Proposed UN Tribunal of Climate Justice threatens U.S. sovereignty, while Antarctica ice is increasing, not melting

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The Christian Science Monitor reports that a new NASA study found that Antarctica has been adding more ice than it’s been losing, challenging other research, including that of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that concludes that Earth’s southern continent is losing land ice overall.
In a paper published in the Journal of Glaciology, researchers from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, the University of Maryland in College Park, and the engineering firm Sigma Space Corporation offer a new analysis of satellite data that show a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001 in the Antarctic ice sheet, “slowing” to a net gain of 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.
The study’s authors say these findings challenge current explanations for sea level rise, much of which is attributed to melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica from “global warming.”
One of the authors, Dr. Zwally, said, “The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away…. If the 0.27 millimeters per year of sea level rise attributed to Antarctica in the IPCC report is not really coming from Antarctica, there must be some other contribution to sea level rise that is not accounted for.”
Notwithstanding the fact that Antarctica has been gaining, not losing, ice, the climate change activists are proceeding with their agenda.
Leo Hohmann reports for WND that at the upcoming United Nations Climate Summit in Paris, scheduled for Nov. 30-Dec. 11, participating nations have prepared a treaty that would create an “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” giving Third World countries the power to haul the U.S. into a global court with enforcement powers.
According to the proposed draft text of the climate treaty, the tribunal would take up issues such as “climate justice,” “climate finance,” “technology transfers,” and “climate debt.”
The UN climate tribunal will bypass Congress. Policies once left to sovereign nations could be turned over to the U.N. tribunal if the U.S. and its allies approve the proposed deal in Paris during the summit.
Read the proposed treaty here.
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0 responses to “Proposed UN Tribunal of Climate Justice threatens U.S. sovereignty, while Antarctica ice is increasing, not melting

  1. It’s all a con to enrich the 1% . Gates , Sorass , Rothchilds

  2. How come Fascism is always liberals’ answer to everything?

  3. The Green Agenda is a death agenda, according to Lyndon Larouche. It is promoted by the British Empire, which Larouche insists is still with us, acting out through corporate control over politics in various Western countries, including the U.S. Historian Webster Tarpley more or less corroborates Larouche’s view.
    On the surface, the green agenda has a populist appeal: Less pollution and recycling. Sounds good. What’s wrong with that? But underneath, it enforces a Benthamite utilitarian agenda that pronounces humans to be a curse upon the Earth. (Susan Sontag’s pronouncement that “the white race is a cancer on history” comes to mind.)
    Ultimately, the green agenda is eugenic policy in action. In England, which loses some 20,000 people a year due to the official policy of refusing end-of-life medical care to the sick and elderly, they are using the corpses of aborted fetuses as part of their hospital heating. They have even asked people to volunteer to donate their corpses for the same. If this is not pure radical evil, what is?
    But the secret in selling this poisoned political agenda lay in selling the perceived benefits: It is promoted as less polluting and more eco-friendly. People are being told that reducing global warming is essential to their survival! But at root, the Green Agenda is the Empire’s Oligarchical strategy for population reduction and control, and it has to be seen as being on the same level as the newest strategy just beginning to spread—Transhumanism.
    And it is no exaggeration to imply, or even directly state, that the Green Agenda is Nazi or Nazi-related: The ideas of the Third Reich had their genesis in the British ideas of eugenicism and evolution, as does the Green Agenda. Long story short: We are once again stuck with the same ideas, over 150 years old, merely under a different packaging. And MAKE NO MISTAKE: The Ruling Elites that promoted these ideas in the political realm were practicing members of the OCCULT.

  4. The socialists always cherry-pick their data. The only thing clear here is the real motive of global warm-mongers. They’re less interested in cleaning up the Earth than in controlling human beings in the name of “the common good” — just as the Bolsheviks once did, first in Russia, and then in China, where the tyranny continues to this day.

  5. The ice is larger, the polar bears are thriving, and everything else on this subject is doing just fine, thank you, and yet they still have the need to manipulate the figures. And they want us to believe them.
    Of course winters are very cold and summers are very hot, it is called weather. Actually, I thought Summer’s were hotter when I was a young child, and we had many -20 degrees days while waiting for the bus.

  6. I’m waiting to hear from these wealthy loons that people’s possession of precious metals is part of the reason “climate change” is so “bad”; and that we need to turn in all precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, etc) to help stabilize the weather or earth….
    or people living in certain areas like farmlands and countrysides contribute to “climate change” (whatever happened to “global warming”?) and use imminent domain to move them off their lands to “protect” the weather. sounds far-fetched, but I think they believe we are stupid and gullible enough to fall for it.
    “climate change” gives government any excuse it wants to come in to people’s lives and confiscate their property for the good of the weather or earth or whatever. it’s all a scam…create a “problem” to solve a problem.

    • Dang girl, you haven’t turned yours in yet? Just 20-30 years ago. They were peddling global cooling, I wonder which it is?
      This is about cap and trade and a few making millions.

      • it’s all a scam and these evil people out there deserve to burn in hell for what they are doing to God’s creation and the deceptions they create to enforce their lies

  7. If the bass-ackward UN parasite goobers are serious about the environment, perhaps they can convince their compatriots back home to stop standing around urinating in their own drinking water.
    If not, they need to shut up and board the next flight home.

  8. Ya know, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings in the least if they just bulldozed the UN building into the river and replaced it with a golf course.
    At least then that tract of land would serve a useful purpose. 😀

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