President Trump living rent-free in libtard Jim Carrey’s head

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TDS-infected Canadian actor Jim Carrey’s latest artwork features President Trump’s mother birthing him. From Carrey’s tweet debuting his latest masterpiece:

“The real State of Emergency began in 1946 at the Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NY. Definitely not human.”

Carrey should up his meds and go outside and take in some fresh air. It might help him find a different and new subject for his “art.”

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13 responses to “President Trump living rent-free in libtard Jim Carrey’s head

  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Disgusting! Jim Carrey is one sick puppy. He should do the US a favor and return to his homeland, Canada.

  2. There’s a Hollywood Death Pool that keeps scores on who best predicts which Hollyweirdos will die that year.

    They should have another pool to predict which Hollyweirdos will be institutionalized. My entrance is Jim Carrey.

  3. Well, he hears his master’s voice. We should all exercise our rights to not patronize anything associated with him. Frankly, why would anybody care what these strange and obsessive people claim to think. He just knows he can get a guaranteed reaction with crap like this so he goes for it. He’s hoping it leads to something to bring in money.

  4. Beings like him deserve to be fdumped in a cesspool, what a repugnant character walking on earth.

  5. Is this merely another of Carrey’s rants, or does the Hollywood wonder suffer from some sort of mania? Clearly, Carrey has taken his obsession to Sylvia Plath-like levels, and I can well imagine him thinking, like Plath when she resolved upon suicide as a goal to be cherished, “Even in fire the lotus can bloom.” Time will tell.

    In the meantime, you’re right: Living in someone else’s head rent-free is the best revenge!

    • That’s a good point. For someone so obviously offended there is always the “Plath method”. Just think how “noble” his peers will adjudge him. Why those ugly paintings will become “masterpieces” over night. Every kosher gallery in NYC will proudly display them.

      Carrey could be the new Maplethorpe.

  6. Jim Carry has more than a few screws loose, he is an embarrassment to all Canadians, men, and the human race. He is a has been directly on target to be a “Never Will Be.”

  7. I made the mistake of reading the wikipedia whitewash of this creep that, even so, is nauseating, especially if the allegations are true that he willfully infected his girlfriend with several different std’s and procured the drugs resulting in her death. Liberalism is the great whitewash, allowing these people with a vague sense of conscience to hide their moral inadequacies in some great moral crusade their own lives make a mockery of. Carrey’s severely deformed aesthetic sensibility expressed in his primitive “art” doesn’t speak well of his grandiose mental state, embarrassingly projecting itself onto the President of the United States. It’s paper dolls and safety scissors for this guy.

    • Dan, from what I’ve read so far (and what I read could be wrong.) that whole debacle seems to be scientology-related, as they were trying to use her to get to him, the charges etc. being used as a smear campaign to try to muscle him into acquiescing, as I guess he is big on their “acquire” list, and to his credit, he had turned the filthy gnostic/satanic front down on more than one occasion, not that it matters at this point however since he is obviously not in his right mind, and as such ends up working for their same side, despite denying that particular sub-group.

      For reference:

  8. “President Trump living rent-free in libtard Jim Carrey’s head”. If only the President did live in that filth infested place it would be, very shortly, condemned, torn down and reconstructed into a place of value…like Trump Tower…or a section of the great wall of America.

  9. Sad. Even if you are a demented half-wit in Hollyweird… can still make it a go if you stay out of politics. Otherwise…not so much. Don’t think many have gotten the memo. It’s all out there in front and on DISH, cable, and Satellite TV almost immediately these days….& we don’t have to pay for a ticket these days if you are a lousy actor or if you are in a lousy movie. It goes straight to us on our electronics… you, then, are no long a “film star” of any importance…but the memo takes so long in getting to you…..So, if you are of no significance in our movie world…why does anyone care what you say or think? If you, even a lingering film personna, have no connection with your audience, who cares in the end what you think or say, anyway?

  10. Project much Jim Carrey?

    This is a grown man coloring with markers. Dan hit the nail on the head with “Carrey,s severely deformed aesthetic sensibility.” The only creativity I saw in the picture was his signature and the placement of it.


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