Pro-abort feminists throw fire bombs at Argentina church

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In Argentina, the right to life is constitutionally protected from “its conception until natural death”. Abortion is illegal unless the life of the mother is threatened by pregnancy.

On Sunday night, October 14, 2018, Hell descended on Trelew, a city about 700 miles south of Buenos Aires, Argentina, as pro-abort feminists, some baring their breasts, threw Molotov cocktails at a Catholic church and the City Hall. 

Inés San Martin reports for Crux that 50,000 pro-abort women attended the National Encounter of Women, shouting “Abort your heterosexuality,” “Death to the macho” and “Lesbianize yourself” slogans. The Encounter ended in a march through downtown Trelew, with violent protesters throwing Molotov cocktails and scrawling graffiti on storefronts, privately-owned homes and churches.

It was reported earlier that day that a gas station had been temporarily closed for selling gas in plastic bottles to demonstrators.

Ten people were arrested. But by Monday afternoon the demonstrators had been released, although videos show the women throwing incendiary devices, stones and other objects at the Church of Our Lady Auxiliadora and various public buildings.

According to tweets from people on the ground, there were people praying inside the church that was being firebombed.

Y mientras tanto en #trelew en el #enm les garpamos la gimnasia revolucionaria de todos los años a las mismas locas de siempre

– Malvinas Argentinas (@Abogadatrucha) October 15, 2018

The three-day National Encounter of Women, held in different locations each year, includes workshops and cultural activities for women and “transgenders”. The 70 workshops this year included such topics as Fat Activism, Women and Cannabis, and Women and Bisexuality.

The National Encounter of Women often ends with a rally demanding “free, legal, and safe abortion” and legalization of prostitution. In recent years, the rallies have featured a small yet significant group of demonstrators who throw bottles full of gas into Catholic buildings and leave walls filled with profanities.

Last year, at the National Encounter of Women in Resistencia, topless women with their faces covered assaulted the local cathedral while chanting “Take your rosaries out of our ovaries,” and “To the Catholic, apostolic, Roman Church, that wants to place itself in our bed, we say that we want to be whores, transvestites and lesbians. Legal abortion in any place.” The women used stones, tampons and pads with red paint, paint balloons, and even their own feces as projectiles. They also set trash cans on fire and painted the walls of the nearby buildings near city hall.

This year’s event was particularly significant as it comes only months after Argentina’s Congress voted against a bill that would have legalized abortion on demand until week 14. After the vote, participants in a pro-abortion rally ended by rioting, with pockets of women attacking several churches that are in the neighboring area of Argentina’s Congress.

In stark contrast, on May 20, 2018, 3.5 million pro-lifers held peaceful rallies in 117 Argentine cities against the bill to liberalize abortion.

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16 responses to “Pro-abort feminists throw fire bombs at Argentina church

  1. How much worse will our world get until God the Eternal Father decides to “clean house” . . . . Oh! I forgot, it is now happening, what with all the hurricanes, tornados, volcanoes, flooding with torrential rain, etc. Unfortunately, the these horrors will fall on the just and the unjust alike.

    It is difficult to get a grip on people defacing any edifice that has been erected as a place of worship of Our God. I just do not understand how people can be so depraved.

  2. Outside of forced rape most women have the final say-so about having sex and possibly getting pregnant. They have access to birth control yet they apparently refuse to partake. And when they discover they are pregnant….they want an abortion which THEY could have prevented in the first place.
    Obviously they simply want to whore around wantonly and at will.

    Perhaps I fail to understand.

    • I have seen many of these young women, some have had multiple abortions. For them it is “birth control”. They have no concept of, nor do they concern themselves with the fact that a human life is involved.

      Infanticide is never ‘right”. There are always people ready and willing to adopt. While it is acknowledged that pregnancy and birth may be inconvenient and painful, that is the lot of a woman. Men have their “burdens” to bear and so do women.

      There is much help available to assist women who carry their children to birth and beyond. Those who visit “Planned Parenthood” are stepping into a lion’s den of evil. It is an organ selling murder factory.

    • whoa and then, sihouette, we’ve forgotten to mention that, after all the “stop” stations that you described in your post…like, “saying no to sex, using several levels of birth control…long term and “of the moment,” or even a combination of the two (after all there are also STD’s to think about even if you are protected against pregnancy)…..AND maybe even a “morning after pill,” there are STILL LEGIONS of women who show up demanding abortions….and, against what we were ALL promised by our FEDERAL GOOBERMENT many years ago at the advent of the passage by the Supremes in Roe v. Wade…..NO FEDERAL FUNDS would be used to fund abortions……WELL….THAT IS JUST ABOUT ALL that is used these days to fund abortions….FEDERAL FUNDS through “Planned Parenthood” and like organizations…to the tune of MILLIONS of tax dollars and MILLIONS of aborted babies…most these days in LATE TERM…maybe even viable days……..

  3. I suppose we all have a choice. We can try to follow God’s will, or decide that what we want is more important. Clearly these women have made that choice.

    They have free will and can choose to spend eternity in Hell. What they are not entitled to do is to destroy property and disturb the lives of others. No one is obligated to listen to them or to provide them a stage for their antics.

    Thankfully it still looks like enough people in Argentina are Christians and concerned with the value of human life. There is much evil afoot, worldwide.

