Pro-abort womyn shoves a bloody sanitary pad into pro-life activist’s mouth

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The maxi-pad throwing, foul-mouthed womyn

Liberalism is a mental disorder.
From A woman who is accused of shoving a wet maxi-pad into a protester’s mouth has turned herself in to police.
Ashland Police said 21-year-old Valerie Starushok is cooperating with police. She will be lodged in the Jackson County Jail on one count of harassment.
The incident occurred during an Ashland protest where the young woman allegedly shoved a wet maxi-pad into a protester’s mouth.
According to the Ashland Police Department, an organized protest was being held in front of Planned Parenthood on January 27. During the protest, an unknown woman approached a man who was protesting and “struck him in the face with a wet sanitary napkin.” The woman then ran off toward the rear of the building.
According to Breitbart, the womyn said, “Eat this [expletive] pad, you c**k face!”
Video of the incident taken by the protester was shared on YouTube. It shows the woman coming toward the protester while he was arguing with another individual. The protester said the woman caught him unaware and “shoved her bloody maxi pad into my mouth” as she yelled profanities.
See the video here at Free Beacon.

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0 responses to “Pro-abort womyn shoves a bloody sanitary pad into pro-life activist’s mouth

  1. Trust the article, it’s not necessary to watch the video, by my.
    I am sure that not throw the hygienic material to a follower of Islam.

  2. Just harassment? That fits the definition of assault. Since there was blood involved, which is a bio-hazard, it should be assault with intent to inflict bodily harm. I’m sure that would have been the charge if it were a conservative attacking a liberal.

    • That qualifies it as a Liberal-beloved HATE CRIME.

      • Ya gotta remember, Liberals can’t commit Hate Crimes. Only conservatives can commit hate crimes! Hopefully her employment will read this article and realize she might become a liability to them and find a good reason to fire her!

        • “Liberals can’t commit Hate Crimes. Only conservatives can commit hate crimes!”
          In my opinion,the ONLY reason it plays out that way is because Conservatives tend to “take the high road” and give that power to the Liberals. Something tells me THAT is gonna come to an end with THIS Administration. I think the Liberals are looking at getting a healthy dose of the same “medicine” they’ve been feeding US for the last few years. (And that’s why they’re in panic mode right now-They know their abuse and corruption is about to turn on ’em.

          • TJ, You do know that “I” was being facetious? It isn’t that conservatives take the high road either. It’s that the news media LOVES the left/ liberals and always side with them on ANY issue against conservatives. The news media no longer “REPORTS” the news, they tell the public what THEIR version of events are. Personally I think that Hate Crimes are BS. Charge a person with the crime they really commit and give real jail time for that crime. Also our jails have become so soft because of federal judges that a lot of people would rather be in jail because on the outside they would have to work to eat!

        • Don’t forget David that only conservative white men can be racist, except for a few white women in politics such as Sarah Palin.

    • You are right on Sherry- assault. By their fruits you shall know them.

    • Excellent point Sherry, and you’re right about a Trump supporter doing the same thing but it’s a good thing that Trump supporters don’t do the Vile and Vicious things the Vermin on the left do, this is just normal for them. Today’s Liberals and the so-called Progressives are just the opposite of what these terms imply, judging from their actions and speeches they’re more akin to Communism and Fascism than anything, yet these brain washed and many of them act brain-dead fools think they support a Democratic way of life, should these fools numbers ever become the majority, America as we know it will be no more, this was the very reason then president of the American Communist party was calling way back in 1935 yes 1935 to get the government to take control of our schools but it has it’s roots before then, obviously it was to dumb down the country, with the government in charge they could do it on both a national level and a uniform level, this goal was listed on the 45 goals that congress investigated in 1963. To understand this I recommend Charlotte Iserbyt’s book: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” it can be read online for free, it’s mostly about all the alphabet agencies and lists some of the politicians involved for decades some good but most are for producing the global citizen for the work force, many statements confirm the dumbing down for the coming so-called New World Order, I would guess the vast majority of Americans haven’t a clue what’s been planned for their children and grandchildren. Scriptures confirms the results of all this, this coming world government is the government the angel told the prophet Daniel about, that will be destroyed when Jesus returns, many Scriptures written by several Old Testament prophets together paint a picture of a nation Yahweh calls the “Daughter of Babylon” there are probably 100 yes one hundred characteristics given about this end of days nation that fit America and only America like a tailor made suit, but I’m getting a little long and off topic here.

