Profile in Courage: 9-year old Asks Bank Teller to Stop Her Mother

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In Southfield, Michigan  a young girl thought of a resourceful way to get her intoxicated mother off the street.

not winning mother of the year

Fox Detroit has the details:

Police say her blood alcohol level was 0.25, more than three times the legal limit, after her nine-year-old daughter passed a note to a teller at a Bank of America branch in Southfield desperate for help.

“The little girl wrote … my mother is drunk and I don’t want to go with her, and the teller said this is a very unusual note, maybe I should act upon it,” said Southfield Police Chief Joseph Thomas.

When confronted by staff, the mother actually abandoned her daughter and took off alone in her car. Police promptly tracked her down.
Since then, the mother has agreed to attend rehab, although it probably won’t be enough to keep her out of jail.
As local media started looking into her background, they found a long history of DUI, reckless driving, and child endangerment. Yet somehow here she is driving around anyway.
You’re welcome for the system keeping those roads safe, folks.

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0 responses to “Profile in Courage: 9-year old Asks Bank Teller to Stop Her Mother

  1. wow, I’m surprised she still has a license. Bet that wouldn’t stop her from driving drunk though. Hope she cleans up her act, for the sake of the child.

  2. I don’t normally suggest the government step in and take a child out of their home, but this is one exception I might be willing to make.
    What scares me, though, is that this happened in Michigan.

    • Dave, My upbringing instinctively tells me to give the mother more time to work it out. My own dad was a lot more messed up than her, and everyone thought was a lost cause. God can do miraculous things.

  3. Hopefully, there is a family member in the background to come forward for this little girl. God bless her and protect her and her family.

  4. Even if she goes to rehab,thbe damage she has done to her daughter can’t be undone. She may never trust her parent again,and should not have to go back to her and live in fear.

    • But to play devil’s advocate, she does have a loving father and a big sister – how much more damage would it do for her to end up in a state-run foster system?


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