Priorities: Mayor Lightfoot names committee to review public monuments across Chicago

Guess Chiraq Mayor Lightfoot has a lot of free time. Never mind the BLM rioting, looting and shootings in that city.

You know what they need?

A 20-person committee to catalog monuments and art on public land to determine which warrant attention and recommend new monuments or public art!

According to MyFoxChicago, the good mayor believes that this will “create a platform to channel our city’s dynamic civic energy to purposefully reflect our values as Chicagoans and uplift the stories of our city’s residents, particularly when it comes to the permanent memorialization of our history and shared heritage.”

Does that include this “civic energy,” Mayor?

Lightfoot also said her effort will develop a framework “for marking public space that elevates new ways to memorialize Chicago’s true and complete history.”

Here’s a glimpse of the true Chiraq:

I’m sure this new committe will solve all of their problems!


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2 months ago

A 40 of Schlitz malt liquor should do the job.

2 months ago

The people that voted for Mayor Leftfoot deserve what they get. It’s not enough to just tell people, you have to show them. For those who didn’t vote for her, now would be a good time to rise up and actually do something to stop her before she completely destroys you.

2 months ago
Reply to  Maryaha

Why are Mayors and Governors who FAIL their Residents SO MISERABLY not held Legally and Humanly RESPONSIBLE? If it was ANY other Country,the UN would likely be on them like stink on Dog Dung. That last part is probably untrue,now that the UN’s made up,primarily,of international mercenaries who only care about their paychecks-you know-the same ones who will be going door to door to grab everybody’s GUNS,if Harris becomes president…..

2 months ago

“Guess Chiraq Mayor Lightfoot has a lot of free time. Never mind the BLM rioting, looting and shootings in that city.” Let me guess- Mayor Lightsnack is choosing “people of DARK color” who HATE America to help decide how to use all the places where Historic Monuments related to America’s true and complete History USED to be,Right? She’s as Marxist as anyone else who hates America. Speaking of George Soros-Since he’s throwing untold Millions of $$$$$ to funding Domestic Terrorist Organizations actively attempting to destroy our Country and overthrow our Government,I have to ask,wouldn’t that be the same as a… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by truckjunkie
2 months ago

Golly gee whiz. Do you mean to tell me that if somebody gets shot, I have a license to loot? I sure hope somebody gets shot tonight. I could use a new 60″ flat-screen TV. (sarc, of course)