Pro-abort British actress claims that if it isn’t your uterus, it isn’t your opinion

Last May I told you about a British actress Jameela Jamil who took to Twitter to let everyone know that her abortion was “the best decision I have ever made.”

She’s still yapping on about her abortion for some reason. This time she’s making it clear that you will listen to her choice yet are not entitled to have an opinion because it’s HER uterus.


Girlfriend needs a Cambridge dictionary. Opinion, noun: A thought or belief about something or someone; A judgment about someone or something.

Here’s another definition for ya, honey:

From the pro-abort’s January 22 Instagram post:

My abortion saved MY life. And MY life is my priority. And I am not in the tiniest bit sorry. I wasn’t emotionally, physically or financially stable enough to undergo pregnancy and birth, nor was I ready to go through the trauma of forced motherhood or the potentially extremely traumatic experience of giving a baby away. So I had an abortion, which was painless, quick and I have remained nothing but RELIEVED ever since.

I had a fetus interrupted before it was able to grow into a person, and I took my life back. As a result I am a happier and more stable human, in better physical health for my decision. I also have my independence and sense of complete autonomy. We have to protect this absolute right for those with uteruses. We are not ovens to bake humanity in. We have dreams, we have needs, we have lives of our own to navigate that are hard enough without this HEIGHT of oppression. If we roll back on this, birth control will be next, and then we are on a slippery slope back to the dark ages.

I can’t f*cking believe we are still having this conversation when 77% of Americans say they don’t want to see Roe v. Wade overturned. (No link provided to backup that stat.)

The new short film “Ours to Tell” is a call for compassion and shows us the world we’re fighting for — one where ALL people have FREEDOM over their own bodies.

Watch. Share. And stand up for abortion access. Full film: — link in bio. #OursToTell #ROEvsWADE TAG THESE HANDLES: @PPFA @WeTestify”

I know the concept of free speech may be tough for some Brits to grasp. Since she’s decided to make a career in America, I got a quick history lesson for her:


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8 months ago

“British actress Jameela Jamil”. Good Anglo-Saxon name, that. She says her abortion was painless but I don’t imagine it was painless for the baby. Excuse me, “pregnancy tissue”. And she wanted to avoid the “trauma” of having to give the baby away but she very casually killed it and threw it away. No trauma there. And why would she “have” to give the baby away? And who ‘forced” her to become pregnant? Demonic word salad/gibberish. Hope you enjoy hell Jameela

8 months ago

If this clueless twit wasn’t “emotionally, physically, or financially stable enough” for a pregnancy, she should have used appropriate birth control or kept her legs together. There is no “interrupting” a fetus before it grows into a person, it is already a person with a unique genetic makeup. And, for hopefully the last time, the unborn child is not part of “her own body”. It was a distinct human which was callously snuffed out by this disgusting individual , so that she could continue her self-centered, hedonistic lifestyle.

8 months ago
Reply to  DFJ150

This soulless halfwit “celebrity” embodies the culture of I/me/mine. It’s all about her except when it comes to personal responsibility. Disgusting. Revolting

Dr. Eowyn
8 months ago

If Jameela Jamil’s mother had made “the best decision I have ever made,” there would be no Jameela Jamil crowing about aborting her unborn child.

By the way, Jameela Jamil is one of Meghan Markle’s peeps. Birds of a feather….

Kevin J Lankford
Kevin J Lankford
8 months ago

“We are not ovens to bake humanity in”. In actuality, women are specifically designed for child birth, of course with their willing submission to the process, which leaves them in most cases, with no excuse.