“Proud to be American”

Proud American?

So says the wife of her terrorist suspect husband, Abu Kahlid Abdul-Latif. The wife of Abdul-Latif accused of plotting to attack a Seattle military recruiting station said her husband never mentioned any terror plot.

Abdul-Latif’s wife of six years was shocked by the allegations. Binta Moussa-Davis said her husband never even hinted that we was plotting an attack. The couple has a 3-year-old son.

He’s innocent because I don’t think he can do something like this to his son and me,” she said.  “He’s proud to be American. He loves his home country. He loves his family.”

Abdul-Latif’s wife said when her husband left their Sea-Tac apartment Wednesday, she thought he was running errands. But according to the FBI, he was with Mujahidh, picking up guns for a terror plot.

Authorities said the suspects planned to use machine guns and grenades in the attack. In audio and video recordings, they discussed the plot, including strategies to time their attack on military recruits, such as by tossing grenades in the cafeteria, the complaint said.

The attack would not target “anybody innocent – that means old people, women out of uniform, any children,” Abdul-Latif allegedly said. “Just people who wear the green for the kaffir army, that’s who we’re going after.”

A proud American? Abdul-Latif was previously convicted for robbing a convenience store and for custodial assault, as well as for obstructing a law enforcement officer, assault and theft. From the FBI affidavit:

“Abdul-Latif explained that, in his view, murdering American soldiers was justifiable.”

Yes, definitely actions of one who considers himself a “Proud American”.


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Only for left/libtards… otherwise not.


Liars! muslim lead chip implant please.


Reminds me of the mothers of young punks who commit murders.

“Oh, but he is such a good boy.”