Prominent Democrats dress up as the Devil

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In an email, a reader of FOTM castigated me for referring to Democrats as “Demonrats” because, he claims, my doing so undermines my “credibility”.

Credibility? What a joke, coming from this reader who, several months ago, in a bid to elicit my sympathy, claimed to be “dying” from brain cancer, but no doctor had actually diagnosed him as such.

I don’t use words lightly. Democrats, by their stance on abortion — which, in the state of New York, is now legal abortion up to the moment of birth — and other issues, in fact are demonic.

This post — on the curious penchant of prominent Democrats to dress themselves up as the Devil — provides yet another example of why I call them Demonrats.

From Wikipedia:

August Belmont Sr. (December 8, 1813 – November 24, 1890) was a German Jewish-American politician, financier, foreign diplomat, and party chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the 1860s, and later a horse-breeder and racehorse owner….

Belmont was born with the name Isaac Belmont to a Jewish family in Alzey, in the Grand Duchy of Hesse, in Germany on December 8, 1813….

He attended The Philanthropin, a Jewish school, until he began his first job as an apprentice to the Rothschild banking firm in Frankfurt….

Belmont threw lavish balls and dinner parties, receiving mixed reviews from New York’s high society. He was an avid sportsman, and the famed Belmont Stakes thoroughbred horse race is named in his honor.

On August 11, 1848, a grand social event of New York’s high society — the Fancy Dress Ball — took place in Saratoga Springs, New York. The name reflects the presence of mineral springs in the area, which has made Saratoga a popular resort destination for over 200 years. Today, Saratoga Springs is ranked 10th in the list of the top 10 places to live in New York State for 2014, according to the national online real estate brokerage Movoto.

Back to the Fancy Dress Ball of 1848.

It was reported, admiringly, that one of the “richest” dresses in the Ball was that of August Belmont, who would be Chair of the Democratic National Committee. From the New York Herald, August 14, 1848, p. 2:

Mr. Auguste Belmont, agent of Messrs. Rothschilds, chose the character of Le Diable Boiteux. The costume was composed of the richest red and black velvet, decorated and trimmed with demons and fantastical figures. It was looked upon as one of the richest dresses in the room, and said to have cost two hundred dollars. The character was well sustained.

In 2019 dollars, $200 in 1848 is the equivalent of $6,250 today, according to Inflation Calculator.

Le Diable Boiteux (The Devil Upon Two Sticks) is a 1707 novel, set in Madrid, by French writer Alain-René Lesage about Asmodeus, the king of demons, whom  Renaissance Christians called the King of the Nine Hells. Asmodeus also is referred to as one of the seven princes of Hell.

That means August Belmont dressed himself as Asmodeus, a king of demons.

Below is a screenshot of the New York Herald article, pp. 1-2:

Fast forward 171 years to today.

Beto O’Rourke, 46, is one of the new darlings of the Democrat Party.

A former 3-term representative for Texas’s 16th congressional district in the United States House of Representatives, O’Rourke narrowly lost the 2018 Texas Senate race to Republican incumbent Ted Cruz.

On January 24, 2019, Mike Adams of Natural News reports that:

Celebrated left-wing political candidate Beto O’Rourke has been caught on video wearing a “Devil goat” costume complete with what appear to be horns or ears as part of a bizarre mask and a freakish one-piece costume. He sported this outfit while performing on stage, raising questions about his ties to Satan worship.

The media is now desperately trying to spin the emerging video as a comedy band gimmick, claiming the mask is a “sheep” mask, not the symbol of Baphomet, which is tied to Satanism and the occult.

Here’s a screenshot from the video of O’Rourke in the Baphomet costume:

The Baphomet was first drawn and popularized in 1854 by occultist Eliphas Lévi in his book, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic) — a winged, horned, androgynous, humanoid goat with breasts and phallus. (See “The Devil is transgender”)

Levi called his image the Baphomet — “The Sabbatic Goat” and “The Goat of Mendes.” Lévi’s Baphomet is the source of the Rider-Waite Tarot image of the Devil. The Baphomet goat, together with the downward-pointed pentagram, was adopted as the official symbol (the Sigil of Baphomet) of the Church of Satan and continues to be used among Satanists. (Wikipedia)

And lest we forget, there’s also this rumored pic of Obama dressed as the Baphomet:

Now ask yourself this:

Why would anyone choose to dress him/herself up as the Devil?

