Private Investigator – Obama Social Security Search Results

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H/T to Tina!  Thanks, toots!

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0 responses to “Private Investigator – Obama Social Security Search Results

  1. Everything about this guy is contrived and fraudulent.

  2. Thankyou! now I will send it to everyone in the Country. Evidently,it has been sent to alot of people that are doing nothing about it!! Let’s see what the fellowship can do-ha!!

  3. ok,for starters,Rush,Mattera,Kuhner,Farah,Bachmann,my congressman,me e-mail list-Conservative Monster!!!!

  4. Wow wow wow this is incredible stuff! Thanks for posting it, LTG and Tina!!!

  5. Sharing on Facebook – great interview!

  6. sage-he’s got everyone on both sides scared to death,they are afraid thier web of deceit may come untangled.

  7. everyone is supposed to be watching osama and obama,not these things-


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