President Trump was correct: Emergency supplies in Puerto Rico went unused

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017, progressives and the media blamed President Trump for the lack of relief supplies.

When President Trump called out Puerto Rico’s ‘incompetent or corrupt’ politicians, the media lost their minds. He claimed Puerto Rico had mismanaged disaster aid funds. No one in the media dared travel to Puerto Rico to do an investigation. Such brave fire fighters…

President Trump was correct. A headline yesterday from USA Today: “Warehouse of emergency supplies went unused in Puerto Rico after Maria. Now 2 officials are fired.”

The USA Today story goes on to describe how three officials have been fired as a result of their incompetence. Read the whole story here.

More proof that you can NEVER trust our media and their #fakenews.


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Dr. Eowyn

But the MSM has not and will never issue a correction/retraction.


Retraction? Surely you jest. On the contrary I’ve seen some leftist “news” outlets ( are there any other kind?) using the full warehouses as evidence that Trump mismanaged the relief effort ! He must be singing the old Elmore James blues song, Done Somebody Wrong: “Everything that happens, ya know I get the blame..”


Sad but true.


Right again. Yeah this guy ‘orange man bad’ is a real terror. What with all the jobs created, people off of welfare, the economy booming, world trade finally coming into balance, Friends around the world shaking our hand, enemies around the world shaking their heads, and after 8 years of shame, respect. Yeah he’s gotta go or soon the people won’t need the dumbocrats at all.