Project Veritas exposes former New Hampshire US Attorney Jim Letten

When all else fails, circle the wagons and resort to bullying tactics

“Project Veritas confronts former US Attorney Jim Letten at Tulane University, where he is now employed as a dean at the law school.

Letten resigned in disgrace when his office was found attempting to manipulate open trials by disparaging the reputation of defendants on online public forums…

…When confronted, Letten only came out of his office after contacting various members of law enforcement. He then proceeded to swear at our reporters, created fictional crimes, made false statements in front of police, and even committed a minor assault. He acted with complete impunity, as the police officers patiently waited in silence until the conclusion of his tirade, only to then detain our reporters under another fictional pretense…”

New Hampshire puzzles me

Like Texas, it has a long-earned reputation of conservatism and stability. And like Texas, it has been invaded by corrupt Leftists (forgive the redundancy) from nearby Liberal states.

I learned that on a leaf peeping tour of Franconia Notch in the October before Obama won his first presidential term. We had just put on bumper stickers that said “Socialism is Bad Change,” before we stopped at the Indian Head Resort for supper before our trek back to Massachusetts. It was a beautiful warm evening. We could see the Indian Head shape on the mountain that gave the retro resort its name. On coming back to the parking lot to the cars, I noticed that my “Socialism is Bad Change” bumper sticker had been torn off!

That was the moment I realized that the Democrats had shifted from honest debate to thuggish revolution. It was also the moment I realized the old conservative New Hampshire was no more.

James O’Keefe’s confrontation with political hack Jim Letten is one more illustration of the sad decline. Note: now that Letten has left government in disgrace, he has found shelter in the Leftist stronghold of Tulane University.

Years ago when driving along the Colombian coast from Santa Marta to Cartagena, I asked our host where the soldiers for the Leftist army, the FARC, were being recruited. He pointed at a university we were driving past and said, “at the colleges, by the professors.”

Let’s add this up, you send your son or daughter to college and expect them to come back challenged by new views; to bring unexpected conclusions, on the road to becoming their own man or woman. But instead, they are recruited into the (then) most murderous army in the Western Hemisphere! AT COLLEGE!!!

Sound familiar? That is happening in America, too.

Pray for your kids. Pray for America.




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With NH it was only a matter of time before it was overrun by Limo Liberals; they’re right next door. NH is clean, white, lots of natural beauty, low taxes. VT was long ago bought up by (((second home owners))) and for good measure they brought in Iraquis and Syrians to Rutland, I guess because Rutland is so much like Damascus. They threw the mayor out for doing this without telling anyone but..too late. In Maine the LL’s bought up the coast, 90% of it, and flooded the rest of the state with Somalis and Bantus, right up to the… Read more »


Hobbits are good people.

Dr. Eowyn

Former U.S. attorney Jim “Letten resigned in disgrace when his office was found attempting to manipulate open trials by disparaging the reputation of defendants on online public forum.”


“Jim Letten at Tulane University, where he is now employed as a dean at the law school.”

Shame on Tulane! Does the university’s alumni know this? They should demand that Letten be fired.


Well, it certainly demonstrates what they’re really about, doesn’t it? Their utter contempt for “the eaters” is on display. I keep saying “you can’t shame the shameless”, and I mean it. We must understand, they don’t work for us. They work for The Odor. The Odor wants it this way and this way it will be unless we physically remove them. They are never going to “see the light”. Arguments made, whether taped or not, are not going to sway them. They don’t work for us. This is obviously happening everywhere. Each time something like this happens it just strengthens… Read more »


Anti Whiteism is the real motive behind modern political correctness and leftism. If diversity is such a strength, why is this “gift” given to White populations only, when there are so many non white places that “need” it much more? Why is open borders a White ‘Privilege’? Slavery, colonialism are not uniquely White. Not even close. Nor have Whites been exempt from facing these evils. See: Turkey, Mongolia, North Africa, the Slavs, the Irish… And if it’s about the Aboriginals, then help the Aboriginals. Importing more “thieves” to this “stolen land” as they like to say doesn’t help. Nor does… Read more »

Chuck C

I am in New Hampshire and agree that it is becoming overrun with socialists from next door neighbor Massivetwoshits. Please send help as soon as possible.