Professor Lost It At Student's Loud Yawn

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As a former Full Professor who retired early due to family reasons, I really sympathize with this Cornell U. “professor” who lost it. He’s Mark Talbert, a Senior Lecturer (not Professor or Dr.; he has a Master’s degree, not Ph.D.) at Cornell U.’s School of Hotel Administration.
But I also know that the way Talbert handled the yawning incident is most unwise and just plain ineffective. That student who made the loud yawn clearly was baiting Talbert — and Talbert took the bait. I would have either ignored the yawn or say something funny with a BIG smile.
I am 100% certain Talbert’s students — including those who did not yawn — will retaliate, giving him terrible reviews in their anonymous end-of-semester course evaluations and on the RateMyProfessor website, where he has an overall rating of 2.4 (out of a maximum 5.0). Ouch.
Students can be extremely vicious. I can safely predict that Mr. Talbert will remain a Senior Lecturer and will never get a “ladder” tenure-track position as a junior Assistant Professor.

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0 responses to “Professor Lost It At Student's Loud Yawn

  1. It is a real shame that kids today don’t have any respect or subtlety. Back when “I” was in high school we knew not to do that. If we had to yawn, we either stifled it or were very discreet about it.
    I don’t really blame the kids too much…I blame the PARENTS! My kids knew better. They either showed respect or else it wasn’t shown to them.
    (It’s amazing what you find when you go through a kid’s room without notice)…but they learned 😉

  2. Authority figure demanded his “target group” to rat-out the perp and “target group” protected their own. Score one for “target group”.
    I’ve been typing 30 hours of transcripts of interviews with Holocaust survivors and historians. I can recognize a Nazi when I see one!

    • Wow, a teacher lost his temper at a rude student and you call him a Nazi!
      Hyperbole, any one?
      You clearly have learnt nothing from typing 30 hours of transcripts of interviews on the Holocaust — about what Nazism was and what the Nazis did. But you did manage to learn how to scapegoat — which was exactly what the Nazis did when they demonized Jews.

  3. Sorry, Eowyn!
    Actually, I’m in agreement with your original assessment, that he handled it badly. As you said, he should have used humor and gone on and spared himself this embarassing YouTube moment that will follow him forever.
    Obviously, spending hours everyday listening to WWII horror stories has warped my sense of proportion! I’m nearly finished with the project, only three more interview to go! They’re going to be compiled into a book by the interviewer, my friend, Roger Fredinburg. It’s from his 1997-1998 radio series THE HOLOCAUST: WE MUST REMEMBER
    My favorite interview is with JACK & ROCHELLE, about two teenage Jews who escaped the Nazis in Poland after their families were “liquidated” and lived in the deep woods as Partisans, blowing up bridges and railroads until the liberation. Talk about a blockbuster of a story — it would make a terrific movie!
    Rochelle, now an adorable Jewish grandmother does 90% of the talking and you’ll just fall in love with her!

    • Bloomergal:
      Wow, it takes real humility for you to apologize. I’m totally impressed.
      And the work you’re doing typing those Holocaust interview transcripts is important work. God bless. 🙂

  4. Captain Queeg lives!


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