President Lucifer's Undocumented Soldiers

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No kidding! What could possibly go wrong?!!!!!!

Military to allow undocumented immigrants to serve

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0 responses to “President Lucifer's Undocumented Soldiers

  1. Our Bizarro New World Disorder: “It’s getting better all the time!”

  2. Actually Traildust, on looking through some DHS/homeland security guides/manuals, I was surprised to notice some of them were rendered into… Hmong (Of Laos, apparently). Now, I wonder why Hmong of all languages? It seems rather obscure for a choice… Any thoughts?

    • Hmong!? In the mountains of Southeast Asia! Go figure! On the other hand, it’s not the Hmong we need to be concerned about; it’s the islamic jihadists who have become Obama’s secret army.
      And think of it. Our president can’t lay off our soldiers fast enough, but somehow announces a plan to enlist illegal aliens?! This stinks anyway you look at it.

      • Indeed, not sure why they needed to make staff guides in hmong, it may be related to the “limited english proficiency” plan they have going, but whether benign or not (Are they giving guides for how to detain citizens, or just on how to talk to someone kidnapped from southeast asia?) I don’t know.

    • Not to put any credence on it, but it may be their intended purpose is to be as the Navaho were in WW2, a dialect or tongue so obscure it can’t be easily translated.

  3. Um-so WE can NOT understand them as well as all our illiterate minorities are NOT understanding them?

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those “undocumented” soldiers are in fact UN soldiers.

  5. Even better would be undocumented illegal immigrants who are transgenders! [sarc]

    • OMG!!! Thank you for the link, Dr. Eowyn! If we listen to the government-controled-media, we’ll think everything is okay. But if you can actually think, then the actions of this puppet (president) are shocking beyond belief.

  6. Took me awhile to respond to this, I was busy being sick to my stomach. We have this happening and at the same time we have a private army that has a budget larger than our Marine Corps. The Pentagon knows about it, but it isn’t at a base.
    A few weeks back,it was written that VJ was bragging they still had a whole lot more to do to us. I believe every word.
    How do we take our country back? How do we stop the voter fraud about to happen again?
    I pray for our troops daily, we all should.

  7. OK, to my history-steeped thinking this sounds to me to be the same as when Rome was in decline, its own native-born population insufficient to maintain its draft of citizen-soldiers, it decided to hire mercenaries, who would be paid out of whatever plunder was seized [the Treasury was empty most of the time, just as today, but mega-banks had yet to be invented].
    Some Senators claimed it would be self-financing that way, just as Rumsfool said “This war will be financed by oil money taken from Iraq”. Uh huh, and we all know how very well that’s gone: THREE TRILLION dollars later, flushed through Iraq & Afghanistan, all done so we have another endless terrorist enemy to face: infinite debt for infinite war, for peace in our New World Disorder!~

    • You’re correct Joseph; the similarities of America and the Roman Empire before it fell are astounding, the Roman Cicero wrote about the Traitors within which are more dangerous than an army outside. I disagree with him about a nation can overcome it’s fools. at least when applied to America, because it’s the fools who elect and keep the Traitors within.

  8. This is obvious: since they’ve fired hundreds (at least) and hundreds of officers (up to Captain), and let thousands (at least) of enlisted me go, there’s a lot of room in the ranks for new blood.


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