PSA for Billionaires & Millionaires – Don't Wait for Congress to Act!

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How Do You Make a Gift To Reduce Debt Held By the Public?

If you wish to do so, make a check payable to Bureau of the Public Debt.” You can send it to: Bureau of the Public Debt, Department G, P.O. Box 2188, Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188. Or you can enclose the check with your income tax return when you file. Do not add your gift to any tax you may owe. See page 71 for details on how to pay any tax you owe.
H/T John Nolte of Big Hollywood

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Dr. Eowyn

Someone please do an act of public service by forwarding this post to Nancy Pelosi, Warren Buffet, Matt Damon, and all the b/millionaires who’ve been bitching that “the rich” should pay more taxes.

Clifton Lee West

I wonder what I will do with thumbs 4′ long? I better think about it while I hang from them waiting for the millionaires and billionaires to bail out this nation. Why should they, they didn’t cause it to begin with, regardless of what Mr. Silly Putty says, over and over and over again. Barack Obama is like a broken record on this and, unfortunately, it is the only song he knows. It is time for the brilliant Liberals, you know, the elite among us, the special people, to solve our many problems, most of which they caused in the… Read more »


Won’t hold my breath waiting for Warren Buffet to send a fat check there. Or Matt Damon. Or George Soros. Or Al Gore.


LTG, this is absolutely brilliant! Now Matt and Warren don’t have to wait! They can just mail in their check and every other extremely wealthy individual who feels guilty! I bet you only the “fat cat” sends a check!