Puppy Andre used for target practice getting better

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Andre on the road to recovery

Dog Left for Dead With Eyes Gouged Out Getting Better

FOX Phoenix:  A dog that was left for dead in a plastic bag is doing better on Saturday, and the reward for information that helps police find his tormentor is bigger.  
Andre was found in a Dumpster in Buckeye a little more than two weeks ago. He had apparently been used as target practice for BB guns.  The veterinarian who is treating him said she had never seen a living dog with such terrible anemia, but after a blood transfusion, his is doing better.
His eyes were gouged out, but his eye sockets are healing well after his surgery.  Andre is now taking short talks and has a good appetite, and he is sleeping for most of the time.   He’s also heading up to Sedona with his foster family, where he will be fed every two hours.
Andre has diabetes — but is now on insulin. He’s also enjoying being petted.
PETA has posted a $1,000 reward for the capture of Andre’s abuser.   The Animal Guardian Network has said it will match that amount, making the reward total $2,000.
I hope they catch the bast*rd that did this.  Proper punishment?  Give me 10 minutes with him and my BB gun!

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0 responses to “Puppy Andre used for target practice getting better

  1. As a dog person who has the sweetest (and not a little spoiled) Schnoodle around, I’d post what I would love to see happen to the bastard that did this, but it would pretty much destroy my M, F, S, O, B, A, and H keys.
    -But it wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the least if they tied dead, bloody chickens all over him and dropped him in pond full of under-fed gators. 😀
    After all, I define justice as when people get what they deserve.

    • LOL Dave… yeah and my Pom isn’t spoiled one iota either 😉 All in all, the rest of your comment pretty much sums up my take on this bs too!
      Thanks for the update DCG! 🙂 I’m so glad he’s doing better!

    • I had to edit this a few times before posting…original thoughts weren’t very ladylike….
      And if I had time with him and my BB gun, the gun would be in pieces at the end my punishment.

    • i will provide 500.00 to the person who identifies the bastard. never broke a promise.

  2. The sick person who did this must be caught because, if not, his next victim will be human. Serial killers begin in their teen years with torturing/killing animals before they “graduate” onto killing humans.

  3. Happy Andre is recovering… wouldn’t break my heart if the guy who did this was the guest of honor at a boot party.


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