Proof of Romney/RNC Collusion

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This corroborates the violation of the rules as explained in Reality Check -GOP Rule 38:
From the Mitt Romney website:
Already hit your limit? If you’ve given the maximum of $2,500 for the primary and $2,500 for the general election to Romney for President, you can still give to the Romney Victory fund, our joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee by clicking here.
To make a contribution by mail, download the form and send to:
Romney for President, Inc.,
PO Box 149756,
Boston, MA 02114-9756
H/T  Commenter George Day on the Reality Check Facebook Page

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0 responses to “Proof of Romney/RNC Collusion

  1. Romney is a flippin joke. He is no more conservative than Rosie O’donnell. I just read another article about him and his son Tagg,being in trouble for a “ponzi scheme” in North Carolina. This is not the only articles I have read on Romney. Rumor has it-he is thee GHW Bush “New World Order King” puppet. The connection between he and a Dr.Michael Herzog,whom was arrested in Germany this last week,is coming soon to the States. Supposedly,we are going to learn some shocking news to do with The Bush family,Romney,Clintons,Geithner,Bernanke,Greenspan,aka obama and more……

  2. none of the media are reporting,but Romney just lost his home state of Massachusetts to Ron Paul.

  3. Mad Angel on FB

  4. I am afraid the cool aid drinkers are out to spread as much bull as possible. And then they are going to vote for Ron Paul , in which cae Obama gets another four years to finish destroying EVERYTHING. What part of that don’t they understand?

  5. The part that you don’t understand is that Romney will continue Obama’s work. Both parties are one and the same, only in a different costume. The only one who can save us from that is Ron Paul. (there is another way that is in the works, but i won’t go into that).

    • Mad Angel on FB

      RMONEY 58% — RON PAUL 42%….
      RMONEY 21.6% — RON PAUL 78.4% !!
      ————————————————————– a few minutes later:
      RMONEY NOW 21.0% — RON PAUL 79.0%!… in “MyNews4” poll

  6. The lefties at the Repubelican National Kommittee got the exact candidate they wanted.
    We are headed straight for a repeat of 2008, and somehow I think the party leadership will not be all that unhappy about it.

  7. read yesterday,Tagg and Mittens are in knee deep with a ponzi scheme in North Carolina—-#3 so far-I have read.


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