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Obama’s Laughter

10.12.2012  By Xavier Lerma
Obama's Laughter. 48786.jpeg

The last nail on America’s coffin has been hammered while Obama and his comrades smirk over its grave. Meanwhile the majority of Amerikans keep laughing as though they are intoxicated or drugged. All those comedy shows they watched patterned their brains to find a joke in everything. These perennial adolescents have nothing to fear. They will dance and sing with their proclaimed savior who may be punch drunk as journalist Steve Kroft asked in this video. They cannot see that hope and confidence in their master is unavailing. Did Obama reduce the debt by even one dollar? Russia’s national debt is the lowest of all G20 countries.   Did he go to Jerusalem to kneel and pray at the Holy Sepulcher as President Vladimir Putin did?
 Putin knelt and prayed at Christ’s Holy Sepulcher 2012
Action speaks louder than words. As Senator, Obama did pray at the Western Wall but I guess Christ’s resurrection site was not on his agenda. I have not seen him there recently have you? I guess too many vacations for Obama. Perhaps he humbly went there in secret and I overlooked it. Maybe he wears a crucifix just like Putin. Maybe he crosses himself like Putin but is too shy to do it in public. Maybe Obama built Christian buildings like our Russian President.
Last June, Putin built a guesthouse for Christian pilgrims in Jordan. It is run by the Russian Orthodox Church near the site of Jesus Christ’s baptism shown in this video. No, Obama would never do that because the atheistic Communists outlaw such things. Oh, I know the Communist reply, “Putin faked everything in Jerusalem and at the River Jordan. It’s all show for the masses. Religion is opium of the people!” However, Communists do not know how to pray. God does not exist for them so their souls are empty. They are maniacally blind in the land of hope and change.
The true American Christian is not fooled by false prophets and can easily recognize prayer in a man’s face. Their spirituality gives them wings to reach God. They can see Putin is real and Obama is anti-Christian. downObama’s health care plan caused the Catholic Bishops to sue Obama after he forced abortions  down their throats. Obama’s Arab Spring opened the door for Christian persecutions in the Middle East. Obama’s media portrays Assad as a devil, yet Assad protected the Christians. At least one priest was martyred as shown in this video. Thank Obama for his freedom. The priest was murdered by the US backed rebels and many Christians have been killed or have fled their homes all because the Amerikan Nero wants it.
 I received an email to my question, “How long will America suffer and to what depths?
Jon Hutto from Texas, USA, wrote:
“Until the depths reach every American and hope appears lost. Then as a people they will rise in a chorus filled with blood and anger. This will not happen until the generations that have known freedom are gone.”
Unlike those similar to Mr. Hutto, most people in the US have been conditioned into thinking a certain way. Always seeking pleasures and avoiding pain.  Some ignoring their children and even some letting them die. They actually have commercials in Amerika about how not to forget their baby in the back seat. Some of these parents grew up in day care centers while their parents worked. These modern Amerikans were a product of the women’s movement that spurned Motherhood. I would advise one to read, “Ungodly Rage” as one example of feminism. Feminism is an unholy, evil rage. The word “sacrifice” no longer meant the husband and wife stayed together for the children but that the parent has to sacrifice their money to get a baby sitter so the parent can go out for a good time. The sexual revolution multiplied abortions and single parents exponentially in the West.
These children were left unloved, misguided and with the TV and video games as parents. Unable to choose the best public schools in Amerika, some parents were left with no choice except the choice of abortion. Perhaps home schooling is the best, but for the most part Amerika’s children were lost in Communist controlled schools and cyber space. The winds of change blew them to a controlled environment that was barren as any desert resulting in misery or suicides. Laughter is the best medicine they say in the West. So they laugh with the party in the White House like Nero laughed when Rome burned in his persecution of the Christians.
