Proof that coastal progressives know absolutely nothing about “flyover” country

Kyle Kulinski is the co-founder of Justice Democrats and in his Twitter bio he describes himself as a “Populist Left.”

Klueless Kyle Kulinski

From his Wiki page:

“Kyle Edward Kulinski (born January 31, 1988) is an American political commentator, and the co-founder of Justice Democrats. He is the host and producer of The Kyle Kulinski Show on his channel Secular Talk, an affiliate of The Young Turks network. He is a social democrat, and a registered Democrat in New York state.”

He tweeted this out on Saturday: “This is land by the Colorado, Kansas border from a plane. Pretty cool. I have no idea how/ why it looks like this.

Here’s the picture that accompanied that tweet:

He replied to someone: “I never fly & I think variation of color in the picture is beautiful. Sorry my wonderment isn’t sufficiently cultured or edgy.”

More proof that progressives have no idea of what goes on in this country outside of their own little urban bubbles.

Read some of the funny replies to his tweet here.


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9 months ago

Yo Kyle! You are looking at farm fields on the high plains, some of richest, most fertile, most productive agricultural real estate in the world. You are such a dimwit . Without the dedication, effort, and tenacity of the men and women who love the land and who pour their hearts and souls into making a semi-arid plateau an Eden’s garden, your scruffy, ignorant ass would starve.

Jackie Puppet
9 months ago

Well, when SHTF, and he runs out of food before 3 days, and so does his grocery store & favorite restaurants, he can wonder again what goes on in Kansas & Colorado as he starves.

BTW, the Justice Democrats is responsible for bringing AOC to America…

9 months ago

Imagine my eye-roll.