See also:

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40 responses to “Prominent Democrats dress up as the Devil

  1. Wow!

  2. They wear the costumes to disguise the real baphomet within.

  3. People don’t wear costumes to disrespect the representation. People wear costumes to tell the world they either have great love and respect for the representation, or they aspire to be like the representation, or they want TO BE the representation. So…there you have it.

  4. People wear costumes because they are honoring the character in some way. They either want to be that character or they want to promote that character. Having spent a lifetime at Mardi Gras year after year, I know what motivates people to put on a costume.

  5. Around 1995 I was sent to Saratoga Springs on assignment to produce some artwork. The place has quite a history. But one thing that struck me was that its famous health-enhancing springs had a distinct odor of sulfur. Your article sheds an interesting new light on why the pervasive smells.

  6. I think it is very telling that now in today’s world — these people are willing to unveil themselves for all the world to see . . . as worshippers of Satan. We are indeed in a war — good vs evil!

  7. I had heard about Beto’s devil costume but never the story of the Belmont demon-lover fellow & Rothschild Agent. Wow, a true history account worth saving. Great research job!

  8. Well, if the shoes fits…

  9. That’s hilarious. THEY have no credibility…….and it’s all YOUR fault. Sounds like the MSM. “Stop calling us on our nonsense or YOU have no credibility”. Wow, how do you take it?

    Let me help…..DEMONRAT, DEMONRAT! So there!

  10. beto looks void of the holy spirit to me?

    • Yep. He has that “rent boy” look. It’s vacant like somebody who’s been getting slammed in the poop chute forever and has lost all sense of dignity. No “toxic masculinity” there, I’ll wager.

  11. Why do you think they are called DEMONCRAPS???

  12. The Podesta emails revealed much as to the sick, criminal, and evil intentions of the new satanic Bolsheviks, the Democrats. They are Baal/Moloch worshippers. Abortion is human sacrifice to Baal/Moloch, also known in modern times as “Satan”.

    ‘Sacrificing a Chicken to Moloch’ — The Clinton-Podesta Email Scandal is All About SATANISM

  13. O’Rourke’s mask looks to me more like a lamb’s head with floppy ears than a horned Baphomet, but I’m looking at a photo on my phone about the size of a postage stamp. If he’s wearing a devil’s Halloween costume, it might just be poor taste and judgment. But if on the other hand this narcissistic RFK impersonator was wearing a baby blue one-piece lamb’s costume, look out, because he’s one dangerously sick and sexually perverted man. I’m shaking my head in disbelief because if the costume was one-piece, it probably was one-piece as an excuse for sporting a drop seat. God help us if either scenario is true, because even if this dipstick Beto isn’t demonic, his handlers clearly are.

    • That was my take too Dan- that O’Rourke’s costume looked like a lamb with floppy ears. However one can’t get around all the other examples cited in the article.

      Though surely this love of dressing up in various renditions of their evil God is added proof of their depravity, for me the real clincher that they have earned the title Demonrat is the behavior they demonstrate and the beliefs they hold. For modern liberals the phrase “do as thou wilt” sums it up the entirety of their devious, pathological, and murderous actions. Therefore I heartily support the use of Demonrat as the new moniker of the liberal party.

      • Maybe he’s supposed to be a sheep. Aren’t sheep used by the worst bestial perverts for sex? Maybe he was given the costume to wear in Hofmanesque grinning mockery of his outwardly playing in a band (or in his political role), unwittingly playing his part as sheep to the bestial inclinations of his deep state handlers. Maybe he’s as stupid as he looks and thought it was all good fun playing the part of his Satanic handlers’ unthinking boy toy in costume as a sheep. I’m being sarcastic, of course, but whatever prompted him to don the sheep costume, whatever it was it disqualifies him for consideration as a serious person worthy of others’ trust. First it was Dubya and Barry, and now the cryptocracy is positioning sweaty, flashdancing Sandy O and this two-legged sheep as our next president as ultimate mockery of their control over us as their unthinking Sheeple.

