Proving Joe Biden wrong…

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It’s not that hard to do!

Granted, many of these girls weren’t using the correct stance/grip. Yet it does demonstrate the kickback of a shotgun.
My new 12 gauge shotgun only holds 6 shells. Plenty to scare off someone yet that puppy does have kick!
The AR-15, on the other hand, has no kick compared to my shotgun. My shoulder was much sorer after using the 12 gauge as compared to the AR-15. And I can get alot more rounds in the AR-15 without having to re-load. I like both guns yet concur the AR-15 is easier to handle.
Poor Joe, spewing from his mouth with little facts, as usual.

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0 responses to “Proving Joe Biden wrong…

  1. Loved this! Biden proves, once again, that he has no idea what he is talking about!

  2. The AR-15 is lighter and easier to shoot than a .22 rifle. It is a good gun for women.
    I found the perfect gun the other day. It’s the Taurus .45/.410 Judge. Uses .45’s or .410 shells. Dang. I held it briefly just before someone else bought it.

  3. Proving that moron wrong is about as simple as breathing . Don’t take a whole lot of effort .

  4. Biden is a complete moron. Just go out on the balcony and fire off a couple rounds, huh? I don’t have a balcony. If I step outside and choose to fire, it will be to hit center-mass. All properly trained gun owners know this, but it’s all a joke to Lefties. Here’s what’s so infuriating about these goons like Biden and Morgan – they are sure you and I don’t need a 30-round capacity magazine but they are in no position to guarantee we will never encounter a scenario that would require us to have one. They are not able to guarantee any such criminal threat will never happen, so they are doing what Lefties do – guaranteeing that MY liberties and behavior are curtailed by force of Law. How many rounds do I need, Joe, – seven? Ten? What if I need that eighth round to protect my family from multiple assailants but, because I am a law-abiding citizen I only had what the law allowed, and my wife was killed because I could fire no more? Can I sue the State? Aren’t you now liable?
    No. Biden and Morgan won’t be there to subdue, with the mere power of their logic and reason, multiple assailants who show up to do me harm; I will keep my Mini-14 with large capacity magazines so I DON’T HAVE TO RELOAD. No f-cking criminal should ever have a chance to RELOAD on me!

  5. From what he said, I seriously doubt that Joe Biden has ever fired a shotgun. When I go dove hunting, I carry my little 20-gauge, and still, at the end of the day, my shoulder is a little sore. No big deal. And that picture of Obama shooting skeet … Hah! What a joke!! If anyone ever seated a 12-gauge like that, he’d quite possibly break a collarbone! Note to self: NEVER go hunting with a Liberal.

  6. Yikes! He’s going for an oscar…


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