Public Schools Recruit Smarter Immigrants to Pad School Performance

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Pop quiz: what do you do when federal funding for your school is tied to performance, but the kids in your local community are too ignorant to perform?

A)    Dedicate yourself to making the local students smarter.

B)    Tell the federal government that NCLB is a joke.

C)    Travel to China, hobnob with wealthy parents, and convince them to send their kid to your high school with a vague promise it will get them into Harvard.

If you’re a typical superintendent in America, you will go with option C.
Yahoo! News has more via the Associated Press:

Next fall, Millinocket Superintendent Ken Smith hopes to have at least 60 Chinese students — each paying $13,000 in tuition and another $11,000 for room and board — at Stearns High School. Stearns at one time had close to 700 high school students, but enrollment has fallen over the years to under 200 this year […]

When Smith went on a recruiting trip to the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Fuzhou last fall, students there had never heard of Maine. But they knew they wanted to come to America to enhance their chances of going to an American college or university.

No word on who paid for that recruiting trip. What, you expect AP to ask hard questions about something?
Meanwhile, the local students in Millinocket – whose parents do not have the resources or the freedom to send them elsewhere – are failing. Millinocket is a working class town of less than 6,000. Stearns High, a public school, performs woefully below the state average on student performance.
So the Asian kids show up, skate through the school year, and mark on their transcripts that they were valedictorian of their class. The school uses this to pad academic performance and secure more funding. The local kids, left to fail for so many years, now have no chance to graduate at the top of their class, meaning hard work would go completely unnoticed.

For basketball fans out there, this is equal to Michael Beasley playing for Kansas State because he knew he would be the star of the team.
Of course, none of that made it into the AP report. We have American children to discourage and destroy here. More than ever, it is becoming obvious that public education is harmful to your kids.

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0 responses to “Public Schools Recruit Smarter Immigrants to Pad School Performance

  1. Sounds like “cooperative learning”… smart kid does all the group work, every shares the good grades and higher GPA for the Harvard applications. “Social Justice” and “spreading the wealth around” in action.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    The major problem with K-12 public education is that it’s geared so strongly toward politically correct behavioral/attitudes as measured on standardized tests, in order qualify for all the federal money. Charter schools have to meet the same federal goals or they’re out of business.
    IMO, the only solution is to abolish the Dept of Education at the federal level, maybe even the state level. That would put public education squarely in the hands of locally elected school boards. With enough common sense school board members calling the shots without being facilitated by bureaucratic change agents, they’d be able to get rid of the psychological BS and get back to rigorous academics — if they can find some good old fashioned teachers who know how to teach real knowledge-based curriculum.

  3. Yes, doing it for the children. What a corrupt way to operate…

  4. Yep. Gotta make those goonion member teachers look like they are actually teaching children so they can convince the sheeple to fork over even more of their hard earned money to pad the teacher’s already bloated pension funds, health care, and Viagra.
    And the sad part is, in most cases it will probably work, as the parents are too busy keeping up with American Idol to pay attention.
    Government school is child abuse.


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