Press Conference on Obama Trial Tomorrow

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Rev. Manning will have a press conference tomorrow, May 21, at 4pm, on the recently concluded Obama-Columbia University trial. Should be interesting!
H/t beloved Fellowship member Tina!
From Conservative
Due to the enormous number of requests for interviews regarding the CIA Columbia Obama Trial, I am scheduling a Press Conference for Friday, 21 May at 4 p.m. at ATLAH World Missionary Church, located at 38 West 123rd Street, New York, New York 10027.
I will not be able to do any individual interviews or appearances until the Press Conference has been completed.
Thank you for your interest in the future of our nation, and the results of the trial.
To the listeners of The Manning Report, I am extremely exhausted and will not be broadcasting again for a few weeks. Continue to visit our website daily for news and information about our effort to present the guilty verdict to the US Department of Justice.
In His Royal Service,
Rev. James David Manning, PhD
A Natural Born Citizen

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0 responses to “Press Conference on Obama Trial Tomorrow

  1. I am anxious to hear the press conference.

  2. ME too! can’t tell me the eyes around the world can’t wait either!

  3. Why isnt Fox News covering this story? Why isnt ANYONE covering it? The Verdict was “Guilty” so what good is that going to do? More investigation? Like that is really going to do any good!!

  4. I wondered the same thing – you would think that Fox would be interested in this story.

  5. How come Manning always puts on his shows “Due to the enormous number of requests” and then so few people show up? Is he being punked? It is sad, really.


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