  3. More proof that almost all of the HATRED out there comes from the Left, and that it is beyond mere human hatred. This was an act of assault and of menacing. And implicit in the act was the assumption, on the part of the woman who performed it, of the innocence of the counter-protester. This was no “mere disagreement,” No Sir: The Left is out to DESTROY THE INNOCENCE of the other side.
    And it is THIS that makes them DEMONIC.

    • Steven I don’t just call some of them demonic just to make a strong point, I actually believe some of them might be posessed, protesters have rioted and burned before but many of these people seem different, we Christians are warned not to make contact with spirit beings because all the ones we’re able to contact are the evil spirits, I hear it’s called spirit cooking today, many people are doing it, some well known names are associated with it, a sign of the times we’re living in, according to the Bible things will wax worse, much much worse.

  4. one count of harassment?????? More like Aggravated assault. No telling what disease’s she might have and gave them to him. NO less than assault! It is people like her that make the women’s movement void of acceptance by the main society here in America. Place her in the same cell as the hair burner! Two really nasty a$$ed excuses for women!

    • David . . . I also was astonished that she would only be charged with “harassment” and not a more severe charge of “assault.” What is wrong with the police? Are they so damn liberal that they are blind when looking at things. I also agree that this action should also qualify as a “hate crime,” after all this assault was perpetrated out of hatred towards one who opposes liberal thinking.

  5. I can assure you, although I”m not an advocate for violence, I would have decked her lights out. What a degenerate, filthy piece of scum she is. I would have taken the risk for jail-time, but she would have been knocked flat! I hope that low-down trash doesn’t have a STD, AIDS or Herpes! So help me, just looking at her is repulsive! Leeann

    • Leeann Springer . . . Amen and Amen! She had no right to throw something that perhaps contained a biological contaminant. besides perhaps containing STD, AIDS, Herpes, it could well contain any of the strains of Bactria contained in fecal contamination. That is just the most filthy thing a person could possibly do. Lock this degenerate up and loose the key for a while.

    • Hope the guy goes the Civil route with a deep-pocket lawyer to sue any group represented by this filthy fecal scumbag of a human being…..and sends all the bills for his AIDS tests, continuing hepatitis testing, TB testing, cytomegalovirus testing and on and on blood-born diseases….hope he can harass her into her OWN pitiful fearful diseased sicko corner of her world….
      AND, BTW….have any of you out there heard anything about or read about Barak and Michele Obama’s “new” non-profit OFA, (used to be his Dem campaigne “non-profit” ) that used to be “Organize for America” and now since he is out of office and still hanging out in the DC area….it has morphed into “Organize for Action?” Supposedly it is funding and training violent protestors such as this to carry on his vision of “new world order,” which did NOT include Trump or ANY Republican…….he thought he was going to set up HIllary into his “shadow government,” and…now…..he’s into “plan B” shadow government.????

  6. This isn’t assault and a hate crime?

  7. Calling Leftists like Valerie Starushok mentally-disordered no longer suffices to identify and describe their disorder. I believe they are demon possessed. Seriously.

    • A reprobate mind….
      This is to fully expected, it was, is and will continue.
      For those who have come out of this….as I can attest….their rage is now focused on the very ones who are using them to suicide themselves via abortion of their own selves and the contribution of their lifes.
      They say there is nothing quite like a reformed ‘w…r’ or anything else for that matter….and I have found that to be quite true.

      OH like wow….another possible university involved. Either by one of their own or…..well….. Why am I not surprised?
      This is not random as it may seem, and in view of Berkley and what is currently happening with conservative there as they are persecuted, you may want to follow up on that. They deserve our support in spades!
      Ty Dr. Eowyn for your hard work and to those here who continue.

  8. What is it with the gravitationally challenged lefties?

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  10. Is this how sick left females have gotten? All because their precious Hillary didn’t win? This is shameful!!! What is the matter with these women? Is it the drugs? The alcohol? The mental illness? ENOUGH!!!