Last century in a gulag, a prisoner lamented the fact that few in the beginning were willing to fight off these insane men who caused so much turmoil in Russia. He wondered what his ancestors would say. How ashamed they would be of him and others who ignored the Russian Patriarch’s request to defend the Church and country. He had time to think now. He remembered how he was taught about the tortures and sufferings of the first Christian martyrs. They gave witness to Christ and welcomed torture and death rather than to worship Roman Gods and succumb to tyranny. It was easier to laugh and go along with everyone else he remembered. There were others who went to prison but not him. This would never happen to him he thought. Now he suffers in the gulag as he looks to the horizon hearing the echoes of laughter with family and friends.
Later, his letters were sent home to his Mother.  She tried to visit him but was told of his death. During the “thaw” of the Soviet Union under Khrushchev she was given some money in compensation for her son’s misfortune as another letter she received proclaimed his innocence. She threw the money in the air, screamed and wailed in the Soviet office. Everyone around her could feel her torment from the depths of her agonizing soul. Her cries resonated into the bones of each person and no one could comfort her but only share in her grief. No money could replace her son. She flung her arms wildly in the air from side to side releasing her pain that would never end.
Trotsky, Lenin and the Bolshevik revolution that shook Russia and the world in late 1917 gave birth to the Communist system of government which was the ugly flower of Marxism. They also promised freedom and equality like Obama. In Soviet Russia only death and misery were the fruits of their tree for almost 75 years. A Russian Civil War (1917-1921) split Russia dividing it into the Reds, who supported Bolshevism and the Whites who hated it and the evil it is. Amerika is also divided. Death labor camps called Gulags were later created in Russia. Amerika has big brother watching and listening to their citizens who routinely go to work. While Amerika partied last New Year’s eve, Obama signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act allowing him to arrest anyone without a trial indefinitely.
Will the Communists and their followers in Amerika ever stop laughing? One joke after another; watching one show after another as Rome burns; going to the next movie as they turn the other way giving Obama a free pass. They are living in the early 20th century. The epicureans of the West will die away in spiritual poverty but generations later their children will learn the truth about how America really began and their faith will grow. Christianity will grow back and renew itself like nature after a raging fire.   One thing is for sure. It will not happen anytime soon. Today, half of Amerika laughs insanely while the other half laments over America. In the meantime, the evil that spread from Russia in 1917 to the West will be destroyed by Russia’s renewed faith that will heal the world.
That is the “Good News” in the world seen as bad news by Amerikans. Today, the Communists who control the West fear Russia as though doomsday was tomorrow. It’s not a nuclear threat but rather a spiritual renewal that threatens them. Their media tries to scare Americans with ideas of Putin as the evil KGB out to destroy the world. They “reason” KGB is bad. Putin is KGB. Therefore, Putin is bad. Amerika hides Russia’s Christianity because it’s not America but their Communist world that is in danger of being destroyed. Russia’s destiny is to defend and renew Christianity, which has been allowed to grow under Putin.
Xavier Lerma
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  1. In my last year of High School [1959-1960], my German class got a new instructor, Dr Nikolai Nikolayevich Gratsch, a true bear of a man. Born in Tsarist Russia, he and his family were White Russians. He was made a full Colonel at only 19, the youngest person to ever attain the rank at that time. He wore a large gold ring w/the double-headed Russian eagle carved into its shiny, flat black stone.
    He told us history that was amazing because it was from one who had lived it. The writer above sounds much the same as Herr Dr Gratsch did, one who writes w/o illusions. Between what I learned from Dr Gratsch and from my father, who fled at age 22 from the Italian fascists, I was thoroughly wary of any and all Communist promises, predictions, and fantasies. The folks here at TFOTM know how much I loathe creeps such as the Obamamama and others of his ilk, which I made clear from the get-go. NOTHING comes out of Chicago as he did, held up as a wondrous ‘dark horse’ appeared from nowhere to save the nation, unless it’s completely bought, paid for, and delivered.
    But who will now deliver us from our ‘Deliverer’?