    The Devil’s on the loose and he has many helpers.

  4. This is THE highest law of Antichrist totalitarian atheists like these whores of Satan, it is to keep or further the global genocide of preborn chidren, which most are unaware is THE greatest genocide in the history of the world bar none. I did in depth research a few years ago on all stats I could find by country and stopped counting at 500 MILLION murdered in the last 60 years alone worldwide. Only war and the destruction of the evil doctrine of democracy will save children from murder anymore, but it will never happen as the Antichrist globalist atheist government is already in place and no one can make war against her. Only small groups of vigilantes destroying all totalitarian atheist power groups can hold some of this global evil back. Many many millions of these baby murdering atheists must die.

    And you thought the mayans and the cannibals were bad.

  5. Kermit Gosnell was a abortion “Dr” who enjoyed murdering so much, he would murder the babies outside the womb.

    ” co-producer Ann McElhinney stated that “The movie is as much expose of the media as it is of abortion.””

    Media Ignores Big Opening and Critical Acclaim for ‘Gosnell’ Movie

    • Kermit Gosnell story is…so awful I have no words to describe such a travesty against the unborn. I’d covered his story a while back. It made me feel ill.

  6. They don’t sell party hats at gas stations in Argentina?

  7. “Abort your heterosexuality,” “Death to the macho” and “Lesbianize yourself” slogans.

    What more Soros paid activists? Really with the slogans above I ask once again, if you are a man hating lesbiatic why are you so concerned about being able to abort a baby? It makes no sense what soever for those who will never conceive to be that zealous.
    I agree with Lophatt- they have a choice to defy God and be unrepentant, but they have no right to destroy property and attack those who don’t agree with them.

  8. I am surprised and pleased that Argentina does not allow abortion; I thought it was legal in almost every country in the world, except for Ireland (up until recently). St. Theresa of Calcutta was right about abortion: “Abortion teaches that violence is acceptable to get what one wants,” or in words to that effect.

    So two points seem to be in order. First, Camille Paglia is right in her observations about “third wave feminism.” People are just going crazy.
    But another point is in order, also, and it is this: The use of contraception always leads to the demand for abortion. This is because no contraception is foolproof, abortion is, of its very so-called “necessity,” a post-conception solution. In plain English, babies are aborted for the “crime” of having been conceived. In other words, they are “inconvenient.”

    So it has come to this, that people of every stripe are demanding absolute and unchallenged sexual release. It proves, ultimately, to lead to the downfall of civilization: The moral tone of society deviates downward, women are no longer respected but objectified, and men are emboldened to satisfy their libidinous desires without consequence. But, once again, it is contraception (a form of eugenics) that always leads to the demand for abortion. The correlation is direct, and they should always be referred to as being two sides of the same coin.

  9. I have come to the conclusion that the rest of the world is following the demorats foot steps. Seems a lot of folks are becoming what they are thinking to the effect they go so far with all policies that enhance the evil in this world and all that was good now is cast aside, to let them go into the debauchery they are raining down upon the unborn.

    How a woman can abort her child for no apparent reason other than they are selfish of how they look. Who does this – kills their own child beyond stupid. I can not fathom it any more to them it’s all a big party. Murder is murder in God’s eyes and to an unborn is even more heinous.

    • I rather think its a “global” effort. There are no coincidences. They are working on Argentina, and Italy, and Sweden, while they work here. To them it should all look the same and everyone should worship The State.

      • It is a world effort, Lophatt.

        “Marxists always are in a never ending search for the victim class which, in turn, must always be made aware of its victimization. Marxists propagate that the “victim’s consciousness must be raised but in reality its consciousness is being shut down through engineered identification with something they are not.

        In classical Marxism, the victim group was the Proletariat, the factory worker. In cultural Marxism the “victim” groups are endless: homosexuals, transgenders, non whites, women, Muslims, Jews; you can come up with anything you like simply have them identify with it by presenting it as a suppressed minority that needs more rights for protection against the evil oppressor which in most cases is presented as the White man (or especially a Christian).”

  10. It’s no conspiracy theory pointing out that the same script of police stand downs in the face of leftist violence is playing out around the world and not just in Sweden, Germany, England, and US cities like Seattle and Portland. It should be equally obvious that perfumed financial elitists like Mayor Wheeler are in constant communication with the real organizers, as are his counterparts in Argentina, orchestrating rather than preventing the violence that’s ultimately paid for by the Sorosian outfits behind the masks.

    Wheeler’s type is an important piece of the puzzle, even in Argentina, proving in his person that behind the Marxist revolution wherever it’s found, there’s the shadow of unseen rentier elitists making war against their only enemy, a healthy middle class.

    Police, sad to say, are proving themselves around the world to be cowardly functionaries who call it their duty protecting a homicidal left that’d rape their wives and daughters for laughs all day long. If the SHTF, it looks like we can expect these disgusting urban police to behave like the Republican Guards did in revolutionary Paris, that is, by brutalizing their own to protect the banking houses paying for the savagery.

    • Just like the pre-Marxist Marxist Jacobins intercepting and buying the grain shipments outside of Paris, thus causing bread shortages, and the agitators than blaming the king, queen, and nobility, thus agitating class warfare, classic Marxism before Marx from the Jacobins!


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