    • All of what you just said, but the truth is….it is misguided ‘rage. Deep down they rage inside and it is shown and produced outwardly. They can not accept that they have murdered their own flesh or encouraged another to do this. Deep down it is ‘rage’ and it is focused on those who are not hiding this is wrong.
      Someday, some of them will use that ‘rage’ and focus on the very ones who are attempting through their own agenda to suicide them via their own children and ability to produce.
      When that mask is taken off, when a few realize it and what it means and how they have been used….their rage will be justified and I for one will not stand in their way, not one iota.

  11. Friends, I read this as an email much earlier today. Even then it was SO gross I could not bring myself to delve deeper into the posting, but now that other stalwarts have, here I go!
    This creature –which has the temerity to call itself a woman– is so gross as to warrant isolation in a special institution for the criminally insane. How else to contain her weird sickness, lest it spread to others as weak-minded as she, and bring them even lower to her putrid level? I’ll wage $100 that flies swarm over her 24/7, even in the dead of Winter!

    • ‘Gross as to warrant isolation in a special institution for the criminally insane’….
      Yes but the would let her out as long as she takes her meds, just like Canada just did with the man/monster who cut off and cannibalized a carnival worker inside the bus’….
      I believe now in public execution of such like these for the justice well served for family and others who now need it. I used to not but there is a firm lesson and it is graphic and not easily forgotten….sorry but I take the cake in bad now so do not ‘feel’ remorse over the fact you believe in justice, your simply fed up and it is understandable.

      • FYI, in the Victorian era, when isolation to prisons for the ‘criminally insane’ was created & developed, once a person was imprisoned s/he was unlikely to ever be released. We still have one such stone pile here in Victoria, BC: ‘Wilkinson Institution for the Criminally Insane’ and it looks to be a perfect setting for Hollyweird’s worst nightmares. Just so you know: one ‘crime’ that sent people here was masturbation, especially women.

  12. What I noticed is that it went from ‘bloody’ to ‘wet’….which if it was blood of course it would be wet. It is interesting to note how many different nouns, adjectives, etc change….such as muslim ban to travel ban. One must be on the alert and watch for this as it is often used as a slant….and it works too.
    Seriously needs to check if there are any dis eases…hoped they saved the evidence, it should be checked and shown exactly what ‘wet’ is exactly.
    She deserves what she needs to get back. ‘Grins’

    It’s amazing what a little research can do. It is past time, very to understand a few things. Do your homework is very simple.

    • And your incomprehensible point is what, exactly?

      • That is not a full link, however it is where you will begin to find as well as FB about her. She may be connected with a university and the question is whether she works there or is a student.
        Universities are not what they used to be sometimes.

  14. If that wasn’t an assault with a deadly weapon. I don’t know what is.
    So, did they hold her or let her off with a slap.
    DIsgusting, and the guy should file a suit against her and have any income garnished.

  15. Creature should be charged with an assault pertaining to pollution with bodily waste. I am sure this could be considered a tad more disgusting than spitting in someone’s face or spraying your blood at them.

  16. She looks a lot like the woman who set fire to another woman’s hair recently at a protest.

  17. Personally , I.M.H.O. , he should have opened up a can of whup-ass on her . Beat her ass to smithereens .

  18. Throw the bitch in the slammer, melt down the key, and weld the door shut.

  19. Agreeing with all the comments that it should’ve been an “assault” charge. As the 2d comment, made by “Sherry”, wrote that there was “blood involved” here, which is true according to the article, if the article was the truth. How then was she able to get that maxi-pad into a man’s mouth in the first place? Someone coming at you with anything, your gut reaction is to run from it, or turn away from it, and a woman (why was that spelled “womyn” here?) attacking a man with anything can be tricky unless she is very overpowering to men, unless the man’s build was less than hers. But anyway, what she did was contaminate that man with a potential disease or virus she could have had. The man should make the charges of “assault” at the very least, get a lawyer to define a charge that fits what she did, or file lawsuit charges on her at the very least. Jail time might not be justly administered here in this case, but a lawsuit could cost her financially in the long run and isn’t that what we’d rather see here. People don’t like lawsuits against them, since it involves their money and no one likes being milked out of their money. She deserves to be milked out of as much money as her victim can get out of her – make her a pauper, and she may have to start using toilet paper for her “maxi-pad”!


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