Priorities: Chicago Mayor Lightfoot promises to protect the children…

You deserve what you vote for, Chiraq.

You have countless shootings EVERY DAY, EVERY WEEKEND – and that includes children being shot and killed.

Yet you elected a progressive mayor who is now promising to protect illegal aliens – and their children.

Heaven forbid Mayor Lightfoot actually do something about addressing the gang and gun violence that plagues U.S. citizens throughout your city.

From WGN TV: Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago business groups are taking steps to protect undocumented immigrants in the city.

They said Chicago will not help federal agents track them down. “It’s not about being confrontational with the Trump administration, but it’s 100% about being supportive of our immigrant community,” Lightfoot said at a Wednesday morning news conference.

Chicago, with its status as a Sanctuary City, has drawn criticism from President Donald Trump and his Justice Department.

But the mayor said her focus is the children. “A lot of these issues regarding immigration and the fear and uncertainty about what’s happening is falling disproportionately and harshly on our children,” Lightfoot said.

“What this is doing is scaring restauranteurs and scaring team members,” Sam Toia of the Illinois Restaurant Association said. Toia and other prominent business and health leaders announced their unwavering support for Chicago’s immigrant communities.

Critics of the federal crackdown on undocumented immigrants have called the plan heavy-handed and poorly executed.


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Start protecting the children of Chicago first, and worry about the others later. At the rate is going the black children in Chicago are big time losers.


What a joke! I say wall ’em up. Eventually you’ll be left with a manageable size group of survivors to imprison. Lightfoot, and all the other subversives should be rounded up and indicted.

Who knows, maybe we could send some of the local “yoots” back with the illegals as “bonus points” or something. Wouldn’t THAT be an attitude changer. “If you don’t keep your trash on your side we’ll send you ours!”.


Won’t somebody *please* think of the children?!?