Proof of Fake Social Security Number: Lawrence O'Donnell is a Bullying Pig

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O’Donnell Beats Up on Orly Taitz Because  She Shows Proof of Fake Social Security Number from Connecticut


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0 responses to “Proof of Fake Social Security Number: Lawrence O'Donnell is a Bullying Pig

  1. Lawrence O’Donnell has no interest in the truth so resorts to the same tactics used by liberal media to bully and shut down all information from their guests so they can talk over and name call like spoiled children who do not get their own way. This happens so often it becomes boring at best. The liberal media is neither interested in getting at the truth nor representing the best interest of the people, rather, have been and will always be self-serving which renders them totally useless to anyone but themselves. They serve no function other than as a left-wing propaganda machine and nothing more.

  2. “They Can’t Handle the Truth”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we have a criminally insane muslim ursurper in the white house.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    I just listened to an old radio interview with Walter Bowart, the expert on Project Monarch and CIA mind control experiments. He mentioned that when current Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, was interim Director of the CIA, he reported to congress in a 100 page classified document that “every news outlet has a CIA asset on it”. Bowart died in 2007.

  4. Henry Tisdale

    Mr. O’Donnell, what if I told you that not one document – BC, SSC, SSRC – held by Mr. Obama can be used to prove his citizenship. The Orly Taitz Birther gang can prove beyond all doubt all three are frauds, but in your vernacular, they are called fakes. What if I also told you that this crap of the republicans supporting Obama for the 2012 election is going to crumble. Well, let me re-state that. Either the republican, mostly in the House under Boehner, climb out of that clandestine convertible and get back to honest government business, or they may join the unemployment lines.
    Hey, don’t get upset because we know all about Obama, the CIA, both Bushes, George Soros, and all the other crap that holds this gang together. And for God’s sake, you may be surprised to know how many million Americans are ready to go to war with Washington, DC. Our sole purpose is to use wire brushes to cleanse the corrupt minds of those bastards, some of which don’t even know what I am telling you now, and we will come together again as the democracy we once were. God, what we need at this end is Harry Truman, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. True, they are gone, but we have a bunch of mad Americans wishing to lead the upcoming fight.
    O’Donnell, get yourself an education, and don’t lie about how long you were there like Obama did. Your boy has so much treason swinging from his belt, we could easily say, “How?” to him. LOL

  5. Henry Tisdale

    Steve. you must not have listened to Mr. O’Donnell very well. He kept shouting at Orly to admit she was wrong and apologize to the little jerk who does not have one document to prove he is an American citizen. The latest forgery was what Obama, and only Obama, called a birth certificate.
    There is a possibility that the forger did not realize that a host of information is on the back of all American Birth Certificates. I think you will soon find another document will suddenly show up, containing information that they probably don’t even know.
    Obama is a power usurper who has very little to do with the overall strategy of George Soros. Actually, I am glad Soros appointed Obama to run for president; for Soros’ objective, he should have found one who knew more about law, more about governance and more about diplomacy. We reap what we sew, eh?
    No, I aint from Canada. LOL

  6. I can’t watch this video beyond the 1:52 mark because of O’Donnell’s yelling and badgering of Ms. Taitz. That is unconscionable behavior on the part of a supposed professional newsman.
    O’Donnell demanded a “yes” or “no” answer from Taitz on the authenticity of the alleged long-form birth certificate Obama had released earlier that day. How could Taitz know about a document that had just been released? O’Donnell is nothing but a bully doing the dirty work for his master.

    • lowtechgrannie

      The good part of all this is….. we’ve got the video clip and use it to bang him over the head………forever! Aren’t the politically correct liberals the good little pussies who would NEVER BULLY ANYONE…. like the mean old hateful conservatives do?
      That b@stard never gave her a chance to get a word in! He acted like………( dare I say it?) a Gestapo officer browbeating a Jewish woman during the Third Reich for besmirching The Fuhrer!

  7. Ernest Frank

    Sorry, but Taitz’s “document” from a data miner/aggregator is not evidence of anything. And Barack Obama’s social security number, from Connecticut, is anomalous but not proof of fraud or anything else. Dwight Eisenhower got a social security number while living in Pennsylvania with an initial 3 digit number reserved for Californians.
    Taitz has nothing. As usual.

    • Except for the fact that the SSA states that there is no match between the name used and the number used! No match in their records! And then following that there is the evidence that such “no match” was used in declaration for Selective Service.

      • It still escapes me what you think is the purpose of this alleged SSN fraud.
        I mean, the whole purpose of using somebody else’s SSN is to impersonate that person – to use his/her name would be an integral part of that.
        What sense does it make to use somebody else’s SSN without changing your name?

        • Why do you presume that impersonation is the only reason to use a SSN belonging to a dead person? I can think of several other reasons. For example, in order to apply for a SSN, a person must “bring original documents that will prove your US citizenship or status as an immigrant”; “Provide documentation that will prove your age, identity and legal name”; and “bring proof of your legal name if you’ve had to change your name.”

          It is said that when Lolo Soetoro married Obama’s mom, Stanley Ann Dunham, he also legally adopted Obama as his step-son. But Barry Soetoro never legally changed his name to Barack Hussein Obama even after the Soetoro-Dunham marriage ended. That’s why, some say, Obama has sealed his school and college records because they show his name as Soetoro, not Obama.

          • Steve,
            What I don’t understand is why Obama didn’t just legally change his adopted Soetoro name. The whole thing — concealing his school, passport, birth records; and having a Connecticut (and multiple) SSN — is weird.

  8. Hey Ernest Frank! Orly is going to nail his fraudulent ass to the wall,watch and see who will come out here,the truth always prevails. God is on her side.

  9. Tina, you’ve got the right idea. I have a mountain of verifiable evidence on Obama. Liberal progressives know it exists but will support our putative president regardless of being a fraud.
    There’s a following who will support this devil regardless of taking us all to hell, including the mindless minions.

  10. T. Scott Permain

    I have been following ALL of Taitz’ s activities and am fully impressed. She has the spirit, drive and verve for truth. If she can get together with Trump and his investigative team, they would really LEGALLY and in OPEN COURT slam dunk this issue. Any media that tried to ignore that would lose at least half – HALF – of their subscribers. And the piss-ant judges would have to resign or put their balls on the table and act like JUDGES and do the right thing. One more thing, O’Donnell is an embarrassment to the Irish. A real putz. He could at least change his name.

  11. Orly you did a great job getting in all you could before he shouted over you like a nut. I think if he stands behind Obama, he needs to go when Obama goes and that should apply to all the far left, nut jobs that stand with Obama without facts or poof, but just on feelings or race….

  12. This O’Donnell character’s ranting and berating of Orly Taitz was reminiscent of the antics of Nazi judge Roland Freisler. I’ve never seen such behavior before, and O’Donnell is a hero of the left.


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