Public Education Oops!

Misspelled school banner draws more attention than planned

Daily Mail: A school communications manager has found himself in the spotlight this week after a misspelled banner was hung at a school sports ground appealing to those who want to ‘become a partner in pubic education.’

The unfortunate sign was intended as an invitation to sponsors and advertisers in the Pennsylvania’s Red Lion Area School District, but neither Don Dimoff, head of marketing for the district, or his team noticed the embarrassing error before putting it up.

In response to the unwanted attention the typo has drawn, Mr Dimoff clarified that Red Lion officials were indeed seeking support for ‘public’ education and not ‘pubic’.  Mr Dimoff has been under pressure to right the mistake ever since.

Explaining the mistake he said: ‘To be honest with you, all that really happened was the sign company made a spelling error, and in the midst of putting it up for a football game some of the other people missed it.  As soon as we found out about it the damage had already been done. It was an honest mistake. It doesn’t reflect on the quality of our sponsors or our programs. It was just an honest mistake by a sign company.”

It’s been a rough few days, he went to confess. “Unfortunately, these are the few things that get you on the map, we’re doing a lot of good things with our sponsorship program and now all anyone will remember is this. We’re creating partnerships not just with athletics, but also with the school district. There’s a lot of colleges where the college is the town and the town is the college. We’re trying to do that for our schools here in a similar way.”

Defending the oversight he insisted however: “I can’t tell you how many people told me that they had to look at the sign several times to see the mistake. Dozens of people had to look at it three, four, five times. I’m sure that’s how it got overlooked.”

“Of all the missed letters, it had to be that one,” he remarked. ‘The poor sign company feels horrible because they missed it. The people who hung the sign feel horrible because they missed it. I feel horrible. I’ve been losing sleep and haven’t eaten in two days trying to deal with this.”

You have to feel a little bad for this guy, we all make mistakes. Guarantee this one will never be made again!


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Dr. Eowyn

Sadly, public schools in America today really are more about PUBIC matters than about education.


Well, with free condoms, sex education, promoting homosexuality, and the rest, maybe they have it right.


Pretty much, these days.

Dave McMullen
Dave McMullen

Freudian slip?


“Freudian slip?” (Dave) My sentiment exactly.