard of 1978 was preceded by another big snowstorm about one week earlier. The first one was the usual foot of snow. The next was the big sucker punch. So the storm we just had could be followed by another even bigger one in a week or two.

      • I was living in Westford during the blizzard of 78. Yup, the week before the big’un we had a major snowstorm of about 18-20″. After the big one there was a week long driving ban in the Westford area.
        A lot of people don’t remember or were not born yet for the May 9, 1977 blizzard that dumped about 20-24″ of snow in the metrowest area. That was a real freak storm. The day before the 77 blizzard I was at Crane beach sunning.

    • The fourth from the last word of my posting of the 27th was written as “Traildust”, but electronic secretary does not take my digital dictation well. Unfortunately, I can’t fire her, I have to leave that job for Eric Schmidt for some day in the future. So he and his friends can continuously watch us performing bodily functions once done in privacy. “If you have something to hide, you shouldn’t be doing it.” Oh yeah? Tell that to my health teacher!

      • “trailers” 😀
        Sounds like a new nickname. (I hope it doesn’t stick)
        I have to watch everything I write, or WP will substitute something idiotic.

  9. I’m just glad I live in Atlanta. 😀

  10. I lived/worked on a Native American Reservation in the high primitive Unita Mountains of Utah for 6 years way OVER the “mile high” elevation. Come on…the MILE HIGH CITY of Denver was a “pussy” compared to us……. anyway…..We snowed-in NOV 1st on schedule and there was still snow on the ground when I left for a month every spring (May 31) to escape, finally, to a REAL spring, to visit relatives back East. One year, we had to turn the water on in all our faucets to trickle, endlessly, from Nov-May, so water lines would not freeze,,,,we slept with our insulated “moon boots” on and our “Arctic sleeping bags” unzipped and spread over our beds…even with our heat on…b/c, it never got above 20 BELOW zero in the heat of the day. One day I was at church working on a project end of February—boots on, layers of sweaters, etc….and I started to sweat. After a while of this, when I decided it was not “just me,” I checked the outdoor temps…it seemed like there was something WEIRD going on……….I went to the window that had the outdoor thermometer attached…and it said “20 degrees ABOVE ZERO”…..Wow! To me, at the time…that 20 degrees above was FORTY degrees warmer than what I’d been used to for the last 3 months! It’s ALL relative! I TOTALLY connect with the Canadian “Understanding of Weather” above 🙂 (PS…and then, God rewarded me with an assignment to the sun of So. CA).

  11. On a trip to northern Vermont to ski about 10 years ago, we hit a cold spell. The temperature reached a high of 20 below zero at the base of Jay Peak. (not fun for skiing)
    One day we drove 30 minutes over the border into Quebec to a supermarket. In that southern Canadian town everybody was going about business as usual, without any sense of being too cold. They were so relaxed about it, that they even made me feel relaxed and warmer!
    Not as cold as your story, CalGirl, but the same idea. 😀

    • It seems part of getting old is feeling cold all the time. Elderly Americans retire to Florida and other warm states; some even to Central & South America. Where do Canadian retirees go?

      • We have an old and very good friend from Canada who came south to Boston to work in a hospital, then went to Florida to work in a hospital there and teach in college for years. Upon retirement, she moved back to Canada, Saskatoon, to be specific.


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