Pro-gun control Dick’s Sporting Goods sales down 4%; will close 35 stores

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Actions have consequences, and Dick’s Sporting Goods is discovering what its gun-control virtue-signaling costs.

But Dick’s billionaire chairman and CEO doesn’t give a hoot.

Dick’s first modified its gun-sales policy in the wake of the Sandy Hook false-flag shooting, saying it would no longer sell AR-15s and certain other semiautomatic rifles.

See “Wolfgang Halbig has stunning evidence that Sandy Hook Elementary School was closed months before ‘massacre’

But Dick’s quickly circumvented its pledge by opening its outdoor-focused Field & Stream chain.

After the mass shooting last February at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Dick’s was one of the first businesses in the U.S. to clamber on board the ensuing “March for Our Lives” gun-control movement by declaring they would stop selling assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, barr the legal sale of guns to those under age 21, and hire their own gun-control lobbyists to push for stricter gun laws nationwide.

On the Parkland shooting, see “Parkland school shooting: Eyewitnesses saw killer wearing different clothes” and “Application for ‘March For Our Lives’ permit was made months before Parkland school shooting”.

At the time, Dick’s paradoxically predicted that although the move could hurt sales, it would also draw more shoppers to its stores.

In August, Dick’s admitted that sales at stores open for at least 12 months  tumbled by a bigger-than-expected 4% during the second quarter. But Chairman and CEO Edward W. Stack put on a brave face, insisting he was confident sales would turn around.

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Alas, Dick’s drop in sales is continuing, such that the company may soon close down their entire Field & Stream chain of 35 stores across 18 states.

On September 15, 2018, Dick’s billionaire CEO Edward Stack, 64, told investors during the Goldman Sachs Retailing Conference that same-store sales dropped 3.9%, that its “decisions…on firearms” has hurt sales of its hunting and outdoors business, and that it may close its outdoor-focused Field & Stream stores.

Stack, son of Dick’s Sporting Goods’ founder Richard “Dick” Stack, said:

“Well, we’ve made that decision at the end of February, what we’re going to do with firearms. And what we said is, we would not sell any of the assault-style rifles, we wouldn’t sell high-capacity magazines. We’d never sold bumps stocks which turn a semiautomatic weapon into basically an automatic weapon, and we wouldn’t sell firearms to anyone under 21 years of age.

So that’s in February. It’s still a little early to tell…. So we’ve had some vendors who’ve decided based on our decision to not sell the assault-style rifle that was used in the Parkland shooting that they wouldn’t sell us…any firearms anymore…. We’ve had some other people who’ve indicated that they wouldn’t shop with us any longer. So we’ve got to take a look and we’ll assess this through this holiday season, if the brands are going to continue to or not. Some brands are not going to continue to sell us. If consumers upset with us, we will make a decision of what we’re going to do with Field & Stream.

My sense is that we can either take a look at closing that store, that concept or reconceptualizing it into a more of an outdoor type concept and…as we move into the end of the fourth quarter, we’ll make a decision as to what we’re going to do.”

Having admitted that Dick’s gun-control stance has hurt sales, Stack whistles past the graveyard by entrenching even deeper in the company’s sales-losing policy. He said:

“We’ve made some decisions on firearms in the past and we’ve had a pretty good idea of what these consequences were going to be. We felt that was absolutely the right thing to do. We would do the same thing again if we had a mulligan so to speak to do it again. And but at the same time, our business has been pretty good….

So has it had an impact on the foot traffic and people who were upset with us on this? Yes. Has it

impacted our profitability? No. We found ways to offset that. We’re…taking 10 stores this fall and taking firearms out of all of those 10 stores and reconceptualizing the footprint, the product mix….we’re going to test this in 10 stores and see what happens.”

On December 4, Dick’s settled an age discrimination suit stemming from its decision not to sell guns to adults under age 21, according to a report from Oregon Public Broadcasting.

H/t The Washington Free Beacon


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18 responses to “Pro-gun control Dick’s Sporting Goods sales down 4%; will close 35 stores

  1. The American people whom Dick’s relied on to build their business are the same Americans who voted with their $$ in response to an idiotic “politically correct” decision. No big surprise.
    James Douglass
    05K USASA 70-73

    ps… I’m headed out to Dick’s today to buy some socks. Probably won’t make up for the 4% decline but, what the heck.

