Psychological Warfare?

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  • U.S. NEWS
  • JULY 6, 2011, 12:51 P.M. ET

U.S. Warns Airlines on Human Bomb Implants


Militants from al Qaeda’s branch in Yemen are mulling plans to surgically implant explosive devices in would-be suicide bombers, possibly targeting airlines, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

That intelligence about al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, considered the group’s most dangerous affiliate, led the Obama administration to warn foreign governments and American and international airline executives over the past several days that terrorists might attempt to board planes with explosives concealed in their bodies.

“It’s more than aspirational,” a U.S. official said. “They’re trying to make this happen.”

The Department of Homeland Security hasn’t warned of a specific plot, White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. But the specter of militants carrying bombs within them will prompt additional security measures at U.S. airports and overseas airports serving U.S. destinations, the Transportation Security Administration said in a written release.

Mr. Carney said terrorists have repeatedly expressed interest in trying new techniques to conceal explosives.

“That fact that terrorists are interested in finding ways to attack us is pretty much self-evident,” Mr. Carney said. “Our security procedures are multifaceted, and we adjust them according to the threat all the time.”

U.S. officials have become increasingly worried about plots emanating from Yemen, where a popular uprising against the country’s authoritarian leader and tribal clashes have created a security vacuum in which al Qaeda can operate more freely.

The U.S. official said that the administration isn’t aware of an imminent plot involving implanted bombs, but the effort represents the next generation of plans following the botched attempt by al Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate on Christmas Day 2009 to down a Detroit-bound airliner with a bomb sewn into the bomber’s underwear.

In recent years, the TSA has added hundreds of new full-body screening machines to scores of airports to complement metal detectors and help detect hard-to-find items that could pose a security threat.

However, the new scanners wouldn’t be able to identify explosive devices implanted inside a body, which has prompted many security experts to push for alternative security measures, including profiling a passenger’s behavior and demeanor to identify potential security risks.

“What technology can we use? The simple answer is the human brain—that’s the only way to address the threat,” said Philip Baum, founder of Green Light Limited, an aviation-security consultancy in London. Given that drug smugglers have implanted contraband for years, he said he is surprised that terrorists haven’t yet tried to do the same with explosives.

Despite initial speculation that an al Qaeda terrorist used implanted explosives in a failed bid to assassinate a key Saudi Arabian minister in the summer of 2009, U.S. security officials concluded that the explosive device was hidden in the man’s underwear—exactly the same technique used four months later in the Detroit plot.

—Carol E. Lee contributed to this article.
While I don’t doubt that these animals would go to these extremes, part of me says that this is for the most part psychological warfare. Plant a story like this and watch it grow into a reason to take away more of our liberties and give our government more reasons to do even more invasive searches of us. They are counting on our governments overreaction. 
I don’t doubt that the TSA is already making plans to do body cavity searches and colonoscopies at airports
Tom in NC
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12 responses to “Psychological Warfare?

  1. Here we go, I’m sure the security level has now been raised to red. This will require extra body scanners and “junk” touching at all american airports, along with further erosion of rights, security and individualism. It will only increase and get worse until big brother is finally living with you. We have lived the last great affluent free individual generation. God help our children!

  2. Couldn’t they just swallow the explosives in condoms, like drug mules do?

  3. This is precisely why I was against the Patriot Act to begin with; the terrorists won. They obliterated our peace and have stolen our freedoms, with our repeated agreement. If we had simply enforced laws already there… instead, it’s escalating. I worry more about our troops. How are they supposed to know who to trust? When are people going to realize that you cannot fight unreasonable hatred with reason? May God help us hold to His Everlasting Peace.

  4. The airports just need a machine that you enter and if you have a bomb on your body, “poof” you automatically explode.

  5. Larry the Cable Guy had it right…

  6. Thomas Morato

    What took the CIA this long to come up with “new” terror method? Are we really THIS stupid as a nation to believe this nonsense?

    Just more propaganda fodder to keep the boogie men alive and for TSA employees groping innocent air travelers. What’s next, proctorial exams as we pass through the gate?

    • Actually, it was in an episode of Star Trek: The Wimpy Generation twenty years ago… someone was both dumb and uninventive.

  7. Thomas, you got it, spot on!!

  8. We’re going to have colonoscopies at the boarding gate before they allow us to get onto planes. They’ll tell us it’s to improve safety and cut the colon cancer rate at the same time. A Patriot Act Two-Fer.

  9. You got it right it was psychological warfare! All a person has to do to find my book is Google or Yahoo, “Terrorist Stupid Psychological Warfare” then look for in green. It is an Adobe Reader pdf file.
    “Pennsylvania-The Holy Experiment that did not Work-Which Became-The Real 9/11 Story” BY: Parker H. Smock (Rough Draft) 172 pages This is the book that went door to door in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania by President George W. Bush as I requested after I caused US Senator John Kerry (now Secretary of State) to say on TV at the Bush-Kerry Presidential Debate, “The People deserve the truth.” President Obama said on TV, “I read all rough drafts”
    It was psychological warfare, but my book is mostly about Ye Old Social Contract Theory improvement. I promise you will learn a lot.
    Thank You, Parker alias Nicholas Cage in US Gov input to Hollywood Wake fantasy movie “National Treasure”


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