President Trump’s Message: “Stronger”

Don’t let the left/media/partisan hacks get you down.

Their Russian hoax didn’t work. WWIII didn’t happen. North Korea didn’t nuke us to death. Everything bad they predicted would happen under President Trump has not occurred. Their false narratives are purely political attacks.

We ARE a stronger nation. We can Keep American Great!


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There can be no starker contrast than that between DJT, a white Christian male who conveys optimism, hope, and love of country, and the candidates of the left who espouse mutually shared poverty (socialism), civilization- wrecking taxation to solve a non-existent problem, and state promotion of sexual degeneracy and ritual child sacrifice. Light and life v. darkness, despair, and chaos. We are the majority, MSM lies to the contrary, so the election should be a slam dunk. If they take power we’re done. If it starts to look like they might steal it Trump should suspend the election and drop… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

As of today, February 28, 2020, there are only 15 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States, but not a single death.

Contrast those numbers with the 32 million to 45 million flu illnesses; 310,000 to 560,000 flu hospitalizations; and 18,000 to 45,000 flu deaths in the 2019-2020 flu season in the United Statees.

I believe divine intervention put Donald Trump in the White House. God will not abandon us. The Demonrats’ weaponization of coronavirus will fail.


I have been researching this which is not easy since there is so much hysteria and disinformation surrounding it. I’m already seeing people here wearing masks. It appears to have been in the works for some time and it has a very nefarious objective. Whether there is an actual virus involved, and I think that’s possible but not a particularly worrisome virus, is almost beside the point. A virtual epidemic can be whatever they say it is. The left didn’t create this situation to take Trump down but they are trying to exploit it toward that end. As they will… Read more »

Steven Broiles

We are in a fight to the death! Evil is on the March!

Yes, Trump is a bloviator. He is a sinner. He seems to have a crude side, given his Twitter rants, however I agree with him.

In all honesty, Donald Trump is exhibiting himself to be one of the best and greatest leaders of men who have ever walked the Earth. And believe it or not, he is unassuming of it.



I was too young to fully appreciate Reagan….too busy trying to get my adult life going after a disasterous economic time with Nixon/Carter/Ford and the American economy that was based on OPEC oil…..and so, I slaved away then –my husband, too, for literally minimum wages, even in “professional” jobs with schools and health departments, etc–most times less than what we could have earned even then as a grocery checker (AND we paid our student loans back b/c we lived in a $90/m0 basement apt w/NO phone and no luxuries…like no TV,no tattoos, no “vacations” no DisneyLand, a $10 a week… Read more »


How could you possibly survive with no TeeVee:) So you played by the rules but unfortunately now there are no rules. Rules are racis’ anyway, even I know that. Reagan stimulated the economy with tax cuts and it was really an exuberant and optimistic time. But the tax cuts were almost designed to simultaneously produce budget deficits which it was hoped would force a cap on domestic spending. Alas, politicians, especially D’s, don’t see things that way. The problem is never that government spending is excessive, it’s that taxes are too low. So the deficits spiraled out of control and… Read more »