Puppy experiences rain for first time

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Here’s your stress relief of the day.
An English Bulldog puppy sees rain for the first time in his life.

Such purity and innocence!

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0 responses to “Puppy experiences rain for first time

  2. Ah, I want one!

  3. “Okay-they’re coming from—where?? And why can’t I find ’em when they land?? This is just TOO weird….” LOL!!!

  4. Precious…aren’t all 4 legged’s just the most precious…

  5. Not much is cuter.

  6. Too cute.

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  8. Now try REALLY hard: see if you can recall an experience you had that was like this, and tell us about it, and how it felt….
    How about falling in love?

  9. “How about falling in love?”
    I considered taking that out of context and saying,”No thanks-I can’t afford that for another almost two years”…
    Jeeze-I dunno…Love’s ALWAYS affected me like that…..

  10. Absolutely precious! Thank you Dr. Eowyn!


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