      • Maybe “he/she” identifies as Little Bo Peep”. If its twisted, they love it.

  14. The Bible says, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

  15. Beto looks more like a life size “Lamb Chop” from the era of Shari Lewis. Nonetheless, he’s still a douche.

  16. Foreseen and Foretold –

    “The Prophets Have Spoken The Words of Ill-Fate —
    The Fool and The Wiseman Both Burn At The Stake.”
    Kansas – ‘Belexes’ 1973

  17. A link to Hillary’s letters to Saul Alinsky are given in part 2 of this multi-part article.

    “Hillary Clinton’s Witchcraft”

  18. I am an occasional contributor to Trevor Loudon’s site. This piece and in particular the mention of the abortion legislation in NY really hit home — last April I posted a piece in which abortion figured prominently in the topic, which was: “Is Progressivism Satanic?”

    I believe that readers of this post will also find it compelling:

  19. They have been worshipping this “Beto” character so you KNOW he’s a major pervert. They have an “unnatural” attraction to him. It’s like “She Guevara”, they can’t get enough of him.

    In some ways their maneuvering has made this easier. There is no longer any possibility of someone decent having anything to do with the Demonrats. They have truly set themselves apart as the “Anti-Christ Party”. It really doesn’t matter what anyone else does, it is not possible for anyone with a scintilla of faith left to vote for them.

    They are actually celebrating full-term “abortions” (read infanticide). How sick is that? Anyone who can support that has got to be utterly devoid of human compassion and moral understanding.

  20. Great research for a great post. Now I know for whom Belmont Race Track is named.

    I very much fear that Beto O-Rourke will gain many votes in the future because of his Kennedyesque appearance and the way he talks. Well, that’s the way it is on Planet Earth: All a candidate needs is an APPEARANCE, a MASK. And that’s because less than 0.001% of people will ever try to probe for what’s underneath the surface.

    I believe in the existence of the Devil and demons, and now Satanism is overt. It has gone public. It is a corrosive poison upon Civilization itself. When I was a boy, all boys my age went trick-or-treating on Halloween, but my mother and many other mothers simply WOULD NOT ALLOW any of us to dress up as the Devil. As a matter of fact, from 1959 to about 1967, I think I saw a grand total of TWO boys dress up as the Devil. This DID NOT indicate that mothers were supersensitive; It indicated that parents had good judgment.

    But apparently today there are many adults who actually believe that the fires of Hell are a fairy tale. Or maybe a metaphor, at best. I take the matter of Christ’s Words very literally, and I also believe St. Thomas Aquinas who said that in both Purgatory and Hell “the pains of sense shall be present.” Even in emotional pain, which we all have experienced, contain a certain kind of unpleasant burning sensation, even if not directly physical. If emotional pain is lousy enough, would pairing it to physical pain make it any less unpleasant?

    Yet this is how it is. People used to think they could beat the Devil of their own wits. Now people seek “the seething powers of Lucifer in their own hands,” as Albert Pike phrased it. Get ready for it Folks, because the Final Battle between Good and Evil is, in historical terms, almost here. (I turn 63 next month, and I do believe I will be here to witness the beginning of it).

    • It is strange that unthinking people believe there couldn’t be a heaven or hell. Information by definition is neither matter nor energy and may be the ultimate reality. Notions that meangful information is randomized meaninglessness are as absurd as saying the universe created itself. The point is, if all the material universe as we sense it, whether beings, sensations, experiences, matter, and energy are ultimately something like what we understand as information, then there must by definition be an intellect as the ground and source of that information, whom we call God. I’m no philosopher of information by any stretch, but God, whose will sustains every photon, surely sustains eternally every one of us and any attributes of worldly experience He chooses, and without any human loss of our loved ones through forgetting.

