Proof of another White House lie

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There are lies of words, lies of omission, and lies of images/pictures.

The Washingtonian recently published a flattering article on Claire Shipman, an ABC News contributor and wife of Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney.

The article included several photos supposedly taken at the Carney home.

FOTM’s Dave just published a post on one of the photos — of the Carney kitchen decorated with two framed Soviet wall posters. Soviet, as in the Soviet Union.


Here’s another photo of Mr. and Mrs. Carney and their two kids:

Carney1The picture was Photoshopped, i.e., altered.

Look at the disembodied little finger of the boy which the careless photoshopper had stranded on a book shelf behind Mrs. Carney.

Carney photoshop

Did the White House supply the photoshopped pic? Or did the slavish Washingtonian photoshop the pic?

As Birther Report quipped: “Makes you wonder what else was Photoshopped in the image…”


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0 responses to “Proof of another White House lie

  1. You are right Dr. Eowyn,
    also, if you look at the “books” on the bookshelf, you see the majority of the books were photoshopped as mirror image to the books on the right side of the bookshelf. I think to make it appear as though they have a vast book collection…knowledgeable. Many of the “books” on the left side were also photoshopped and made into doubles so it appears there are more books filling out the shelves.

  2. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. The posters in the home are noteworthy. The finger in the books sheds complete doubt upon the authenticity of anything here.

  3. Isn’t that a bobble head of Gorbachev in the bottom right corner???

  4. No matter how technical todays political deception, it always copies yesterdays disinformation and propaganda methods and will eventually be found out.

  5. HEY! what the hey how happen to my (which lord of the rings character are you??)) I was arwen! 😛

  6. It is deception in its purest form. The Sarkist Times has published a similar article: Behind the scenes with Barack Obama.

    Joseph Kerniger
    Publisher, The Sarkist Times


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