Pro Football Player Tweets Scripture

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Seahawk’s Bible Tweets Anger Fans

Twitter remarks from Seattle linebacker Aaron Curry regarding religion, and his subsequent reaction to fans who expressed displeasure with those comments, are sure to open a few eyes. On his Twitter page @Seahawk59, Curry began quoting Bibilical verses. Nothing wrong with that, of course. But apparently a significant number of Seahawks fans began objecting to his quotations. They told Curry they were going to unfollow him and some even Tweeted they were going to stop being Seattle fans if he kept quoting scripture. To which Curry responded: “People tweeting me saying they gone unfollow me cuz of my GOD-filled verses! Newsflash: I rather have Christ than to have you follow me”/Mike Freeman, CBS Sports. More here. (2009 AP file photo, of Aaron Curry)


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0 responses to “Pro Football Player Tweets Scripture

  1. Definitely. Hey, if they want to be that way about it… sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  2. Good for Aaron Curry!

  3. Good for Aaron…I applaud him! Heaven forbid one be entitled to their own beliefs…
    Good riddance Seahawk fans that can’t handle his truth…

  4. Bless you, Aaron Curry! You now have a new set of fans, including me — and I don’t even watch football. LOL


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