      • Thank you, Dan. That’s right: The Universe COULD NOT have “created itself”—it’s an absurdity so ludicrous as to be laughable! (And if I could have created myself, I certainly would have chosen a world better than this one, had I known it!)

        St. Thomas Aquinas has explained five proofs for the existence of God, and, based on my experiences and those whom I have spoken to, I know we are not alone in this “game.” The information you mention—just as our minds that interpret it—are IMMATERIAL: The information is an abstract idea, and it’s on either a computer hard drive or written on paper, and our minds are immaterial. Science has demonstrated that “mind” IS NOT identical to “brain,” the physical organ/gland. (Did you know the brain IS a gland? It is: It does produce some of the chemicals it needs, and it does this without our feeling it!)

        I would highly recommend Dr. Ted Broer. He has his own show (on Global Star, I think) and he appears on Hagmann & Hagmann every other Friday. He has discussed quantum physics and the explosion of knowledge it has given us even in the past 20 years. (You can also find him on You Tube, for now).

        I do believe that God Almighty, the Supreme Being, the Self-Subsistent Being, Knows all things and can never “forget” anything He has Done. I believe that His Son, Jesus Our Lord, Created all beings and things, visible and invisible. Dr. Broer has discussed quantum physics, and we have learned that there are many dimensions, and makes a really good case, on those grounds, for the Existence of God. He does sustain all things, from the sub-molecular level on up.
        God Bless.

        • Thanks, I’d never heard of Dr Ted Broer. His YouTube I randomly clicked on was a short about not eating pork, so I’ll have to go back to find his talks on these serious matters. I did come across a touched up photo of him, his wife, son, and son’s wife posing together in black muscle attire which was disturbing to me, smacking of a wellness version of the prosperity gospel.

          As for QM, I’ve benefitted from reading Catholic physicist Wolfgang Smith’s Quantum Enigma several times, which is written for the layman but has an appendix getting into some more difficult concepts. Smith’s other books are amazing reads, too, and I’ve relied almost entirely on his book “Teillhardism and the New Religion,” from 1988 no less, to understand the evil influence of Teilhard in the RCC and the resurgence of Gnosticism dressed in the trappings of Christianity as a substitute religion for clergy and laity whose Dem social activism is powerful evidence they no longer believe.

          Since Dr Broer is mainly a biochemist you might like the brilliant talk, “James Tour and the Challenge to Theistic Evolution from Synthetic Chemistry,” linked to at (pro ID) evolutionnews dot com. Tour is the father of molecular machines and his talk gets technical enough to go over the heads of his chemist audience, but he’s such a good speaker that the basic reasons why abiotic genesis is literally impossible come through loud and clear and are easily understood by the rest of us.

          God bless you too.

  21. Whether in costume or out of costume Democrats Are Always In Character.

  22. The devil worshippers from back then gave us the devil worshippers of our day. When the Wikileaks emails came out in 2016, these evil people were mortified that we would now know what they really are and what they do. There’s no putting the genie back in the bottle now. Just look at how much us average people have found out since then.

    Back in December, John Podesta had an article in a magazine (Newsweek maybe), denying everything and calling everyone that believes the Wikileaks stuff kooky conspiracy theorists. That same day, President Trump tweeted something about a “smocking gun”–he said it twice and misspelled it both times, but it’s interesting that there are pictures of John Podesta and others at parties with their naked bodies painted, and that ritual is called” smocking”.

    Also, Comet Ping Pong caught on fire a couple of days ago.😎

  23. Kulak the Deplorable

    Remember the boos against God at the 2012 demonrat convention?
    Poor Beto only got a $70 million dollar participation trophy but new voters to replace the deplorables are waiting at the border.
    Occaisonal-Cortex hates all billionaires not named Bloomberg and her extremely high powered intellect will rip right through any wall that is built.
    Maybe people will vote for these Bolsheviks because they secretly want the USA to fail?

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  25. There is no question that DEMONcRats are ruled by Satan. However, if you read the Bible, you will see that our Lord wins ! Which means that THEY lose !


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