Progressives Love Government Shutdown Except for the Times They Hate it

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“It is unproductive to resort to threats of a shutdown without any negotiations.”

Was that a quote from Wisconsin’s Governor Walker during the second day of legislative standoffs in Madison?
Nope, that was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) attacking Republicans for refusing to pass a budget proposal in Washington.
Congressional Republicans have not walked off their jobs, gone into hiding, or sent cryptic messages to Twitter from an undisclosed resort. Republicans, to their credit, are staying right where Reid can find them. They just refuse to vote for President Obama’s massive deficit-laden budget proposal.
Perhaps if they did run away like little girls, Democrats would respect their right to stall. President Obama, while huffing inside the beltway “there should be no reason at all for a government shutdown,” is busy siding with Wisconsin Democrats over a government shutdown right now. Reid hasn’t released a statement condemning those in Wisconsin for being unreasonable.
Meanwhile in the blogosphere, the Huffington Post is practically begging Democrats to copy the Wisconsin model in other states. Reporters on that site are thrilled at the thought of Cairo-style civil chaos happening everywhere.

Yes, that Huffington Post… the same website which pushed to end the filibuster last summer so that Democrats  would have no problem passing new laws.
That push was originally concocted by the Daily Kos in August 2010. Your humble blogger documented that effort at the time. Here’s a nice little money quote to what progressives were concerned about then: “Democrats can either change a system that allows a tiny unaccountable minority to thwart the will of the country, or they can continue being part of the problem.”
Where does Daily Kos stand on a tiny unaccountable minority in Wisconsin thwarting the will of a new majority? Here’s a quote from the site posted yesterday: “This could go on for a while. Good. We can’t just put up a fight for a few days and call it off.”

There’s the true face of progressives, folks. Shutting out conservative dissenters is a necessary part of reform – but leaving the state to sabotage reform is the democratic process at work.
Suddenly all the shrieking about a government shutdown in Washington doesn’t sound too bad.
Rally in support of Governor Walker is tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 19, 2011. Go HERE for more info.

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0 responses to “Progressives Love Government Shutdown Except for the Times They Hate it

  1. Tom, Candance, and LTG:
    Great posts this morning!
    Rule of thumb when it comes to the Left: Whatever they claim to be, think the opposite:
    *Instead of “peace loving,” they’re prone to and espouse violence.
    *Instead of the bleeding hearts they claim to be, liberals are stingy toward the poor and needy and donate less in money and service than conservatives. (See Dr. Arthur C. Brooks’ pathbreaking book, Who Really Cares.) Progressives are generous only with other people’s money.
    *Instead of treating all peoples by the content of their character, liberals are racially discriminatory; some are black and brown supremacists.
    *Instead of the pro-woman feminists they pretend to be, liberals are misogynists – hateful and vicious toward conservative and even some liberal women (read what Obamabots said about Hillary Clinton in 2008, it’ll curl your hair).
    *Instead of their rhetoric of being for the common man, liberals are elitist snobs who constantly denigrate the Right by portraying us as ignorant, dumb rednecks without a college education or the proper Ivy League credentials.
    That is why “Progressives love government shutdown except for the times they hate it.” Put simply, liberals/Progressives/socialists/commies the Left are rank hypocrites.


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