  2. Joseph, you’ve just sparked a memory for me. Watch for the post of a video tomorrow that echoes what you’ve just written!

  3. It is the height of irony that we find such frank talk about Obama, not in U.S. media, but in Pravda — the former official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

  4. It’s like a hall of mirrors. America has elected a monster. I can only hope that Putin’s Christianity is genuine.

    …need I say more?

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  7. LTG, while I am very glad that you have posted this article, since it is very important to get foreign viewpoints and news regarding the U.S. during this sad time … I must admit I am skeptical of Pravda’s idea that there is now (as during the Cold War) a stark contrast between Russia and the U.S. in terms of Christian values, and also in terms of liberty and the rule of law.
    I note for instance that the article does not try to draw a similar contrast between Russia and China, though China is still certainly far worse than the U.S. with regard to morality.
    Putin seems to me to be something of a chameleon, though I admittedly am no expert on him. It seems to me that “Obama” and his allies are trying hard to get the U.S. closer to the point where Russia (indeed, much of Europe) already is, in terms of human rights abuses and also the scourge of secular humanism.
    While I applaud Pravda’s shift in its viewpoint, that shift alone does not prove that Russia has become “the new, old U.S.” so to speak. And I am entirely unconvinced by the other evidence that has been presented to me. Russia is much closer to the E.U. politically and morally than it is to the U.S. Perhaps this article is just a soft-sell by Pravda to try to get some Americans not to see the whole picture. Yes, America’s bad now. But Russia better than America?? Who are you gonna believe: Pravda, or your “lying eyes”? I know what my answer is!
    Perhaps — perhaps — it could be said that Russia prior to the Bolsheviks was better than America today. But it is my view that Russia has never fully recovered morally from the Bolshevik revolution, and probably never will. Of course there has been moral improvement in Russia, and major moral decline in America. But to say that the two countries have literally switched places in terms of morality and human rights? No, I’m afraid I don’t see that. Russia is still very close to China, to India, to Iran, to Venezuela, to Cuba, and to the socialist partisans in the EU; and these facts are why Russia appears so distant from the U.S.
    The globalist dictatorship marches on, getting ever worse and promoting communism and socialism wherever it can. And the Russian government is an integral part of this dictatorship.
    The Russians were also the first to nationalize their health care system, under Lenin. That system survives to this day, and is the model that Obamacare is based on. Does that sound very Christian to anybody? Not to me.
    Again I do appreciate and am thankful for this posting, because it gives some perspective that is lacking from U.S. (and even western European) media.

    • My sister-in-law’s brother and his wife have been serving the flock in the Ukraine and Siberia for over 10 years. Can’t remember the names of the towns, but they say Christianity is burgeoning in Russia and they have no reason to lie.

      • Of course Christianity is burgeoning in Russia, which is quite consistent with what I had said:
        “Of course there has been moral improvement in Russia, and major moral decline in America. But to say that the two countries have literally switched places in terms of morality and human rights?”
        Are churches and body of Christ strong in Russia? Yes. Does that translate into a Russian domestic and foreign policy that is dramatically better than the U.S.? I don’t think it does, and in many ways far worse. That is why I’m skeptical of Putin’s faith. Another example: it is my impression that “Obama” is much closer to Putin and to his government than Bush 43 ever was. I think “Obama’s” posturing with the anti-missile systems reflects that “Obama” is not fully in control of U.S. foreign policy. If it were entirely up to him and his fellow Alinskyites, I don’t think it would have happened the same way. And of course Russia is upset because they perceive that their national morality is being called into question … and lo and behold, here we have Pravda jumping to the defense of Russian morality and contrasting it with the U.S., but apparently not with China. What a tangled web they weave, no?

        • grannie and RTF,
          I think your (two) emphases differ from each other. Christianity is also flourishing in China, but the regimes in both Russia and China are not freedom-friendly. Unlike China’s atheistic ruling Communist Party, Russia’s post-communist government at least now allows freedom of religion, which led to the revival of the country’s traditional Russian Orthodox Christian Church. In China, the one-party state still persecutes unapproved faiths, like Falun Gong and the underground Christian church. But Christianity is flourishing AMONG THE PEOPLES of both countries! Hallelujah!

        • How can Putin be close to Obama? Light and darkness are never related to one another, unless you mean by contrast. That too allows for a grey area whih with light and darkness is not possible. All these shades of gray are just ways of dismissing the fact that the victory belongs to Jesus because of his atonement for the sins of the world. You may not have yet had your heart pricked realizing that it was your sins as well as mne and others, that placed Jesus Christ upon the Cross at Calvary. Putin is on the side of the light, the light of the world, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. There it is.

