Pro-amnesty billionaires should open their mansions to illegals

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billionaires for amnesty
A country is like a house, but with borders instead of doors.
Anyone who enters your home without your invitation or permission are trespassers. The same applies to a country.
But Barack Obama, with the active collusion of the governments of Mexico and Guatemala, has decided to throw open America’s southern border by refusing to enforce border security and immediately sending back or deporting trespassers.
In so doing, the POS is committing dereliction of duty as the head of the U.S. government, and of malfeasance — an act that is criminal or wrongful which causes injury of another person. In this case, “another person” actually numbers in the millions. They are the citizens, legal residents and legal immigrants of the United States, as well as people across the world who respect our laws, having applied to and are patiently awaiting immigration to the U.S.
President Lucifer has powerful and vocal allies not only in the MSM but also among the richest and most powerful — the 0.1 percenters. They include multi-billionaires Sheldon Adelson (casino mogul), Michael Bloomberg (finance-media mogul and former NY mayor who wants to change the U.S. Constitution to prevent future Boston Marathon bombings), Warren Buffet (investor and abortion funder), Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft and funder of a remote-controlled contraceptive-abortion microchip implant), Charles and David Koch (industrialists and businessmen), Rupert Murdoch (media mogul), George Soros (currency profiteer and manipulator), and Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook).

As Hunter Wallace observes in the blog, Occidental Dissent:

Whether Left or Right, Republican or Democrat, Jew or Gentile, the billionaires in this country – the “1 percent” who rule the American oligarchy – overwhelmingly support amnesty for illegal aliens. The GOP establishment, the Obama administration, the Left, the SPLC [Southern Poverty Law Center], and the “1 percent” are on the same side of this issue.
Are they on your side?

In the video below, Bill Whittle asks the pro-amnesty billionaires to match their deeds to their rhetoric by opening the doors of their mansions to house the illegals flooding across the US-Mexico border, because that effectively is what they are asking from you, me, and the non-élite American people who will have to cough up even more in taxes to pay for the costs of transporting, housing, feeding and schooling HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of illegals.


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0 responses to “Pro-amnesty billionaires should open their mansions to illegals

  1. Now THAT is a great idea!!!
    Thank you, Dr. Eowyn!

  2. They NEVER will. Hypocrites.

  3. “Big White Mansions” will do very nicely. From a few days ago:
    7/11/14: Tweet by @HenryMakow:
    Petition Title: Let Unaccompanied Alien Children Live at the White House: SIGN THE PETITION HERE:

  4. Just saw this earlier today, also via a Makow tweet. It’s regarding a PennySaver ad in California:
    7/10/14: “Ad Offers More Than $6000 Per Month to House Foreign Minors”:
    Cindy Lemos, another Murrieta resident, told Breitbart Texas that she called the number on the advertisement. She said, “I called this afternoon and the gentlemen I spoke to told me that they are receiving the illegal immigrants but that none of them are under the age of 12. I asked him where all the younger children were… he told me that he was wondering the exact same thing.”

  5. Ross Perot, a true American patriot, would never compromise his principles. Consequently, he is not on the pro amnesty list.

  6. We’d be wise to be careful what we ask for;Murphy’s Law has a clause relating to making requests out of sarcasm. While these people probably wouldn’t open their homes to house illegals,offering that as an option would be seen by them as a form of America’s “Acceptance” of the influx of young illegals,thus re-invigorating the pro-illegals/pro-Amnesty movement. No,the only way to win this thing will be to keep pushing to send ’em ALL back. I heard someone on Glenn Beck’s program,(I’m sorry-I got there in the middle of the discussion) saying,”I’d even raise funds to pay to fly ’em all back home!” Rather than spending what the alleged president wants to spend “dealing” with these illegals,why not move them directly onto Military air transports and fly their a$$es back to the Countries they came from?

  7. In the same vein—Isn’t it always so? : Our local paper ran an editorial from a resident of nearby Canyon Lake, CA, excoriating the Murietta anti-alien-dump protestors (of course, name-calling, portraying them as unAmerican, heartless, blah, blah….) and the next day an astute citizen wrote in to note that CANYON LAKE is a PRIVATE, GATED community. NO ONE can get in, not you or I or Santa Claus, without being called-in by a specific resident of Canyon Lake, with prior notice/registration, to the gatehouse! THEN, you have to show a photo ID, of which they capture an image/ record, & get a sticker that you MUST display that allows you only a limited period of time to be within the walls of the private community before you have to leave. ” Let them eat cake!” seems to be the cry…or how about this one….”It’s OK for YOU—so say I— but NIMBY (Not in My Backyard).”
    Perhaps the Canyon Lake security should be running the US border policy?
    BTW—this has not been reported by the press : the potential “drop off” site for the illegals in Murietta was NOT at the border patrol station…. it was AT FIRST and then they moved it—-to a little used rural back road near a shopping area—as though shipping them into a little town was not enough…it appears that “they” were trying to dump them off in a sparsely populated little conclave in secret….after the initial protest “died down.” NO facilities whatsoever…not even a porta-potty. As recent as 2 days ago, Border Patrol, a few reporters, etc. were still at this remote site. They were going to call this “processing?” Recently the press reported that there were no more shipments planned b/c the Texas holding tanks were now able to “process them” in good time. BUT, the national news is still reporting that they are being shipped into Nebraska and other states where the governors have had NO notice from the Feds….Make your own conclusions.

    • Good to know the up close happenings from CalGirl! You also mentioned, “…the national news is still reporting that they are being shipped into Nebraska and other states where the governors have had NO notice from the Feds…”
      Yes, including all the way over to the Eastern states to tiny towns (1,500 residents) such as Lawrenceville in southern Virginia. The locals fought back, causing fed officials to stick their heads between their legs:
      6/19/14: “Officials apologize for botched plan to shelter immigrant children” – CBS News:

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  9. 7 of the 9 are Jewish, surprise surprise.

  10. Thanks TPR!!! I read the article and it is a mirror of what they FIRST tried to do here in So.CA Murrieta!!! It appears as tho’ the will to protest this Federal illegal dump is spreading in ripples out from Murrieta to points beyond! While we can offer compassion for solo kids sent by misled parents to our soil…..we can also adhere to a policy of sending these kids BACK to their parents in Central America. They DO have a home. THey DO have a country….For God’s sake…it was not so long ago that the Attorney Gen’l of the USA (Janet Reno) sent a swat team in to gather up Illyan (sp??) Gonzalez out of a closet in his aunt/uncle’s home in Florida, to send him BACK to his father in Cuba. But, the OBAMA admin is surrendering under-aged children to whomever they have an address for….could be child-sex businesses…could be bogus addresses/people & the kids will be on the street alone from age 11 or 12…..could be the kids were coached to give bogus cities, names, addresses….just so they can disappear into the great American landscape…and stay here…..ARE THERE NO ADULTS IN WASHINGTON, D.C. ANYMORE??? Who is minding the store??? Who is watching out for the least among us?????? And, WHo is representing the best interests of the American People?????

  11. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. Actions speak louder than words. The billionaires and millionaires set forth above must demonstrate their kindness in this situation, or shut up.

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