Public Teacher Harassed, Injured by Students; Says Administrators Ignored It

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A high school teacher in North Carolina collapsed at work April 7, the final chapter in a story about bullying and threats that went unnoticed.

image courtesy WRAL

Roseann Monteleone told local media that one of her students put some kind of poison into her soda during school hours. The suspect claims it was nothing but hand soap put in there as a prank. Monteleone insists that the burn marks in her throat came from something stronger.
According to Monteleone, she’d become the target of personal bullying for a while. She claims a student drew a picture of a gun on her chalk board, and at one point she found a note which contained a written threat.
Complaints to her supervisors went nowhere. The bullying persisted until she was found unconscious in a bathroom on campus.
Monteleone claims that violent students are not confronted by administrators over fear of a lawsuit from angry parents.
I am not at all surprised that this happened in North Carolina. Anyone who has had dealings with the state system there will tell you it is one corrupt and incompetent place.

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0 responses to “Public Teacher Harassed, Injured by Students; Says Administrators Ignored It

  1. Mad Angel is on FB

    is there anymore info on this?

    • Candance Moore

      Not yet. Monteleone hasn’t publicly discussed reasons why she might have been targeted. She is probably in talks with an attorney about it. If/when more info comes out I’ll post an update.

  2. Keep me up to date on this ok? I pray that is all I can do right now.

  3. Mad Angel is on FB

    ok thanks…. although I can never understand why people stay quiet “due to litigation”…. that’s how things get twisted, marginalized and in too many cases swept under the rug….. one good example of making enough noise to protect yourself is Daniel Elsberg…

  4. In Texas, one kid punches another kid in front of the teacher in class, and in Maryland two high school lacrosse players are suspended from school and arrested – one for having a 2″ penknife and Leatherman tool, the other or having a cigarette lighter; both as tools to work on their lacrosse sticks. (The lighter, by the way, is used to seal the ends of fraying mesh or leather straps used to hold the mesh in place.)
    It seems there’s a real disparity between what school districts believe is actionable complaints. I hope this woman is okay. I do wonder, however, why her union didn’t step in more forcefully. You’d think the well-being of an individual teacher would be in their top ten or so of things they’d want to be involved with.


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