          • Richard T. Fowler

            “All these shades of gray are just ways of dismissing the fact that the victory belongs to Jesus because of his atonement for the sins of the world.”
            Excuse me, I haven’t dismissed this at all! Actually, I have testified to this fact hundreds of times, if not thousands. I have received death threats from Godless people for my testimony of this fact, but by the grace of our Lord Jesus, I am happy to continue to do it.
            Now here’s something else that’s also true: You shall know them by their fruits.
            This means all their fruits, not just a selected set of them.
            I also would like to respond to this: “You may not have yet had your heart pricked realizing that it was your sins as well as mne and others, that placed Jesus Christ upon the Cross at Calvary.”
            I fully realize this, thanks be to God. There is nothing in what I wrote above that calls that into question!
            Isn’t it true that we will lose the battle, but Jesus Christ will win the war for us in the end? Isn’t it true that it will be “given to the enemy to make war with the saints, and to overcome them”? Isn’t it, therefore, true that we can no more place our hope in the government of Russia than in that of the United States?
            Isn’t Putin part of the government of Russia? Isn’t he, in fact, the head of that government? And isn’t that government of the world, and not of the Church?
            Can Putin serve two masters, unlike the rest of us? And if he tries, what happens, according to the Word? Which side, in that case, is he really serving?
            So the question then becomes, of necessity: Is Putin loyal to the government of Russia?
            What are we to think?
            Perhaps he is not.
            So I ask myself, Is there any evidence he is not, other than his general Christian testimony? Any evidence at all that he is actively working against the interests of the worldly state that he is the titular head of?
            And, is there any evidence that he is loyal to Russia?
            It is precisely because my heart has been pricked that I have found myself here at this website, openly pondering such questions.
            Regarding Putin being on the side of light, isn’t it true that a person can sometimes be of service to the side of light without having a full, true faith in Jesus, or without having been finally delivered to Christ … without truly being a member of that side? It is written in Revelation that even a devil named Apollyon will render some service to Jesus. But that doesn’t mean he has faith in his salvation, nor does it mean he is saved or will be. Please do not now tell me that I am saying Putin is a devil; I am not. I am just exploring the question of Putin’s faith, since others have raised the question.
            If I note things about Putin’s fruits or actions that cause me to question his faith, that in no way calls into question the victory of Jesus over all death and all evil! In no way! That victory is absolute! Praise the Lord.

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  9. Josephbc69, I pray you are doing better. Sorry for coming so late to this party, I just read about it and so crashed. Thinking about being delivered from Chicago, how about from England, which “governance” British East Africa in 1961, then from an Islamic military dictatorship, Indonesia, etc., winning a Nobel Prize for having a pulse… So much for Nobel’s once respected prize. Then think of what happened to hundreds of millions of souls spending eternity in hell because a few people decided to put Lenin on a train from Switzerland to Russia. Satan roams throughout the earth, and he has his many slaves from all races, nationalities, and faiths at work here.

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  11. I don’t know if anyone here remembers another defector, named Anatoliy Golitsyn. He left Russia in the early 60’s, said the KGB had very long range plan to fake the collapse of the Soviet Union, while undermining Western society from within, and then gradually (or suddenly) take us over. Obama is rumored to be a carefully cultivated leftist agent, Hillary and Bill have many signs of hard-left affiliations including Bill’s unexplained long and too-expensive trip to Russia as a Rhodes scholar. At this point, either the Golitsyn plan is long dead and Russia is a Christian democracy, or “the plan” is now reaching the final phases of its implementation: either America will be convulsed from within through an engineered financial collapse, break into civil war and then be Red-Dawn’ed “to save us”, or Hillary and her fellow communist moles will foment war with Russia, inviting a devastating pre-emptive strike from the now extremely well-equipped Russian Strategic forces, followed by “hey, the war-crazy USA started it” and a general takeover. You can already see the latter scenario being set up with predictions and ersatz Putin quotes in Russian controlled internet sources to the effect that “if Hillary is elected, it’s war”.

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    Whom can one trust?


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