Purples in bloom

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The garden is coming to life, after a cool rainy Spring.
Here are some pics I took of purple-colored flowers….

And then, there’s the wisteria….

When the wisteria was in bloom, I could see and hear bees buzzing, busily gathering nectar from the blossoms.
Did you know that bees are attracted to the colors purple, white, and yellow? Bees especially likenot just those colors, but flowers that are large tubular in shape, with a lower petal that acts as a landing platform.
Here’s how we can help with the bee colony collapse problem: plant purple-, white-, and yellow-colored tubular flowers!

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0 responses to “Purples in bloom

  1. A perfect recover after viewing the previous “ugly wear” photos!

  2. Wow! I’m impressed! I’m a gardner, but mine doesn’t look like that! You must live in a cooler region than me, Texas.

  3. those are so pretty! my favorite time of year. yes,the bees do need some help. Very mysterious what happened to our bees.

  4. ooooh….my apple trees (and plum and cherry) are just blossoming
    I can’t wait for the lavender…such a pretty hue

  5. So pretty! Thank you for sharing!


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