Privacy, Schimacy. Hundreds Pose Nude in Dead Sea

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Many Americans avoid social media sites like Facebook because of privacy concerns, especially given Facebook’s creepy face-recognition technology.
But hundreds of Israelis and “internationals” have no qualms. On September 17, 2011, they willingly stripped off all their clothes to pose nude in the Dead Sea for American “art” photographer Spencer Tunick — and for no pay! LOL
This is not Tunick’s first foray. Wikipedia says he is “best known for organizing large-scale nude shoots.”
Photos by UPI/Debbie Hill
All that is needed is for these nudists to learn that Tunick employed Gigapixel Panorama Photography (GPP) — not that I’m saying he is — which exposes every face in a crowd, no matter how large the crowd or how small the face. To see the GPP technology for yourself, click here.
True confession:
I don’t even like to look at most people when they are clothed. The thought of seeing them naked — with warts, bulges and rolls of fat, armpit and pubic hair….  Ewwwww

Art photographer Spencer Tunick

I most assuredly do not want to see him naked!

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0 responses to “Privacy, Schimacy. Hundreds Pose Nude in Dead Sea

  1. This is such a bigot view. Spencer Tunick does beautiful Art photos and the Dead Sea installation was a great success despite the opposition of some extremists. It was my 16th installation with Spencer and I am proud I took part in all of them. I am not a nudist. I am an Art collector, 75 y.o. not in great shape but we are all equal when naked.

    • A bigot view? Well thanks for setting us straight. Wow, who woulda thought we could have an opinion that is different from yours?
      These people want to run around naked? Have at it. Doesn’t mean I have to appreciate their “art”.

    • Hey, Stephane! If not wanting to see your 75-year-old body naked, makes me a bigot, I’m proud to be one!
      P.S. You’re kidding yourself if you think a naked you are the “equal” of a naked in-shape 20-year-old. Who’s been feeding you this load of bovine excrement?

  2. My native language is French……so I do my best in English 🙂
    I called the people who tried to stop the installation extremists because they compared an installation to honor the Dead Sea to Sodom and Gomore. .
    Those installation are so far from sexual connotations that I thought it was really funny but wrong.
    Go on Spencer Tunick site and you will see great photos from all over the world. He is a kind and generous man and a close friend that I admire for his humanity and his talent.. I have been collecting art for 59 years I buy what I love and do not try to impose my taste to anybody.
    I have no idea what the GPP technology is ????/

  3. I believe in God and Jesus,
    I do not like organised religions and leftwing obamabots,
    I am Calvinist no intermediate between God and me.
    I am getting out of this site.
    I think G.W. Bush was OK for America and the world. I like Obama, cause he might be gay like me..
    I am Gay , happy and proud.-/-

  4. Bravo to Steve and Sage! My sentiments and thoughts exactly! Sage hit the nail on the head Stephane, that you are making up a god to justify and rationalize your behavior and thus, are violating the great commandment, “I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt have no other gods before me!” As I have prayed for another blogger recently, tbm, so I, too, will pray for you, Stephane, that you come to Our Lord in the fullness of Faith! Furthermore, without repeating the points made by Steve and Sage, I say that such nudity is repulsive! There is an inherent revulsion and sense of evasion that God has set in us in the natural law, wherein you walk away at disgust looking at other people’s naked bodies. This is because it is impure and gross! Paula Abdul walked off the stage on Ex Factor after one of the contestants apparently revealed his penis or the clothing that showed its status, if you know what I mean, wherein it literally made her sick. She had to go to the bathroom and get a grip, and then she went back on stage. Even her face turned white and it was obvious she was highly offended, as were all of the judges! Why are they offended at looking at someone’s intimate body part? Once again, because there is an inherent rejection of such impurity. This has got nothing to do with art! This is utter perversion, stupidity and arrogance! The comments made on this post by our alleged art lovers merely confirm that humankind can rationalize anything, absolutely anything. The great Prophet, Isaiah, in the Old Testament warned, “Do not call evil, good, and good, evil!” This world is upside down-can’t you see it!

  5. All I can say is “the flies must have been thick.”

  6. Yes, the flies must have been thick indeed! You see your natural revulsion to this craziness and utter narcissim! I once told a lady shopper in Wal-mart who was scantily dressed, and in red shiny leather clothing, that I did not appreciate her dressing like this in Wal-mart, that this is a shopping center and not a bar or a strip joint, finally asking her, “What makes you think I want to look at your breasts, thighs and butt!” I told her that she is very presumptuous in thinking that I and others need to see this, let alone that I myself would not show disrespect to any other human being by showing myself off inappropriately. Oh, but this is ARRRRRTTTTTTT!!!! Give me a break – people who allege this are not only presumptuous narcissists, but they are unhealthy lunatics!

  7. Like Stephane, I also collect Spencer’s work, though mostly as a participant. I’ve taken part in four large installations, a small installation and a portrait. Spencer’s work is surreal sculpture, using us as his pigments and materials. As to God and nudity, God created mankind nude- And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed. Gen2:25 . It was man who became ashamed of being naked, making fig leaf clothing Gen 3:7 and telling God “I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” Gen 3:10. God made clothing only to replace those which Adam and Eve had made. It was and is man who thinks being naked is evil, because of the association of sex.
    Gospel of Thomas [37]. His disciples say to him: “On what day wilt thou appear to us, and what day shall we see thee?” Jesus says: “When you strip yourselves without being ashamed, when you take off your clothes and lay them at your feet like little children and trample on them! Then [you will become] children of Him who is living, and you will have no more fear.”
    Most of the people participating are not naturists. Some are. Some are narcissistic, as in any large crowd, but most are not. And as for sanity, I can say with authority that very few are lunatics. At least not overtly so. Taking off one’s clothes in public can be a symptom of mental illness-in most contexts. But taking them off in public for public bathing like the Japanese, in a locker room after a football game, in a nudist colony, acting as a life model for an art class or being in a Tunick installation are all perfectly normal contexts for nudity. And being in a Tunick installation is one of the least sexy things you can take part in,
    @joandarc -Anyone at an installation is there by choice, so obviously have no problems as you describe.
    And if God is everywhere and watching us all the time, then God sees us naked every time we shower, etc. I would think he would be more concerned with what we do with our bodies than what we wear on them.
    I would venture to guess that in all of mankind’s history more sins have been committed by clothed than unclothed people. So finally I say, “Honi soit qui mal y pense” Shamed be he who thinks evil of it. And the rest of you can have your women wear burkas and 1880’s bathing costumes, and for you guys no shorts or short sleeved shirts.

  8. Ditto as to Sage’s reply to Roger, notwithstanding the fact that there were also heretical gnostic sects calling themselves Christians who following the “special knowledge” claim of gnosticism, participated in countless orgies,using the same justification used in this blog by those individuals who think their bodies are “art.” And, there is no need to use Latin other than to perpetrate elitist attitudes. But, I can cite Latin as well, “Calvo turpius est nihil compto,” or “There’s nothing more contemptible than a bald man who pretends to have hair.” And using this analogy here, “There is nothing more contemptible than a nude human being who pretends his body is worthy of everyone looking at it!”


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