Puppy ‘took the bullet’ to protect woman from rattlesnake

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The U.S. Secret Service are trained — and paid — to take the bullet protecting the President.

But a golden retriever puppy named Todd took the “bullet” out of loyalty and love.

On the morning of June 29, 2018, Paula Godwin went on a hike with her two dogs in northern Phoenix, Arizona, when she nearly stepped on something in front of her.

It was a rattlesnake.

Startled by Godwin, the snake struck at Godwin’s legs in self-defense.

H/t The Dodo


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11 responses to “Puppy ‘took the bullet’ to protect woman from rattlesnake

  1. And in return people like Meryl Harrison should be recognized for her bravery in rescuing the stranded farm animals & pets that are left after the cultural Marxist “West’s” former favorite war criminal dictator in Africa, Lord Robert Mugabe’s racist terrorists murder and or ethnically cleanse the White farm owners in the former Rhodesia (& South Africa). After “Democracy” was introduced and the country turned into a cesspool, just like they have planned for all “Western” nations, if we let them…………..

    Innocent Victims: Meryl Harrison’s Extraordinary Story

  2. Now that is what I call a “Service Dog”.

  3. What a G-O-O-D boy!

  4. What a great pup Todd is!

  5. Todd is one brave dog!

  6. All right: But I find it impossibly hard to believe he was only 2 months old! This is a most wonderful dog, whether he’s 2 months or 2 years old.

  7. Thanks for a wonderful story with a good ending. Hopefully, Todd will live a nice long life.

  8. ♥ Love and gratitude to this dear animal.

  9. dogs are truly man’s best friend. If Todd was president, the Benghazi
    dead would be alive and the terrorists would still be running.


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