  2. As predicted.

    There’s a Dick’s in our small town. Never been there & never will go. Would rather support smaller dealers.

  3. I had never shopped at Dick’s and after their stance on gun control became apparent I decided I never was going to. But Dick’s had the best price I could find on the soccer jersey I wanted to give my nephew for Christmas so I broke.

    • “No one’s ever been killed by a semi-automatic soccer jersey,” claims Edward Stack, CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

  4. It tickles me pink when the very wealthy get to eat dirt over a stupid “PC” decision. I hope that other retailers learn a lesson, and that is “we don’t want to have them weigh in on political issues–we just want them to sell whatever it is that they are selling.

  5. Dicks is like Hollywood and the NFL. As their Anti-American policies slowly bleed them dry…they strap on the blinders and stagger across the landscape groping (unsuccessfully) for the reason of their drop in popularity. It would be sad if they hadn’t worked so hard to earn it.

  6. It’s in the works, another one bites the dust, yeeehawwwww!

  7. Stack made an executive decision—-and we all are also making our executive decisions. He won’t like them!

  8. This just goes to show that Dick’s sporting goods is just as useless as J.C. Penney or Starbucks. Stack must have enough residual intelligence left (I hope) to understand that the P.C. culture or mentality ultimately destroys JOBS. That’s right: People become UNEMPLOYED over this virtue signalling.
    And it just goes to show that almost all billionaires or super-rich people simply DON’T CARE if one of the smaller fish loses his or her job: After all, big fish go after little fish.
    G.K. Chesterton had it right: “The rich are the scum of the earth in any country.” No wonder.

  9. They couldn’t compete with other gun retailers around here, anyway. I hope they can pay for their huge mega mall stores selling gym clothes.

  10. Dicks do what dicks do.
    Florida gun manufacturing and sale will increase.
    Of course, Broward County area thrives on gun sales.
    If they didn’t then their communities would not survive.

  11. I have bought from Dick’s in the past… However in the future I will not… One large reason being that our friend’s 18 year old is proudly serving in the US Army and can not buy a gun there…. They don’t need my business and besides they think mens pants stop at size 42….

  12. Like DCG said… As Predicted.

    They lost about 2500 a year from my family, when they started their political crusade. I had a personal account and a business account for our scout troop. Both were closed immediately. Being a member of the 3.9% does make a difference.

  13. The anti gun lobby is cheering on DICKS, but most SJW snowflakes probably never set foot in their stores.

    Gun people are also outdoorsy, you know; tents, fishing tackle, knives, etc. etc., do you think they will continue to buy from DICKS?

    So NRA’s skyrocketing membership are targeted by liberal retailers to ‘not’ buy their products?

    By the way, somebody needs to educate CEO Edward Stack, Dicks NEVER sold or stocked ANY ‘assault rifles’ which are fully automatic and ILLEGAL except for the military and police. Business decisions based in ignorance and fear is bad for everybody.
    Assault weapons vs. semi automatic guns | Buckeye Firearms …

    “Months after removing all assault rifles from all 732 of its stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods is considering removing all hunting gear from its stores, company CEO Edward Stack said in a conference call,…” (Announcement just before Christmas shopping season?)
    Moron Eddy better include, all camping, boating, fishing, clothing, etc. because hunters will be shopping elsewhere.

    … making a list, when I go out, checking it twice:
    The nation’s largest firearms trade association expelled Dick’s Sporting Goods
    Bye Bye

    Why doesn’t Ed Stack just wear a suicide belt to the next shareholders meeting it would be faster. DICK’s shareholders need to find out who Ed is really working for.

    Business would be great if it weren’t for the customers.

    Stupid liberals and business don’t mix.
    Business and activism don’t mix, you would think these CEO morons would have more brains…

    New business strategy: pissing off your customers (just when Christmas shopping season starts).
    More losers:
    Cooler wars: Rivals hope to cash in on NRA feud with Yeti – CBS News
    Bye Bye

    Levi’s Teams with Billionaire Michael Bloomberg to Attack Gun Rights…
    Bye Bye

    THIS is why we own guns, to protect the people we love.

    Gun Rights Are Women’s Rights

  14. Unfortunate embarrassing name for a company, like “Wang Computer” of 30 years ago.

  15. Stack will be Dickless in a very short time. I apologize but I couldn’t pass this one up. 😁


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