Psychologist says Obama is irrational; questions his sanity

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Obama picks noseObama picks his nose at a public meeting

Gina Loudon, Ph. D., is a psychologist and author who’s a Fox News commentator, a columnist for WND and, and the host of Smart Life with Dr. Gina.

Last Tuesday, June 3, 2014, Dr. Loudon was interviewed by Fox’s Lou Dobbs about Obama’s prisoner swap of five Gitmo terrorists in exchange for U.S. Army deserter Pfc Bowe Bergdhal, as well as the imprisonment of Marine veteran Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi in Mexico.

Dr. Loudon said (beg. at the 2:55 mark):

“I am very, very concerned about the mental stability of this President at this point. Some of his behavior seems irrational to me. It seems beyond that of just a typical narcissistic, arrogant, sort of, ‘I’m a leader of a big country and I feel tyrannical at the moment’ kind of attitude. It really seems to me like this President is demonstrating behavior that is not only anti-American, but irrational and erratic and perhaps not exactly what we might want to deem sane.”

Obama chews gum1Obama chews gum at D-Day ceremonies in Normandy, France, June 4, 2014

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0 responses to “Psychologist says Obama is irrational; questions his sanity

  1. I was thinking he’s evil, a condition that is often called a form of insanity.

  2. Well, no sh*t Dr. Loudon.

    What was your first clue?


  3. He is managed by a few who hate this country and those in middle class and blue collar class. Many of the privileged don’t respect the conduct of the shadow masters, and they should speak up. Obama and others around him have the same attitudes as their masters-if they did not, they would not have attained their positions of power. The same applies to the MSM servants.

  4. I tend to be a little suspicious of those that are just now coming around to what the Kenyan mullah comrade Dear Ruler really is.

    After all, this fraud of a POtuS has been a known commodity for some time, yet people are only noticing it after the damage has been done.

    As you all well know, I fairly accurately predicted this disaster seven years ago, and I didn’t even finish my last year of college.

    Now that I look back on it, that was probably a good thing, as my patience with politically correct BS propaganda was three meters beyond the end of my tether.


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  6. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a good call, but I would also throw in Sociopath and megalomaniac as well. That plus he’s plain stupid.

  7. Wow, thank you for this, it’s hilarious!

    • As hilarious as Fast & Furious, VA allowing vets to die, Benghazi, IRS targeting conservatives, record number of people on disability, food stamps and out of the workforce, the DOJ allowing Black Panther voting intimidations to get off free, or dumping illegal aliens on our military bases?

      • You go girl! Kip, there is nothing “hilarious” about the king. I don’t find evil, destruction and selfishness “hilarious.”

  8. I could see through Obama on his first campaign. There was just something about him that I didn’t like 6 yrs. ago. I have many people who felt the same way and none of us can figure out why so many thought the sun rose and set with this imposter. Anytime someone won’t show their credentials and has them locked up so NO ONE can see them…..BEWARE!!!

  9. Can anyone come up with anything that this miscreant has done that actually benefitted the whole country?

    • traildustfotm

      He brought an end to the racial division in America. Huh? What’s that? Oh, actually, no he didn’t, and now things are much worse.

      Well, he brought back the international community’s trust in and respect for America. No? Oh. That’s right, they completely disrespect us now, and the the enemies of freedom are emboldened.

      Hey, he provided universal affordable health care. No? Okay you’re right, her wrecked a good healthcare system.

      He made the rich pay their fair share. Oh… their fair share went directly to him and his cronies. Like in Zimbabwe?

      Well, I’ll look around, and am certain we’ll find something good he did.


  10. I’ll double-amen this!!

  11. POS Muslim !in charge of what ONCE was the greatest nation on Earth ! he is going to get us invaded and Killed and he is already Halfway there in doing just that

  12. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this excellent post. I find Dr. Loudon’s analysis noteworthy and most logical. However, as Trail Dust and Dr. Eowyn pointed out above, it is his choice to do “evil” inspired by the father of lies that pinpoints the king’s behavior. The devil works very hard to make us believe that good is evil, and evil is good. In the movie, “Devil,” whilst the credits are running before the movie starts, the visual scene is completely upside down. Accordingly, the devil desires reality and truth to be turned over, thus creating insanity and confusion. A good lesson on the nature of evil is set forth in this movie. I recommend you watch it.

  13. months, 6 days ago on EXCLUSIVE: Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity, secret documents show
    • Isn’t it ironic that the Chief Intelligence Officer interviewed above (then Brig. Gen. Robert P. Ashley Jr.) gets promoted from Colonel, to Brigadier to Major General and given his own Intelligence command in a 2 year period? He must be doing something very right or very politically correct!
    Bears further investigation of “who” is telling the “whole truth” versus their politically biased version of the truth…. such as this obvious “why” question;
    Reached by telephone, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James N. Mattis, a 45-year service veteran who served as CENTCOM commander from August 2010 to August 2012, told Fox News he may have received bits and pieces of the intelligence generated by Eclipse, but said Ashley, with whom he maintained a close working relationship, had not forwarded on to him the specific SITREPs cited by Fox News.
    How did Bergdahl get promoted from PFC to Sargent in 5 years… as a known Army deserter?
    3 months, 6 days ago on EXCLUSIVE: Bergdahl declared jihad in captivity, secret documents show

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