Prog Talk Explained


Read this over so the next time you hear a lib lapsing into psychobabble, you will at least understand what they are saying.
A few examples:
Civility in Discourse. No one may speak harshly of a Statist. Statists may, however, call their critics terrorists, racists, homophobes, sexists, Islamophobes, hostage-takers, or “son of a bitches” who must be “taken out.” Since Statists are, by definition, morally superior to you, they may say any nasty thing about you without being uncivil. You may not reply.
Hate Crime. Any act of violence, intimidation, or criticism against a member of a Statist-designated PC group, such as Muslims, gays, women, Hispanics, or blacks. Violent crimes against whites, Asians, or Jews, based on their ethnic background, are just crimes. Maybe.
Intellectual. Someone who produces nothing but great thoughts, supports Statist causes, and lives off the wealth created by the productive. You may have a Ph.D. in economics and have produced dozens of bestselling books printed in many languages, as has Thomas Sowell, but you are not an Intellectual unless you support Statist causes.

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Dr. Eowyn

I love this! 😀


Ah, the left/liberal secret fantasy: If only Hitler had been an internationalist (like Stalin and certainly Trotsky) instead of a nationalist, ’cause all those uniforms and parades in Triumph of the Will sure looked like fun…


This is fabulous! I love the term, “psychobabble.” I cannot bear hearing psychobabble! I will remember your definitions with the hope of understanding the psychobabble of the elitists!


Dave, that’s a great one too! Elitism will always bring inconsistencies in its realm, because it is truly evil and debases human dignity.