President of Texas university’s Young Democrats is a convicted pedophile

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YDAThe Young Democrats of America (YDA), founded in 1932, is the official youth arm of the Democratic Party of the United States, although it severed official ties with the Democratic National Committee and became supposedly an independent group in 2002. The group’s membership consists of Democrats under the age of 36. As of the 2013 Biennial Convention, YDA had 44 chartered state federations in the United States with the California Young Democrats as its largest state federation.

The president of the Young Democrats of the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) is Bill  “Billy” Wayne Johnson, a 36-year-old pedophile, who was convicted and imprisoned for “indecency” with an 8-year-old child.

Here’s his photo mug shot:

Katherine Timpf reports for Campus Reform, Sept. 23, 2013, that Bill  “Billy” Wayne Johnson, who is listed on the school’s official website as the primary contact  for the student organization, was registered as a sex offender in April of 2010, according to Texas DPS SEX Offender registry.

According to state records, Johnson was convicted of first degree aggravated sexual assault of a child on April 28, 2003, and  spent nearly three years in the Garza West Texas Department of Criminal Justice for the offense, from July 16, 2003 through April 12, 2006.

Sexual Assault of a Child is aggravated if the child is under 14 years of age, if a deadly weapon is used or a serious bodily injury is threatened, according to Texas Penal Code Sec. 22.021.

Those records include multiple photos of Johnson, which match photos on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, and describe him as a 211 pound white male with  “BLOND STRAWBERRY” hair who attends UTPA. The arrest report also lists a number of aliases and indicates he was required to register annually.

A Texas conservative blog, Texas Conservative Republican news, has also identified Johnson as a sex offender.

Local publication,, also reported in 2010, that Johnson’s offense was “indecency with a an 8-year-old child.” Johnson came to Valley Central’s attention for volunteering at The Horizon Montessori Charter School in McAllen.

Johnson also identifies himself as the Young Democrat’s chapter president on his Twitter profile, @CrimsonBilly, and appears at chapter events in Facebook photos.

On September 13, Jenn Brown, the executive director of Battleground Texas, an organization that attempts to register Democratic voters in the state, Tweeted at Johnson to thank him for his work at the organization and called him “the great president of the @YoungDemsATUTPA.”

Way to go, Not So Young Democrats Degenerates of America!


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0 responses to “President of Texas university’s Young Democrats is a convicted pedophile

  1. Typical demoCRAP! Semper Fi.

  2. The elder Bush has a bad rap too. There’s too many things going on with children that seem like sacrifices too, the victims of the CW disaster were all very young.
    Ba;al or whatever deity is on the rampage is getting really out of control or perhaps we are getting much more aware of these things. Young Dems may just be a cover name for some dark organization that is being funded by the elite or their ilk. Not that the Dems are doing very well attheir job they are all under pressure from the powers of darkness.

  3. This boggles my mind. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised.

    I wonder if Bill Johnson was at the Texas capitol a couple of months ago with fellow democrats and abortion supporters chanting, “Hail satan.”

  4. Figures…

  5. I live here 65 miles South of Austin where UT is. I woudl put this article on my facebook, but then I would probably get sued. Seems to me that UT has truly decided they are part of that heart of darkness pervading this country; or they just don’t give a damn. There’s no one worse than a pedophile.

  6. How is it this creep only spent three years in the slammer?


  7. Since he’s a Democrat, this guy is Presidential material!

  8. has the facial physiognomy of david axelrod

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