Protect yourself from a bear, and go to jail


Auburn man faces charges after shooting, killing backyard bear

Man charged with illegally baiting bear

Auburn Police Chief Andrew J. Sluckis Jr. told the Telegram that officers were called out to investigate the shooting at about noon at the Leicester Street home of 76-year-old Richard Ahlstrand.


I don’t know what you see, but I see an old man trying to protect himself.

The paper reported that after speaking with Ahlstrand, the State Environmental Police were called.
Authorities believed the bear was attracted to a 50-gallon drum of birdseed that Ahlstrand had in his backyard. He told police that he heard a noise outside and felt threatened.
After thinking that the bear may have cubs nearby, Ahlstrand told police he went inside the house and retrieved a firearm, then went back outside where he shot and killed her.

What good can possibly come from an organization called Environmental Police?

Ahlstrand told News Center 5’s Liam Martin that the bear charged him, leaving him no choice but to shoot her. He said he has been keeping birdseed outside for years.
Police told the paper they took possession of two .22 caliber rifles and a 12-gauge shotgun from Ahlstrand’s home.
He was charged with illegally killing a bear, illegally baiting a bear, illegal possession of a firearm and failure to secure a firearm.
Ahlstrand is scheduled to be arraigned in Worcester District Court at a later date.
Both Auburn and environmental police are investigating.
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What has this world come to. Getting arrested for protecting yourself


Good grief, up is down and down is up these days. Get a good attorney then sue the “environmental police” for attorney fees. What a joke.

Dr. Eowyn

“What good can possibly come from an organization called Environmental Police”
Good grief. I didn’t even know we have such a thing as Environmental Police! When did that happen? 🙁


Ha ha! Funny, Stephanie!


Ya know, at some time in the past we lost the virtue of common sense!

Dressage Rider
Dressage Rider

The bear problem is why I don’t have a bird feeder.